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A little boring
I found myself not caring about what was going on for the first hour of the movie. It was dark, a woman was having issues in her marriage, etc etc. Nothing too new there. When things finally picked up, I still wasn't as engaged as the movie probably wanted me to be. It wasn't bad, it wasn't great. Easy Saturday mid morning movie waiting for college football to start.

Infected: The Darkest Day

The other reviewer was right
I completely fell asleep for 40 minutes, woke up, and didn't miss anything. The director is also the writer and in the star of the movie. Immediately knew it would be terrible. Everyone else has pointed out the terrible camera and focusing, so I won't repeat it. Absolute miss.


The first 3 minutes told me everything I need to know about this film. The cheesy graphics on the credits, the flashing to events taking place during other parts of the movie, the spending 10 minutes on a club scene: all recipes for failure. Then I see JCVD name and I literally said "ok, which one of these is his illegitimate child that he's doing this for." Then I come to imdb and see it's his daughter. Wow. When our main lead decides to kill a man he hit with his car that was clearly alive, and almost let's the daughter die, that's when I had to turn this crap off.

Blood on Her Name

Yay, another movie about some poor white trash people that brings nothing new or fresh to the table. You never care about any of the characters as they all created their own mess. Pointless things are thrown in like the teenage son having a parole officer. Every wrong decision that could be made by our main character is made. It wants to be a crime thriller, but there are no thrills, and the crime committed is never punished until the last few minutes through street justice. The only thing I liked was that she died at the end.

Europa Report

Listen to the other reviews: this was not good. The actors looked tired, accents came and left for no reason, camera shots were horrible, dialogue was so soft you couldn't hear it, etc etc. I could go on but then you'd be just as bored as I was watching this. Prefect napping movie.

Lilin's Brood

Omg was this terrible. The lead couldn't act, the locations looked awful, and the story was boring. I don't know what the other two reviewers saw, but this had no redeeming qualities.


I don't know if it was because of the dubbing, or just poor writing, but this movie was frightful. Was the soundtrack added in for American audiences? None of it matched the situation. Each character was over performing and unbelievable at the same time, and you never cared about anyone. Our main character hero was the worst one. You're a first responder life saver, but you don't seem interested in going the extra mile until you find out your daughter is in the tunnel. Now there's a reason to do your job as best as you can. Pathetic. I think I got to 73 minutes before I turned it off to do something else. Also, at no time did you ever feel a sense of danger or urgency.


The ending ruined it for me
This will have spoilers fyi

I wasn't thrilled with the movie, but I wasn't upset either. At first. Hayden looked too young to be in the role he was in. He's supposed to be late 20s or something but he looked like a teenage rehab victim aka anyone from the Twilight series. I've never seen star wars so I can't compare his performance, but it wasn't convincing. Jessica has done better on dark angel. The mother was good however.

The plot was ridiculous. I'm no doctor, but none of that seemed correct. I don't care if he's your best friend or not. 4 malpractice suits is 4 too many for an operation like this. And the voiceover was just annoying. I'm all for out of body experiences when they are done correctly.

Then there's the ending. The beginning of the movie sets you up to believe he dies at the end. However, his mother kills herself to save him. That's not a twist, that's just poor writing. That brought my 5 star down to a 3. I wouldn't waste my time on this if I could see the future.

Call Time

Did this guy really promote himself in the opening scene by wearing a shirt with his name on it promoting his YouTube channel? That's as tacky as Trey Songz singing his own song in Texas chainsaw massacre 3d. Instant 1 star for me, but I kept watching as I did other things. And let me say: I laughed for majority of this movie, and this was not a comedy or parody like scary movie.

I won't waste everyone's time going into detail the bad acting, wardrobe, sound, cinematography, or script. I'll just say it makes grade school plays look like Oscar winning productions. The ending was so bad I almost slapped myself for watching the whole thing.

The Night Crew

Well this sucked
Super spoilers ahead

I mean where do I begin? The premise is this stripper is a witness to a drug lords secrets and can testify in court getting him locked up. Well that premise went out the window 10 minutes into the film. Instead it turned into a cheap hostage rescue film. I could get past the terrible dialogue, shaking camera, and bad acting, but I couldn't get over the music. Why did this action film have the cheesiest soap opera romance tracks every time someone died? And suddenly this became a love story.

And how many times was final guy going to fall only to get back up and kill another dozen people? Like, is this for real? And the ending. My god the ending. Not only did the mercenary chick not seem to care too much she lost the baby, but then decides to go vamp? And let's make final guy a vamp too? This was worse than season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


It wasn't that bad
But wasn't that good either. Honestly only watched this cuz I love Aaron and Shawn, and I wanted to see Tifa's voice in live action. The movie itself will leave no impressions. Kevin and Natalie don't come across as a married couple. More like two college friends that have moved in together but didn't live together in college. This dialogue comes across as young for two adults well into their careers and marriage. The thing I didn't understand was why was the stalker mute? I still don't know who he was exactly. Was he the husband/brother or was he the mister? 4 stars is generous. Not really a horror or thriller, more like home invasion drama.


I thought Netflix dubbing was bad
This one takes the cake. If this was a serious movie in Russia, why did they dub it like a comedy? I knew from the beginning just reading the summary that this was going to be awful. Why would a commercial flight ever try to be a rescue flight? No movies don't have to be realistic, but they need to exist somehow in a reality. At least the main character wasn't too bad to look at.

The music ques were terrible. Either it was being over shadowed by constantly screaming people like they were on a roller coaster, or it just wasn't present when it would've made a dramatic impact. The disaster scene at the airport on the volcano was the worst I've ever seen in any movie ever. And speaking of, who puts an airport on a volcano?

The ending was laughable. It reminded me of an episode of 24, in a bad way. Everything that could possibly go wrong did go wrong in the most arbitrary ways. I don't know what peoples expectations are, but the high ratings are a joke.

The Gracefield Incident

So inconsistent. Tell me, how does a camera move by itself and manage to get different angles? The camera during the main guy's encounter with the alien did. And it had a soundtrack, and audio from his eye camera. And his American accent was terrible. Oh and the film sounded like it was dubbed. I could go on and on with all the flaws. But the director is the writer and the main lead, so there you go. Trying to do it all and falling miserably all across the board.


Mental illness
What sick person deliberately moves into a house a family was murdered in, and on top of that wants to decorate the house exactly as it was to entice spirits to come? Add to it complaining he isn't getting attacked by said ghosts/spirits, and you have this movie.

Just terrible. The made for tv soundtrack made it hard for my eyes to stay open. The lead clearly was special needs, as was his friend. The only sensible one was the gf who left after 1 night. Speaking of the lead, he looked like a knock off version of Ethan hawke, who already looks like a knock off of himself, and if I recall correctly, Ethan did a movie exactly like this, only better.

And can someone explain to me why the camera was always close up on the faces? Let the actors breathe!

Nothing happens in this film. It's absolutely boring and you'll find yourself looking for other things to do. Once again my theory is proven that when you're two roles, in this case writer and actor, your project will fail.

Curse of Aurore

Curse of director being the writer
It just doesn't work. And it certainly didn't do this dumpster fire any favors. I'll keep it short and sweet: nothing significant happens until the last 15 minutes, and even that makes you annoyed you sat thru the whole thing.

Blood Red Sky

I made it an hour
And then I just had to turn it off. You know a movie is bad when within 5 minutes you're saying to yourself you hope the main character dies. It just wasn't very interesting. A mopey vampire mother, an over acting hijacking crew, an unbearably annoying little boy, and dubbing so bad you wanna plug your ears. It got to a point where I left the room for 10 minutes to respond to a work email, and didn't even care to pause it. I'll never know how this ends, and I'm ok with that.

Blood Born

Not a horror
Wasn't a thriller either. Was just kinda dumb. For starters, they weren't believable as adults, let alone a couple. They seemed very childish, as if high school seniors. And as a couple, well they didn't have any chemistry. Might be due to the fact that the husband is clearly gay. And there's nothing against gay actors, but he didn't come across as hetero and into his wife on an emotional level. Both of their performances were flat tho. And the midwife was more comic relief than anything, suggesting this should've been labeled as a comedy.

None of the actions of the couple made any sense, for grown ups. I'm sure even a child would ask questions about what they were being asked to do. But they didn't. And the widest things kept happening to them.

The ending was awful. Very rushed. The actions of Eric made no sense. This whole time he's been saying something is wrong, something is not right, but when the friend comes over to save them, he tells her to go away? And even when the vampire doctor comes he still doesn't try to stop it? That's just bad writing.

I read that this movie was created because the writer had these types of fears as his wife got pregnant. As a father myself, I can say I never felt like I was going to have a vampire baby. Yes I get the fears of maybe something goes wrong, deformities, birth problems, etc. But this was just off and bad.

The Isle

Couldn't stay awake
I don't even know what the premise was. 15 minutes in I fell asleep, hard. Woke up to a woman at a fire. Not engaging at all.


A step backwards
If you're going to make a movie and pull from other movies, the goal should be to make it better. This movie did not do that. In fact, it made them worse. 0 story or background and just straight to two brothers who kill. A reason isn't always needed but in this case it would've helped. A lot. And is country redneck accent normal for the backwoods of Ontario? It didn't seem authentic in the least bit. The moment that girl intentionally pulled the string in the woods I literally said out loud "she deserves everything that is about to happen to her."


Where do they find
These people for the dubbing?! It's so bad and so cringy. Especially when they are trying to do an English Asian accent. What is the point?

Overall the movie was kinda dumb. These people are in med school, meaning they are fully grown adults already done with college, yet the way they are portrayed you'd think they were in high school. I had to keep reminding myself they were grown. The premise was good but the execution was awful. And the ending destroyed everything. 1 star for visuals and cinematography.

Beyond the Sky

A total knockout
As in it knocked me the f out 34 minutes into it. This was terrible. The main actor, Carnes, he should stick to soaps because he cannot act. His performance was not only not believable, but also over the top. The love story they tried to put together was a flop. Him being an angry journalist just came across as some privileged guy trying to make everyone see his point of view. I have no idea how this ends as I woke up when the credits were rolling. The last thing I did see was them at the reservation taking the hallucinogenic tea.


Just when you thought they couldn't get any worse
Someone makes a movie like this that lowers the bar even more. When I saw the characters I already knew I was in for a terrible time. After everyone's initial lines I knew no one was likable, deep, or worth caring about. And this was confirmed within the first 5 minutes.

If it was the job of the actors to convince us they are shallow sex craved high schoolers, they did an a plus performance. What people in their last year of college behaves like this? I certainly didn't. And who is financing all this? The parents? It just isn't realistic or relatable, but I guess this is a movie.

I saw people comparing this to an awful the descent. And it made sense once I saw the creature. It was a bad knock off of that not great movie. What gets me is that two locals made a video of what happened, and everyone dismissed it as a curse or myth. 5 white Americans and a native go missing, make the exact same video, and suddenly the world is listening. Of course they are. That whole thing with the dumb video going "viral" was terrible. I guess to appeal to the younger audience. And then suddenly other stories pop up around the globe of other creatures. Pathetic garbage.

The Seventh Day

Vadhir, father Daniel, was awful. I've never seen anything else he's done, but he's one of the most boring actors I've seen to date. The story itself was also dreadful. This can replace your Ambien if you have sleeping problems.

Cosmic Sin

Bruce why?
First I saw that movie you did, I think it's called breach? Where you're a space janitor and come under attack by aliens? Now this? If I hadn't been doing something else while this was on, I would've turned it off completely. This was so bad I don't have words. Actually, I do have words, for the actor that was the specialist officer/nephew. Your acting is terrible. Quit. I looked up other things you've been in. Acting isn't your calling!

Also, normally I complain there aren't any black people in the movie, or only one. But even tho there isn't a single non white person in this movie, I'm glad for once. This was so bad.

Ouija Warehouse

What a zzz
I couldn't even finish this garbage. Absolutely nothing happens! I kept it on for an hour. An hour where I was fighting myself not to fall asleep. Disconnected dialogue, terrible camera work, worse acting than a high school play. Israel Luna should change his name and move to a remote island where no one will ever be victim to his ideas ever again.

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