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Dullsville coupled with terrible scripts and acting
Can the actors be any more emotionless? Picture Ben Stein reading 7th grade fiction papers. I mean, it's supposed to be revenge. Where is the anger, the raw emotions? They read their lines in a dull monotone, but based on the awful lines they have, I guess I can't blame them.

Seriously, what is with the people rating this show a 10? Have they never seen a good show or film?

The Neighborhood

Awful , stereotypes and pushing an agenda
I'm old enough to remember when a comedy meant laughs, guffaws, and humor. Not race baiting, pushing ignorant and inaccurate stereotypes, and pushing an agenda in lieu of laughs. This show fails on every count, and as others have already said, it is mind boggling that it wasn't cancelled after the pilot. Laugh tracks don't make up for lack of real comedy.

Amazing how low CBS has sunk with this drek.

American Monster: Staten Island Love Story
Episode 5, Season 5

Unbelievable slog and time waster
Most of the episodes of this show are good, and get to the crime relatively quickly. This one spent 39 minutes basically showing us the victims entire life, with loads of home videos, before actually getting to the crime. Then they was another five minutes before getting back to the crime. In total, less than ten minutes of a one hour show actually dealt with the crime and aftermath. Way too much filler and wasted time for a case that was pretty simple and should have been no more than a half hour episode. One of the worst episodes in this series.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor
Episode 3, Season 8

Quite possibly the nadir of the series
As others have so eloquently posted, the over the top "acting" ruined this episode. Other than June Lockhart, and the series regulars, almost every character acted in a way that would have gotten them tossed out of 7th Grade Drama Club. Hannibal, the sculptor,, and the ditzy blond model/ victim were the worst.

John Ford, l'homme qui inventa l'Amérique

Great Subject, Awful Documentary
As others have posted, I eagerly sat down to watch this bio of Ford.

As others have also posted, what we saw was a hodgepodge of left wing academia and for some odd reason, multiple French eggheads, put their modern day spin on Fords work.

The worst part was someone claiming Ford put manly men on film because he was afraid of his own feminine side. Where they dreamed up this gem is beyond me, and of course they don't provide any proof of their weird claim. Another gem was claiming the Searchers only shows the savagery of the American Cavalry, because of the devastation left behind in a village of Indians, while completely ignoring the reason for Ethan Edwards search, which arose from the Indians savagery of his family. But the most laughable part was telling us about Ford having failed cataract surgery in his right eye, causing him to wear a patch on his right eye. While showing him in closeup wearing his eye patch on his left eye.

This is not a true bio of a great American director, but an exercise in pushing a set of beliefs disguised as a documentary.

The Perfect Murder

How does this show have a 7 rating?
As others have accurately written, this show combines atrocious writing with even worse acting. The Talking Head experts are a joke, especially the older female Judge who dresses like a 20 year old about to hit the disco.

How in the world does a show where every review is either a 1 or 2 have a comprehensive rating over 7? Something doesn't add up. This show might be the worst of the True Crime genre out there now.

Curse of the Swamp Creature

This movie has it all, just not the things you'd want!!
I don't know where to begin with this monstrosity of a movie. The title, and the TV guide synopsis caught my eye. What I watched instead was a horror of a film that brought horrible acting, awful camera work, cheesy dialog, awful editing and dubbing, and a (merciful) all too brief glimpse of the cheapest monster ever to grace B movies. From the house that looks like it was in some subdivision ( complete with electric meter even though the mad Dr mentions the house is powered by it's own generator since there is no electricity for miles) that was passed off as being in the depths of a remote swamp; to the crystal clear pool water in the alligator pit in some shots that magically transforms into muddy water stock shots of alligators. To think that John Agar, who 15 years prior to this was acting alongside John Wayne, Henry Fonda, and other great actors, and was directed by John Ford, being reduced to this schlock is mind boggling. There was one scene where the mad Dr is on the gator pool diving board talking to his assistant, and then a second later the assistant is gone. No mention if he went in the pool, went back to the house, or just quit the film in disgust, although he did reappear later in the film. The karate chop by the older, smaller henchman to the huge other henchman, which appears to be about as powerful as a gnat landing on you, knocks out the huge guy. The Dr overacts so severely that calling him a ham would be a disservice to all hams. I can't imagine the budget for this thing reaching four figures, and that would be generous. I think the reason the monster did her ( or him) self in at the end was that she ( or he) realized just how awful the mask and the entire movie was. I can honestly say that this movie is without a doubt the worst movie I have ever watched. I would give it a zero, but unfortunately 1 is the lowest rating we can give on here.

Honor Thy Father

Cheap attempt to cash in on Godfather
I last saw this flick in the 70's, after having read the book it was based on. It didn't take long into the film to realize why it is not on many lists of great ( or good, or for that matter, even fair) gangster flicks. Joe Bologna as Bill Bonnano, Joe's son, is such a whiny character that is hard to see why anyone would pick him to lead a crime family, even if he is the boss' son. Not only is he constantly whining, he also doesn't have a clue as to what anyone is up to. Castellano basically reprises his role as Clemenza from the GF, although he does add hacking out his lungs to show a bit of difference in the two characters. Early in the film, when Joe Bonanno is hiding out to avoid subpoenas, he is shown staying in about the cheapest, flea bag motel that they could find ( which must have been all they could afford on the budget they had for this film). To think that a boss of one of NYC's 5 families would stay at some $20 a night dump is beyond comprehension, although he does manage to stay nattily attired in full suit while sitting in the room. Other discrepancies involve cars that don't fit the time frame, hair styles from the 70's being used in the early 60's, and other inappropriate mix-ups. The most idiotic part is the attempted hit on Bill, when the street is absolutely empty of any people or traffic ( in NYC no less), while Bill and his entourage park quite a distance away in order to walk down the street, where numerous gunman shoot at them with never emptying revolvers from multiple locations, yet never hit anyone. The film also has the older actors talk in a weird, stilted way that somehow Hollywood screenwriters and directors think make mafioso sound wise , unlike the way real street mafioso speak.

Blown Away

Unbelievably dumb and clichéd
We were perusing the On Demand list, and saw this title, with Jeff & Lloyd Bridges, Tommy Lee Jones, and Forest Whitaker, and thought it sounded like a great movie. I should have been forewarned when I didn't recall ever having heard of it before. The opening segment in the prison, where the inmates speak Gaelic ( I believe) and is subtitled, allowed for a bit of confusion when Jones dispatches his cell mate, and says something over his body. Even with repeated viewings, none of us could make out what exactly he says, or even if it's in English. Was the murder done for a reason besides needing a bomb bunker, or was there a back story? Then to watch him assemble his bomb, using all kinds of devices including machine-threaded pipes, explosives, and other unusual items hat would seem to be a bit difficult to accrue in a max security prison, he blows a hole in the wall, and apparently makes his way from that desolate area without any problems, although they don't bother to show how. He next appears in Boston, living in a decrepit, rusty old boat on an abandoned pier, which miraculously not only has electricity, but also has cable TV ( as the orchestra promo mentions that it's on A&E, not an over the air channel). He also has unlimited funds to obtain everything he needs, from explosives, to electronics, to transportation to get around the Boston area. Bridges character, as we soon find out, is also a fugitive IRA guy, wanted by Interpol, yet he apparently had no problem getting past the Boston PD's background check to get hired under his phony identity. He also exhibits almost every Hollywood cliché about the maverick cop, riding a m/c to a bomb scene while smoking a butt and wearing a Hawaiian shirt to let us know how cool he is. He also ignores basic safety procedures while disarming bombs, even though he is supposedly the one who instructs everyone on EOD protocol. Jones also exhibits the troubling Hollywood syndrome of being able to single handedly surveill multiple people and locate their homes, even their vacation homes, and also gain employment with Boston PD as a janitor ( once again, bypassing the pesky background checks a large agency like BPD conducts even for civilians) with not a care in the world. They also never bothered to explain how Jones was able to get Lloyd Bridges from the bar bathroom out the door, and to the school yard , where he was able to secure him with an unbelievably complex device, without a single person noticing. Then of course there is the TV screen continuously showing Bridges wife in closeup even though she is just one person in the Boston Pops. The story just kept getting more and more ludicrous, and of course there had to be the obligatory Hollywood fight where the bad guy is almost indestructible, no matter what he is hit with. If you come across this, keep on going, it was 2 hours that I'll never get back. I can only imagine that the Dude and the rest were in a slump and needed a quick payday, without regards to the script. The only reason I gave it 2 stars was for the Boston scenery.


Somewhat interesting, but finale was entirely predictable
This film was interesting as we had just visited Niagara Falls this past summer for the first time, years after moving from NY and having never visited as a resident. As such, the scenery and the night light shots were nice. The movie progressed nicely, even if you ignored Showalter's highly annoying constantly grinning character. He is the true definition of a sappy dope. Unfortunately, about halfway through, my wife and I were able to predict almost every scene, and especially every aspect of the aquatic escape attempt. Not a terrible movie, but not a classic either. On a funny note, we watched the Anderson Tapes right after this, and who has a bit part in that movie, but doofy Max Showalter, still sporting the goofy grin 17 years later!!

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