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Le retour du héros

Unique! Loved it!
The spitting scene and the final scene (with the escape) were epic! Hilarious! Loved it!!

Enola Holmes

Entertaining, warm, beautiful and lovely
Beautiful scenes and an entertaining story. Would love more movies like this... except I disagreed with one message. Not sure why the movie is promoting distance and discord within families. The message is a bit anti-family.. my high rating is for the overall adventures and the scenery.


Absolutely loved it, I don't understand the negative reviews. It would have been 10 for me if it were not for the ending.

Lying and Stealing

Entertaining and Interesting
Not sure why this movie didn't receive more positive reviews. I personally loved it. It's entertaining and the ending is satisfying.


Not sure if I should watch season 3.
Season 1 is 10/10 Amazing. Interesting.

Season 2 is 1/10 Boring. Slow. What is the point? There seems to be no plot. .......


Loved it!!
Great romantic comedy, wish we had more of these instead of all action/superhero films.


You know the film is bad when you start rooting for the antagonist/villains
Extremely selfish and self-sabotaging characters. Makes you want the organisation who created the virus to win. The acting is dismal but the writing is worse. This had the potential to become an amazing series.

Wuthering Heights

My eyes hurt.
Can't they hold a camera steady? Horrible storytelling.


Selfish and ungenerous characters
I only watch this for the horses and nature. Peter is the only positive character.

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