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Watching Ellie

I give it a season!
I put off watching this show for two reasons. One, Tuesday is my family's night for our weekly dosage of Jag. Two, I was expecting the "single season curse" that befell Micheal Richards and Jason Alexander. Seeing as Jag was a repeat, I decided to give "Watching Ellie" a view, and my god am I sorry I did so. The lack of acting ability in this cast, aside from Julia, is appalling. It's as if they had scripts tape to each others chest, and were reading them as the tapes rolled.

Some people might assume that the omission of a "laugh track" or audience, was either a stab originality, or that it was due to the shows mobility. I for one assert that the inclusion of laughter would seem forced, or without merit, as there are no clear jokes.

Maybe I have to give it a another try, but that will only happen when Jag is a repeat.

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