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Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

WOW is this show funny!
This show had me laughing so hard, I just couldn't stop! Even when I remember some of the bumps and thumps of the contestants I still laugh. I hope it comes out on DVD one day, because I plan on getting it. If you don't like this kind of physical comedy, stick to blah stuff like Friends. Other than that, enjoy!

10 out of 10. Love the dubbing!

Reno 911!

Just so hilarious!
What more can be said? A spoof of cops and it hits all the right spots. I've actually laughed out loud watching this TV show, and it's been a long time since I've done that. I think the funniest thing is Deputy Garcia and him being and racist and a bigot. I laughed so hard when he was explaining his black eye to the guys he received from Deputy Jones. Saying Halle Berry was half-black and half-pollack and making a reference to programming VCR's was just priceless! Also when the kid on the bike went over the ledge and the deputies high-tailing out of there was just so great! There are so many others but I remember those two scenes best. I just can't wait until it goes to DVD. I'll be buying it as soon as I can!

10 out of 10! A great show and cast!

Quest of the Delta Knights

Medieval carp
When I first saw the title to this movie, I thought immediately of the film Animal House. I expected drinking, fighting, road trips, among other things. Actually the two aren't that different, but the Delta Knights movies just sucked. How can anyone say the characters in this movie were acting? It seemed they were playing out a faux village setting for Medieval Times. Anyway I watched the movie a couple of times before rating and commenting on it. I confess to watching the movie with Mike and the Bots, but I don't think watching it the regular way will matter. It still would.....suck.

1 out of 10. Painful, and hokey to watch. 7 out of 10 for the MST3K version.

PS: The poster before this comment must have had something to do with the movie.

The Legend of Boggy Creek

A fun little, horror movie
I remember watching this movie back in the 70's. It's what got me interested in Bigfoot, Nessie, ghosts and other unnatural phenomenon. Yes it was a cheap movie, and the acting is to say sub-standard, but you have to admire the documentary feel the movie has. Finally the movie does have a nostalgic value for me, and I'm glad I have it on DVD.

10 out of 10. I just like the movie, no excuses.

Girl in Gold Boots

The pain, the pain
Truly an awful movie with cornball acting, and the characters so, what's the word I'm looking for,,,,standard. Don't make any excuses for this movie, Mike and the bots were right on in lambasting it. I guess stripper movies are just fair game to rip ala Showgirls, Striptease, and most porno flicks.

1 out of 10 for the movie, 8 out of 10 for the mst3k version. "Oh I use to have such a pretty mind!"

The Real Cancun

Crummy, stupid movie,,,typical.
Wow is this the end of the world as we know it? Who in their right mind would make a 'movie' like this? I tried to watch this 'movie' but gave up after 25 mins. I like to watch bad movies to laugh at, but this isn't even funny. Are we really more civilized? This movie answers the question with a resounding 'NO'. Please don't even cater to 'movies' like this. I regret even trying to watch this crapola.

1 (wish -1 billion) out of 10. Only to be enjoyed by brain dead indudviduals and the Springer crowd. AVOID! BANISH TO HELL!

The Family Jewels

Why not?
I know this isn't the best movie to watch, but for some reason I found it campy, corny and enjoyable. Jerry Lewis did seem to try and have fun with this film, and showed off his mulit-character talents which some people called hogging the movie. But hey can't we all just have fun sometimes? Apparently not since some of the negative reviews the movie received. Oh well I still like the movie alot and will always look to catch it on TV.

10 out of 10, bc I said so.

The Paleface

Great comedy film, Hope is wonderful!
Absolutely a great comedy movie, which exemplifies Bob Hopes comedic talents. The supporting cast is also excellent. And the song Buttons and Bows stands out. This movie had me laughing throughout, and hasn't lost its appeal through the years. Superb, great, hilarious. What more can I say.

10 out of 10. A must watch comedy in my book.

Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

What more can be said? This is the one that started it all, and is a classic that stands the test of time. My favorite part is when

Godzilla first walks into Tokyo and demolishes the train! That about sets the tone for the upcoming destruction. As for the music, absolutely perfect for the movie. Dark, foreboding, atmospheric, somber, entertaining. The accolades could go on forever. The best.

10 out of 10. Godzilla rules!

The Flying Serpent

A hoot (get it) of a horror, monster movie.
I remember this movie from when I was a kid, and enjoyed it immensely. George Zucco was superb as ever as the villain, and even though the monster was less then convincing it still creeped me out, because everytime I went outside I'd look up in the sky just in case it wanted to swoop down on me. So if your looking for simple entertainment check out this movie.

10 out of 10. Viva el monstro bird!

The Legend of Hell House

One scary movie!
This is by far one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. I have it on VHS and only watch it when I really need a good scare. The atmosphere and music really get you in the mood, and the acting is outstanding. As for the ending, why do people think of it as a letdown? I found it intriguing and interesting. Hard to tell what people are looking to watch nowadays. Maybe they ought to stick to Scooby Doo or Ghostbusters.

10 out of 10. If you want a good, creepy ghost movie, watch this one by all means.

The Curse of Frankenstein

One of the greatest horror movies of all time.
What more can be said? A milestone in horror movie history with gore, great acting, atmosphere, direction and music. I just can't understand how a monumental film such as this only rates a 6.6. Unbelievable. Undoubtly the ones who voted low on this movie were looking for sex or crappy rap music. Those people should stick to looking for their brains under a moss-covered rock.

Truly great performances by Lee and Cushing as well as the other actors and actresses.

10 out of 10. Watch this horror movie, it's a must.

Curse of the Pink Panther

Quirky, sometimes funny film
I know some people won't like this movie, but I found it entertaining nonetheless. Ted Wass was good as a bumbling detective from the USA, and of course Herbert Lom was great as usual. The guests appearances through out the movie were also nice. I would recommend the movie just for them. Of course the ghost of Peter Sellers lives on and he was sorely missed.

10 out of 10. Why? Don't ask just enjoy the movie.

Death on the Nile

Truly an effective whodunit...
One of my all time favorite mystery movies. The acting, and locales were first rate. However I must correct an error by a previous poster. The rich women murdered was played by Lois Chiles. She is also great in this movie. One thing that still puzzles me is how Jane Birkin got second billing? Oh well. If you like star-studded, thought provoking mysteries,this one is for you.

10 out of 10. Whodunit indeed!


Horrors! A giant alligator in the sewers!
I just can't believe this great movie is rated so low! I thought it had great elements of horror and comedy. The acting was top-notch and the special effects,,,were effective. And by the way folks it did have a plot. If you like those giant animals movies which eat the local population, I highly recommend this movie.

10 out of 10. Jaws in the sewers.

Good Burger

Just a good ol' funny movie.
The movie is really wild and funny. For me it was king of up there with Cabin Boy and the Further Adventures of Laurel and Hardy. I know they aren't Oscar material but they are just weird, funny to watch. I'll let you decide.

10 out of 10. That's all I'm going to say.

Space Mutiny

I still can't believe it...
This movie is so great! It transcends everything in life I have seen

and experienced! Ok it really sucked. It was so eighties with big hair and over-acting. Or maybe under-acting. Anyway watch the MSTied version of this show with Mike and the bots, or you too might go insane.

1 out of 10 for just the movie (Echhh!). 10 out of 10 for the MSTied version.

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

Funny Jim Carrey movie I think
As sequels go they usually don't measure up to the original, but for some reason I liked this one better than the first. Maybe because it was simpler and goofier. I can't figure it. I thought the fight scene was hilarious. So was the birthing scene. <G> Anyway I enjoyed it alot.

10 out of 10. Don't expect Shakespeare and you won't be disappointed.

Gui ma tian shi

What a Kung Fu Movie!
This movie is so great on many levels once you figure out what is going on and can tell the bad guys from the good guys. I especially love the Watermelon monster. Who ever thought up that creature must be pure genius. Also watch for the rat mobile! Obviously this movie was filmed for laughs but has some adequate fight scenes. I highly recommend this movie. It's on video called Drunken Wu Tang. Get it!

10 out of 10. "Wow! The Watermelon Monster!"

Fei xiang guo he

I'd like to re-comment on this movie. It is a great MOVIE! The music, the absurd plot, the fight scenes, the comedy are all excellent. Watch this movie a few times and you'll see what I mean. Besides Gigi is a babe!

10 out of 10. I changed also my vote on the movie.


This movie is just plain awful!
I must confess to liking giant monster movies, but this film is really just plain awful! Bad special effects, even worse acting, silly premise. By the way that big snake would be considered a monster! Anyway painful as it was I made it through to the end. I chuckled a few times while watching this mess, just not believing what I'm seeing or hearing.

1 out of 10, for bad movies beware 5 out of 10. Suffer with me.


All I can say is WOW!
This movie is really bad, but hilarious at the same time. It's like Jaws with tentacles crossed paths with Porky's. The acting is wooden, the dialogue is ludicrous, and the production values are el cheapo. But for a bad movie you couldn't ask for anything more.

1 out of 10, but for bad movie buffs 8 out of 10. Enjoy the ocean views though.


Rollercoaster ride on the back of a giant prehistoric worm.
What more can be said? Excellent movie, fast paced, great special effects, wonderful acting, super plot! I love this movie, made the old-fashion way movies of the 50's were made. The action doesn't bog down like todays movies with sex and political correctness thrown in to gag the average American viewer. Thank God. Besides the worms kick butt!

10 out of 10. Watch the ground!

Wholly Moses!

Mildly comedic but still ok to watch.
This film is for people with different tastes. I actually like this movie. In fact it's the only film I like of Dudley Moores. (RIP) It has a couple amusing moments, maybe not laugh out funny, but the comedy is restrained. Anyway I do recommend this movie for a Saturday afternoon, sort of along the lines of Abbott and Costello.

7 out of 10. I liked it.

San daikaijû: Chikyû saidai no kessen

I remember back in the 70's this was the first movie I ever saw of

Godzilla!, and boy did I get excited. I was enthralled from beginning to end, and I can tell you this much: I still enjoy it! Ghidrah, Mothra, Rodan all have a place in my heart and mind, and always will. They helped me escape to new dimensions and thoughts. Well besides all that, it's just incredible fun to watch this movie. It has plot mixed in with the monsters appearing and holds at least this viewer. Good for the kiddies and nostalgia buffs.

10 out of 10. Get the video, so you can watch it over and over again. Better than the crap Hollywood is dishing out nowadays.

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