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The School of Rock

A+ and 50 Gold Stars!!!
The School of Rock will keep you entertained all throughout its 1 hour and 42 minutes. Even the end credits will keep you glued to your seat until the very end. I enjoyed this movie so much, I went and bought the soundtrack immediately thereafter. I most assuredly will buy the DVD when it's released. The School of Rock is definitely one of best movies I have seen thus far for this Fall's offering of films.


Freaky Friday

Freakin' Good!
Remakes tend to fall in the same three categories as sequels: they're either better than the original, on the same level, or worse. "Freaky Friday" falls into the former category. Never mind the fact that Friday is the 2nd Disney remake that starred Lindsay Lohan ("Parent Trap" was her first.) There's nothing wrong with that...just a tad bit interesting. I'm sure the reason for any remake (family oriented or otherwise) is to introduce a favorite film to a new generation of fans as wells as entertain the fans of the original. "Freaky Friday" delivers in spades.

I went to a screening of the film last night and was surprised to see a representative from Disney Studios there to welcome the audience and take a survey at the end of the film. Most of the feedback were positive. It's always great to see how a story such as "Freaky Friday" would work if it was set in today's society. The clothes, the technology, the music.

I have no doubt that it would have been nice and interesting in a role reversal had Jodie Foster played the role of Anna's mother. However, I thought that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan presented a great mother/daughter dynamic with its own unique style. The soundtrack rocks!! Lindsay Lohan and Christina Vidal lent their vocal talents on 2 tracks: "Ultimate" and "Take Me Away."

I'll be sure to watch this movie again when it's released theatrically on August 1. It's a great movie for the family to enjoy...

Well, that and Lindsay Lohan and newcomer Haley Hudson (who plays Lindsay's fellow Pinkslip bandmate Peg) are incredibly hot!

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle

Havin' a Charlie Good Time!
The Angels are at it again! The sequel hosts a bevy of cameo appearances, new sight gags and pop culture references. While I admit that some of the stunts are ridiculous and realistically impossible to pull off, especially during the dirt bike sequence, this movie's all about having fun. And that's exactly what I had when watching this film. I thought the action was great and vastly improved than the first. Lucy Liu is hot, and Demi Moore is even hotter!! Woo-hoo!!

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

He's definitely back!
I'd have to say that T3 brought a definitive closure to the saga...so to speak. There are many stories to be told, what with the inspired novels and comic books. Nick Stahl plays a believable, somewhat scruffy-looking John Connor, and Kristanna Loken (T-X) and Claire Danes (Kate) are welcome additions to the Terminator Universe.

In keeping with the machines' evolution, the T-X seems to be an amalgamation of the T-800 (endoskeleton) and T-1000 (liquid metal) with its own unique abilities--it can form its own weapons. There are at least 3: plasma cannon, flamethrower, and chainsaw. It can also control other machines.

Arnold is back in top form...Now, when can we expect to see another Conan film?

Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension

Glinching A New Breed Of Superhero
In an age where the kids of America are provided with a healthy dose of all things Poke-this, Digi-that, Meda-whatzits, and the phenomenon that is the Power Rangers, Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension strives to make its mark on the map. While it may not have the clout of its long-running predecessors, Galidor has since gained a solid fan base. Yes, this is one steam engine that shows no signs of slowing down.

The formula is quite simple, actually. You take one unlikely hero, mix him up with a few allies, pour in a nasty villain or two, spice it up with dazzling special effects, and you get the delectable confection which you see on Fox Kids every Saturday morning. You know how they say the casting and storyline is crucial to any film or TV series? Galidor has got it nailed perfectly.

Matthew Ewald is surprisingly believable in his role as Nick Bluetooth, the hero sent from Earth to liberate Galidor from the clutches of the evil Gorm. The villain is well aware of Nick's arrival, however, and uses any means necessary to thwart our hero's quest. Nick is not alone in his fight. He is reluctantly joined by best friend Allegra Zane, played remarkably well by Mary-Marguerite Sabongui. They are soon joined by Jens, a plant lifeform-turned-robot; Euripides, the amphibious court advisor; and Nepol, the dimunitive but stalwart warrior.

Each of them possess skills that will aid in their quest to free Galidor. Nick has the power to glinch--or transmutate and mimic--the abilities of any given object or creature. Allegra uses her martial arts prowess, Jens provides his scientific genius. Euripides wields a staff of levitation. And Nepol can move at high speeds and has freezing capabilities. Their means of travel throughout Galidor is a transdimensional pod, or as it is affectionately called, the Egg.

Galidor will appeal to fans of all ages with its unique style of action, adventure and humor that pokes fun at pop culture. For example, when Nick meets a female member of Jens' species, he introduces Allegra as Mary Kate. This gets him an elbow in the ribs from Allegra, so he says that all her friends call her Ashley. As in the Olsen Twins, get it? It's cheesy humor, but it works.

If you're craving for adventure and good, wholesome sci-fi fun, Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension will satisfy your appetite. No Glinching Required.

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