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(2010) :It wants to impress you and you want to love it back.....but
The Yellow Sea directed by Hong-jin Na is a thriller full of blood thirsty and vicious villeins ,and done in a way only our Koreans friends know how to.The films starts with the main character (Jung-woo Ha) who is a taxi driver struggling to return the money he took to send his wife to work in Korea.Now his wife hasn't contacted him in months.He has no money to pay his debt as his wife's not sending him any money.He is gambling ,picking fights and enduring treats.Then he is introduced to a man (Yun-seok Kim) who can solve all his problems in return for a simple job.

The film is filled with trademark Korean type crude fights involving hacking, chopping, slashing and blood splattered on walls and floor.The movie looked in its element while dealing with violence but losses its edge when treading on other fields.Acting is great throughout but sadly its not enough to keep you hooked.The director's previous feature The Chaser kept you immersed in its tension but don't expect the same here.Similar shaky use of camera in The Bourne Ultimatum bothered some but not me.It did bothered me this time around.The overall background score and sound mixing seems choppy too.

The Yellow Sea is not a bad film but its not a good one either.It surely has its moments but promises something it never delivers.It might have been the absence of a moral thread to connect and bind the whole film together.At the end its a film that could have been so good but it's undone by its overlong affair with apathy.Disappointing.

London Boulevard
(2010) : A half baked cake.Half is so good that you'll want your full but sadly its not there.
London Boulevard, a crime caper kind of a movie stars Keira Knightley and Colin Farrel in the lead. The films starts with Colin Farrel's character Mitchel getting out of prison after three years.He decides to go straight.He takes a job of protecting this young out of work actress Charlotte that Keira Knightley's playing who is quite unsocial and reclusive in nature and is quite paranoid with the surrounding paparazzi.Charlotte lives with Jordon played by David Thewlis who plays his part exceptionally well.The problems start when Gant who is a big time don becomes interested in Mitchel.You'll get the idea if you have seen Michael Mann's Thief as this film's outline is quite similar but they are totally different films.

Keira has little to do in the movie, though i haven't read the novel this film is based on but I'm sure Keira's character in the novel would have been much more developed than what we see in the film and to make this story work that was essential.The chemistry between the leads has few moments but they are not fully realized and it feels chopped off.Although the film was beautifully scripted but the acting sometimes looked forced and quite unnatural at times.Only David Thewlis catches your eyes every time he's on the screen.Colin Farrel never makes me care about his situation or his dilemma.

London Boulevard doesn't quite finds its foot between its romance and violence and sadly stays quite mediocre throughout.Through last twenty something minutes promise to be fulfilling but they are undone by the ending with what we see and what we don't.Its a nice time spender but you don't get a reward back from it and that's what makes it so disappointing.Its a dart that misses the board.

We Bought a Zoo
(2011) : This is a Adventure, one that keeps you smiling throughout.
We Bought A Zoo directed by Cameron Crowe is a true feel good movie.You do not only feel nicely sedated by its sheer loveliness long after it ends, but you actually feel good about all of its characters while its playing unlike some recent films like The Descendants and 50/50 where you constantly feel bad for their leads as they face their tragedies that is why this movie feels so fresh and full of joy. You may shed some tears though this adventure but you just can't stop smiling ear to ear when its playing.

The film stars Matt Damon as Benjamin Mee, having a hard time as his wife died 6 months back.Now a single father of a boy of fourteen Dylan and a girl of seven Rosie(she's so cute that your jaw will hurt watching her). Frustrated with all the sympathy he's still getting Ben sorry!! Benjamin (Ben was his dad) quits his job and then decides to move to a zoo after his son gets expelled.That's when this lovely adventure starts.In order to complete this adventure Benjamin have to find some closure, repair his relationship with his son and above all bring the sun back into his and their live.

I loved the film for its immense and constant likability.A success on all fronts great acting, lovely story, flawless direction, a great background score and a happy adventure. You might ask why he bought a zoo to deal with his problems, well why not!!

Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nu hai
(2011) : purely crude and satisfyingly sensitive portrayal of love and regrets.
You Are the Apple of My Eye based on director Giddens Ko's autobiographical novel, is a coming of age story.The film starts with Ko Ching-Teng (Giddens) remembering his old school day when he and all his friends had a crush on Shen Chia-Yi, a honour student from their class and how they all chased her for years.Shen develops a deep friendship with Ko-Teng as she helps him study through his final year in school.Shen, Ko-Teng and all his friends then go their different ways to attend college.The story follows Ko-Teng as he tries to win over Shen.

The film has all the makings of a cult.The director shows us a crude and strangely accurate picture of our youth, sometimes going a little overboard but never failing to capture our sensitive side.See how Ko- Teng picks a fight just to bring his love a little closer or how all the boys can jerk off all day long but don't have the heart to face rejection of their love.All the performances are light and carefree,which works very well with the theme of the film.You never sense that something is out place as the film flows freely with a pace of its own from start to finish.Shen Chia-Yi will remains in your memory as the girl we all come across sometime,somewhere and you smile with her smile and cry as she weeps.

I loved this emotional roller-coaster of a film and will surely come back to it in time.The films is nostalgia for the old and reminiscence for the young.This is a special movie.Don't miss this instant classic.

P.S. : Last time i enjoyed a film about love this much was when I watched The Classic directed by Kwak Jae-young.

The Prestige

we turn the dice,the movies turns the table..........
i start by giving it ..nothing less than 10 deserves it ...anyway

this movies is scripted beautifully,has a sense of mystery and clever too because it has to cover many sub plots also,and the writer is ..more than successful in achieving it.The dialogs and the cinematography of the scenes with long shots is fabulous in all senses.

The story takes away the show by some extraordinary twists and turns and a strange flow of its own kind.And apart form the huge twists one after another,they are stated in such manner that people can also believe them at the time they come crashing there brains....!!

Coming from one of the best directors today ..The Prestige is indeed prestigious,and by far one of the greats of all time ..and deserves a place at least higher to No Country For Old the 250 chart.

At last i recommend it strongly to....own a DVD of this movie...if you like content full films of any kind will not be disappointed at all.....

sit back...and let the magic fascinate you ....... and you will leave with long lasting effects ..of disbelieve and pleasure ..........

hats off or this one ....

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