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Getting In

Twisted Fun!
This movie was so funny, and scary. They used the right actors for this movie, Andrew McCarthy is freakishly scary and he plays the part so well. I would highly recommend this movie to a friend who needs a good laugh. It's a perfect Comedy and Mystery movie.

Dead Funny

Very Dramatic!
This movie was okay if you like a kind of movie that every scene is about sex and fighting. It has a nice storyline they just could lived without some of that stuff. Andrew McCarthy is very scary looking in this movie, if you want to get scared over some guy popping out of nowhere, well this wouldn't be the first movie I would recommend, but maybe the second.


A Charming Romantic Comedy!
A Charming Romantic Comedy about a man and his mannequin. Andrew McCarthy an original member of the 80s Brat Pack stars in this comedy as a lonely man who has a problem with keeping a job and his love life is going out of whack. Till he makes a mannequin he falls in love with played by Kim Cattrall. This is a movie you could like on a Friday night.


It was okay, I mean I've seen better, but it had a cool plot of it. There were things they could of lived without, like the sex scenes. Andrew McCarthy was okay, I mean for a first movie he survived. Rob Lowe is still the same old person in this movie as he is in any other movie. Also John Cusack was in it.

Eight Legged Freaks

Great creepin'crawling fun!
A great movie, if you like a movie that has spiders crawling around all over the place, people that have to be armed with perfume, and pitch forks. Well, you'll love Courteney Cox's husband David Arquette in this movie.

Baby Geniuses

Oh my God!
Don't even get me started on this one. I mean talking babies, it was okay in Look Who's Talking, but come on babies that are geniuses. So what they can spell their ABC's early, my niece can spell her's and she's 2 years old. Just when you're in the movie station just pass by it.

Two Guys Talkin' About Girls

It was okay!
This movie was okay, I mean if you're looking for a movie with a guy getting kicked in the groin half a dozen times, guys sneeking in girls windows, and a crocker spainel. Well, this is a movie I wouldn't want to pass by.

Porky's Revenge

A whole a lot better than the second one.
This movie was a whole a lot better than Porky's:The Next Day, it was more covered up and a lot funnier than the second one maybe funnier than the first one.If you want a good movie to watch on a Friday night rent this movie.

Porky's II: The Next Day

This movie was a disgrace!
This movie was a disgrace, the worst of the whole Porky's series. To much nudity to be exact and to much sexually crude humor. I just have to warn you about this one, when your in the movie store, just skip this one and go right to the third one.

She's Out of Control

Awesome 80s fun!
Awesome 80s fun! This film was a delightful piece of work, about a dad worried about his daughter played by Tony Danza and the daughter played by Ami Dolenz and Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven). This is a good family film for everybody.

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