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The Good Cop

Totally enjoyable series!
I hardly ever laugh out loud at a comedy,but some of the dialogue and interaction of characters is lol hilarious! This series has everything...great cast,jazzy soundtrack,great shots of NYC ! Must is a refreshing throwback to early politics,no sex and no F-bombs! Episode 10 was the best...a terrific mix of drama and comedy! Hoping for season 2!

El tiempo entre costuras

A most exceptional series!
Kudos to all involved for giving the viewer one of the best productions ever put on film!The thrilling storyline is based on a historic novel by Maria Duenas.Cinematography and settings in Madrid,Morroco and Lisbon are visually beautiful!The original soundtrack,by Cesar Benito,is totally spectacular! Production values are top notch...costumes,antique cars,interiors down to the smallest details.The cast is excellent, as the storyline moves to intruige,espionage,romance and cliff hangers!Adriana Ugarte,as a revelation,as her character continues to evolve.She graces the screen with a beauty and artistry reminiscent of the glamour of old Hollywood! The author has added several real-life historic characters to add validity to the plot.The series has justly received numerous accolades and awards in Spain for its excellence!

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