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Martin Mystery

Martin Mystery great for kids
My boys LOVE this program. Minimal violence, no bad language, funny happenings. If your kids love aliens, etc. This is it. Some younger kids might find the aliens a bit scary but I doubt it. My wife and I enjoy it also (a bunch more than other animation such as Fairy Odd Parents which we refuse to allow on the TV).

I am really impressed with the different plots also. Actually kind of nice to see something that is not a rehash of the 10,000 Scooby Do episodes out there. If you TiVo or DVR episodes, watch out for the marathons which will fill your recording space up in a flash.

Also check out the Martin Mystery web site: MartinMystery.com for some fun things for the future alien agents to do!! The programming has some holes but is it is quite functional and fun.

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