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  • Hitchcock has directed many classics, innovated various techniques and provided the people unique thrilled throughout his career but if there is a movie I would personally consider as his best, it would be Rear Window. Rear window is a masterpiece, it blew me away the first time and I'm still as impressed after several viewings. The premise of the movie is pretty simple, a man in cast sitting by his window and basically spying on his neighbors. The set is amazing and the atmosphere captivating. Hitchcock came up with the brilliant idea of having real sound recording. There is no external soundtrack, for example, we can here a song in the movie, only if one of the characters is playing it or listening to it and the whole soundtrack was recorded from the room where most of the movie takes place(Jeff's apartment), providing really raw sound which added a superb effect to the atmosphere. The cast is amazing. James Stewart is as good as ever in the role of Jeff and Grace Kelly is simply enchanting as Lisa. The romance is entertaining and interesting enough. The dialogues are very pleasant,Jeff-Lisa arguments are thoroughly entertaining and Stella's dark humor is a very welcomed touch. The directing is top notch as one would expect. Hitchcock does an amazing job here in creating an interaction between the audience and the film. The way this is filmed enables the audience be Jeff Jefferies and accompany the characters in this movie. This is a movie that has got it all, every ingredient for an entertainment feast; the thrill, the intensity, the Hitchock suspense, the superb atmosphere, entertaining romance, the comedic aspect, a great cast, a masterful director...this is a classic. This is a movie that imo will never age and will always be considered as the masterpiece that it is. A movie to discover and re-discover for any cinema lovers:the ultimate must-see.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Man Who Knew Too Much is a remake of Hitchcock's very own version during his British period, with some considerable changes.This is certainly not disappointing and provides good entertainment throughout the 2 hours. James Stewart and Doris Day both offer strong performances as Mr and Mrs McKenna. The story is well executed, mystery slowly exposed and the atmosphere perfect to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. The scenes at the Albert Hall are certainly the most memorable to me. The Bernard Herrmann/Hitchcock brought great results again. Herrmann conducted the the orchestra and meanwhile the desperation of the leads were well exposed while the killer is about to pull the trigger. This takes a little less than 10 minutes of the screen time, with basically no dialogues; just the soundtrack and the visual execution of the plot, full of tension, thrill and suspense..classic Hitchcock moments,reminds me of a silent movie. I do think this would have made a perfect finale for the movie(given different time line is resolving the different angles of the plot) but there were still one thing to be resolve: the kidnapping. I think that the movie peaked during the scenes in the Albert Hall, specially in terms of tension and suspense and this maybe the reason why I felt the way this particular angle was resolved was a little anti-climatic.

    Overall, while not the best from the master,this movie is a highly enjoyable thriller with recognizable Hitchcock touch. Worth the watch, specially for a Hitch fan.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Prison break 4 years run comes to an end (well sort of) with these double episodes (Rate of change/Killing your number). The previous episode really managed to up the bar and set up perfectly the last 2 episodes of the series.

    The first episode, Rate of change was pretty good. It was really that fantastic but it had some great moments. It was good to see Mahone have an important role. They try to play with the character, specially his motivations. T-Bag stole the show. Actually these 2 episodes had among the finest T-Bag moments I've seen in a long time. T-Bag-Sara scenes were superb. It was nice to see Sucre back as his initial send off some time back was far from satisfying. Cool to see C-Note too.

    2nd episode, killing our number was pretty good too. Again, as far the conclusion of the scylla arc is concerned, it was not that great but satisfactory. Kellerman (finally) returned! Even tho I knew he would, I was still like OMG! when he first appeared. Many fans (included me) would have considered this a loose end if he hadn't come back. He was no longer the cold blooded killer from the first 2 seasons but it was still cool. He is the one who actually saved the day. Little underwhelming really, best thing would have been to develop this earlier but the actor is contracted with ABC, so they did what they could here. T-Bag was again great here in his reunion with Sucre/C-Note. Sara kills Christina, Linc is freed, Scylla handed to UN, everybody was exonerated and the General arrested. It was good, felt a little rushed but it was good.

    So what make this series finale fantastic? What brought the finale feeling to it? What made it unforgettable? Well the answer to this is the closing 10 minutes of the show. It was really what mattered. To see where those characters we loved ended 4 years later.

    -Alex Mahone: My favorite character. Had a great first part of season 4. Less relevant in the 2nd half but was well used in the finale. William Fitchner has been amazing in those 3 seasons. I will check his future works for sure. Mahone ends up happy…with Felicia Lang, his former colleague. Quite surprising, but this makes sense and is much more believable than him and Pam ending together. He sends a birthday card to Pam, meaning they at least are still in contact. I'm happy they didn't just kill him in some heroic way. Very satisfying end for Mahone.

    -T-Bag: Robert Knepper was about to become a park ranger before he got the role as T-Bag. He has been amazing. Much like Mahone, T-Bag had a great first half of season as Cole Pfeiffer . He has been OK in the second half but amazing in the finale. It was great to see the creepy, sadistic and evil side of Bagwell again. His conclusion is absolutely perfect. He gets back to Fox River, in his old ways, which brought some ole memories (Nice to see Fox River too). Perfect send off to a great character.

    -Paul Kellerman. He becomes congressman. How about that lol. Quite underwhelming until Danny Hale's widow returned and spit on his face. Kellerman then sat in his car in reflection, realizing he can't get rid of his past. That was excellent. Another great send off. -Don Self. His ending was quite shocking to me. 4 years later, he ends up just like his wife. Kinda sad but still very ironic.

    -The General. Poetic justice. He set up Linc for the chair and ends right in that very chair. He was a pity in his last moments.

    -Sucre/C-Note. Finally happy with their family, nice to see this.

    -Linc, Michael and Sara. Well this is the "controversial part" for many. Linc is happy, living with Sofia and LJ. The final moments of the series is really moving but imo fitting and with a lot of symbolism. Michael is dead. At the end of the episode; his son, Sara, Sucre, Linc and Mahone visits his grave to pay tribute. Some might say, it's cruel and totally unnecessary but I say that it was fitting. Not that Michael deserves it (far from it) but this really shows him as a tragic character, a hero in way, who sacrificed it all so that his loved ones are happy. And he succeeded in that. I loved those little details they put in here. Like Michael Jr. getting a tattoo or the Origami bird or the quote on the grave; "Be the change you want to see in the world"...something Michael ended up to be in a way. All the people at his grave where together; former junkies, killer and enemy. Everybody changed and were together. More importantly they were all happy. Is it a happy ending?? Well it was sad and tragic but it is a happy ending in many ways. I'm happy they didn't go Hollywood with too much of a soapy ending. The last 10 minutes were brilliant in all aspects. Great directing, great acting, great soundtrack….prefect.

    These closing moments are where the character ultimately end but still there's 2 extra episodes to be available soon. The events will take place just after the exoneration. So still more PB to come and certainly we'll know more on Mike's death.

    Hell of a ride really. It has been 4 great seasons. Season 4 is the weakest, still produced some great moments. Season 1 will always be one of the best TV show season I will ever see. The characters are unforgettable. Thank you writers, crew, cast and everybody involved.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well I guess it was OK overall.

    -MITB Fun opener. Not the best MITB but I liked it. Was rooting for Christian tho. 7/10

    -Kid Rock/Divas battle royal-Damn Kid Rock for cutting the divas' entrance. 25 Divas battle royal was bad....didn't see Torrie or Trish or Sunny. Pointless. 0/10

    -Jericho vs. Legends. I consider Jericho as one of the very best in the businnes...waste of talent here. At first, I felt sad for Y2J as tried to sell Piper's weak attempts for some punches/kicks. Then it became scary, I mean **** hell Snuka is a mess. With all due respect, If i was Jericho, I would be worried that he may get injured or worse at any moment. He defines retirement perfectly. The match had the marks of being one of the worst in history until Steamboat came on. Wow....hell of a performance, hats off. Save the match. 6.5/10

    -Rourke. The crowd were not really into it. It was OK, fun I guess but ridiculous.

    -Hardy vs. Hardy. Pretty good match, much better than the first time they tried this feud. Great ending, I'm happy Matt won. 7.5/10

    -JBL vs. Mysterio. Mysterio was ridiculous in his joker attire. Farewell JBL. Totally pointless. 4/10 (for the fun factor)

    -Undertaker vs. HBK. A classic. Exceeded the already high expectations. These two guys got the very best of each other. The PPV is worth it for this match only. One of a kind. 20/10

    -Edge vs. Big Show vs. Cena. Suffered from the fact that it's after Taker vs. HBK. Average anyway. Cena winning is a real shocker. me. Can't Edge have a decent run for once? Cena's entrance was annoying. 6/10

    • Hall of Fame. He did it tons of times before, but I still love this Austin thing. Hell of a career. Great segment.

    -HHH vs. Orton. MAJOR disappointment. I liked this feud a lot. It's true that Orton lost a beat of momentum by the end I was looking forward to this. An average match at the very best and the worst thing is that Orton didn't even win. HHH wins again, how does this help really? 5/10

    Overall. A classic and some good matches...nothing really unwatchable but weak as per wrestlemania standards. Taker-HBK makes it worth it. Without this, it would have been the worst wrestlemania since 2000. Last year was better.....last time in Texas was the best ever but again, for me it was the story of one match: Taker vs. HBK
  • 1-The Hardy Boyz vs. Hurricane & Lance Storm vs. The Big Show & Spike Dudley vs. The Dudley Boyz (WWF Tag Team Champions) I expected a more exciting match but it was not bad. 5.5/10

    2-Raven with Terri vs. Saturn I prefer Raven in the hardcore division and I consider Saturn as a good wrestler. The crowd was not in it, nothing great, nothing that bad either but forgettable for sure. End of the silly but yet still quite funny Moppy storyline. 4.5/10

    3-Christian vs. Edge (WWF Intercontinental Champion) Brother vs.Brother. Not as good as I expected but still decent. However, this is nothing compare to the great ladder match they had at No Mercy in the next PPV. 6/10

    4-Kronik with Steven Richards vs. The Undertaker & Kane (WCW Tag Champions) OK, in the edition of Smack down before that, Kronik squashed Kaientai, maybe they should have wrestle a more experienced team like the APA. Anyway, they are not very good wrestlers. Taker and Kane sold as much as they could. Taker and Kane are not made to be a tag team. I can't imagine what this would have been if it was not Taker and Kane taking on Kronik. 3.5/10

    5-Rob Van Dam (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. Chris Jericho When you have RVD and Jericho in hardcore match, you expect a 5 stars match and that exactly what we've got. Fantastic effort by these two men. I'm just not too happy with the ending, a match of this quality don't deserve such ending. 9/10

    6-Booker T and Shane McMahon vs. The Rock (WCW Heavyweight Champion) Better than Rock vs. Booker at Summerslam(which was not bad by any means). So pretty good match with some good moments, Shane certainly added a lot to the match. 7.5/10

    7-Rhyno vs. Tajiri (WCW US Champion) with Torrie Wilson Better than I thought but am still surprised to see this that high in the card. Good match, nothing great but entertaining. 6/10

    8-Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion) Much hype around this one. They had a classic at Summerslam. Is this better? No. Is this still great? Hell yeah! Great contest. Austin vs. Angle is never a disappointment. Too bad 2001 is the only year we had a feud between them. Great ending to the event.

    Overall, the PPV had its ups and downs. It started slowly but ended strongly. RVD vs. Jericho and Austin vs. Angle turned out to be great contest.
  • Everything was well build-up, the tension was here and the stakes were high. Given that both WWF and WCW-ECW had their 10 best superstars in the main event, the rest of the card did suffer from it. While it's not a great PPV, it was not bad either.

    Match 1: Edge & Christian vs. Mike Awesome & Lance Storm Solid match...nothing special but a good way to get off with Invasion. Lance Storm could have been a top wrestler IMO ..shame he was so underused in WWF. 5.5/10

    Match 2: Earl Hebner w/ WWF Referees vs Nick Patrick w/ WCW Referees Special Referee - Mick Foley Hahaha..wth? Great to see Mick Foley. The fans were actually pretty much into the "match". The match was horrible of course but it was fun. 3/10 (3 for the fun and Mick foley)

    Match 3: APA vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire Match I love APA and the passion they showed in the Invasion angle. Chuck and O'Haire can be quality as well. Like the opener, it was solid but not great. 5.5/10

    Match 4: X-Pac vs. Kidman I expected a little more from these two high flyers (well if you can consider X-Pac so)...again not bad but not great either. 5.5/10

    Match 5: Raven vs. William Regal Like Storm, I think Raven was underused by WWF, specially in the Invasion angle. The match was forgettable. 4/10

    Match 6: Shawn Stasiak, Chris Kanyon, and Hugh Morrus vs. Big Show, Albert, and Billy Gunn Good to see Billy Gunn back on PPV. Nothing special in the match. 5/10 (pretty average PPV so far)

    Match 7: Tazz vs. Tajiri Match Not bad at all. Tajiri is those kick. 6.5/10

    Match 8: Hardcore Championship-Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy Fantastic and exactly what I was expecting from these two great wrestlers. Had it all...match of the night. 9.5/10 (should have been a little longer)

    Match 9: Bra and Panties Match -Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson How hot are these four? I actually enjoyed this a lot...but I wanted all four to lose.:D Quote of the night; Michael cole "Why am I calling wrestling moves?!?" 7/10 (7 for reason other that wrestling)

    Match 10: Inaugural Brawl Team WWF (Austin, Angle, Kane, Taker, Y2J) vs. Team WCW/ECW (Booker, DDP, Dudleys, Rhyno) Highly enjoyable contest with a lot of tension..I really liked it. The ending (shocking for some, predictable for others) was a nice twist in the plot. Good. 8/10
  • Kane & Big Show vs Carlito & The Master Piece - Solid opener, nothing special. Shame to see Kane is such match and guys like Cena in the main event. 6/10

    Money In The Bank Ladder Match - As expected it was amazing. Great match with some memorable moments. 9/10

    Hall Of Fame - Eddie, we miss you!

    Chris Benoit vs JBL - Benoit deserves more than. It wasn't bad, it was rather solid but forgettable. 5.5/10

    Edge vs Mick Foley - Foley never stop to amaze and this is no exception. Edge is the future of the WWE (a deserving main eventer compared to the likes of Cena). Brutal encounter with a great finish. + Lita is hot. 8.5/10

    Booker T vs The Boogeyman - Boogeyman can't wrestle. Nowadays WWE tend to go for guys with some popular character or commercial attributes instead of real athletes ...that's why WWE has jumped the shark for me...Booker T deserves more. Had its funny moments tho. 2/10 (for the fun)

    Trish Stratus vs Mickie James -Good match and Trish was hot as always. Mickie is weird, meaning the girl is doing a good job. 6/10

    The Undertaker vs Mark Henry - Not the best Undertaker WM match. Not bad but not great. Taker did his job while Mark Henry was pretty average. Being big and Strong don't necessarily mean you are a good wrestler..WWE has forgot that. Good match by Taker. 6.5/10

    HBK vs Vince McMahon - Vince and Shane Mcmahon has always impressed me in matches...this is not exception. Great match with some unforgettable moments. Exactly what i was expecting. 8.5/10

    World Heavyweight Championship - Kurt Angle(c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton This not being the main event is literally a screw job! WWE has lost the sense of Main events! 3 great athletes with Angle at his best. It was great to see Angle getting cheered and Rey booed! Finally fans cheering for real athlete, the deserving one. However the match was too short...still great tho. 8/10

    Lingerie Pillow Fight - They are all hot. Unrated.

    WWE Championship -SHAME!! Complete sell out. The worst thing is that WWE can't stop screwing fans like that and continued to get worst and worst afterward, the main reason I've quit watching. So we get an amazing triple threat before while this is the main event?? You gotta be kidding me. Everybody knew this would never match the triple threat. The ONLY good thing is that Cena was rightfully getting booed. These fans were amazing. The ending was ridiculous...HHH taping out? Give me a break. WWE wants to make an Hogan out of Cena. It got worst afterward..ruined the WWE. I can't believe this main event. We've got Bret hard vs. Michaels, Austin vs. Rock, Austin vs. Michaels, Benoit vs. Austin vs. Michaels and now we got this??????? Even HHH couldn't save it. That was terrible. 1.5/10 (1.5 for the fans booing Cena)
  • Match 1: King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final Kurt Angle vs. Christian Not a bad start but I expected more, specially with Angle. It was still solid tho. 5/10

    Match 2: King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Final Edge vs. Rhyno Solid again but nothing great. 5.5/10

    Match 3: WWF Tag Team Championship Dudley Boys vs Spike Dudley and ? Good choice of partner for Spike. A good match but again the level of the PPV was pretty average so far. 5/10

    Match 4: King of the Ring Tournament Final ? vs. ? The final. I'm not a fan of King of the ring tournaments on PPV. At least, only the final should feature on the PPV. Still, a good match. I have the feeling it could have been better. Still good tho. 6/10

    Match 4: WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Jeff Hardy vs. X-Pac Two pretty spectacular wrestlers who never showed what they are capable of in the match. Again, it wasn't bad but still average, we expect more from a PPV. 4.5/10

    DDP-Taker confrontation. The confrontation was well build up. It was pretty one sided but I actually expected it to be more brutal. Taker is worth more than being used for storyline builders on PPV. 6/10

    Match 5: Street Fight Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon Match. Match of the night by far. Very brutal. Shane is impressive, very impressive for a non wrestler. The match feature a move that could have literally cost Shane's life. Amazing match. 9.5/10

    Match 6: WWF World Heavyweight Championship - Triple Threat Match Steve Austin vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho Lots of speculations and rumors around this one. Well build up. Not the best triple threat match ever but certainly not a bad one. I know Austin is the heel..still, sometimes he appeared too weak, which is bad. So solid match for sure featuring the beginning of Invasion. The ending tho was a little disappointing. Still deserves a 7/10

    Overall an average PPV. Angle vs. Shane comes out as one of the highlights of the year tho. Main event was good, the KOR final was quite good too but the other matches are all average.
  • The Hardy Boyz vs. Lance Storm and The Hurricane. A great opener. Both teams delivers some spectacular moments...great start. 7.5/10

    Test vs. Kane. I guess they were trying to push Test at that time. Not bad..pretty physical but certainly nothing great. I think Kane is worth more than that. 5/10

    Torrie Wilson vs.Stacey Keibler- lingerie match with . They are hot. I'm not rating that. :D

    Dudley Boys vs. Tajiri and the Big Show Entertaining...both teams put up a pretty good match. 6.5/10

    Edge vs. Christian-I-C Title-ladder match. Excellent. Not the best ladder match ever. In fact, there were better one in 2001 but certainly an excellent encounter. 9/10

    Booker T and the Undertaker. I feel the Undertaker was really under-used or wrongly used during the invasion angle. Tag teams and pretty irrelevant matches. At that time he just had a decade of destruction. I think he is worth much more than tag teams matches, wife stalking stories or filler like this one. Booker is a great athlete, this match was solid but forgettable. 6/10

    The Rock Vs. Chris Jericho-Wcw title. Two great athletes and entertainers. They pull out a very good match..exactly what I expected. Stephanie was hot too. 8/10

    Triple threat match-Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle vs.Rob Van Dam. A great main event IMO. Very fast paced with 3 great wrestlers. Lots of near falls too. I like the's one of the things I like (or liked caused WWE is no longer entertaining for me) is those chaotic situations. The match was little too short too but certainly great. 8.5/10

    Overall, pretty good. The two main events were great, excellent ladder match too. Taker and Kane are worth more than that and had average matches.
  • Match 1: Edge Vs Lance Storm For The Intercontinental Title! Pretty good opener. Two very capable superstars delivering the good. Good opener. 6.5/10

    Match 2: Six-Man Tag Team Match Great! Love it, the ending was just awesome. 7.5/10

    Match 3: Tajiri Vs X-Pac For The Cruiserweight Title Pretty good, very technical and entertaining. 7/10

    Match 4: Chris Jericho Vs Rhyno Good but not great. I did expect more but was still a good encounter. And Stephanie was hot. 7/10

    Match 5: Jeff Hardy Vs Rob Van Dam In A Hardcore Title Ladder Match. Awesome! When these two men go at it, there's no doubt it will be add a ladder to it. Awesome match. 9.5/10

    Match 6: Tag Tean Title Steel Cage Match Squash match and I still enjoyed it. But certainly not the best of Taker's career. To be honest, I don't like Taker in Tag teams, even with Kane. Both are much better single. 6.5/10

    Match 7: Kurt Angle Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin For The WWF Title Match of the night along with Jeff vs Rvd. It was brutal bloody, intense....awesome. I do consider this as a classic but the ending was literally cruel. None less...brilliant performance by both athletes. 9.5/10

    Main Event: Booker T Vs The Rock For The WCW Title Good but not great. It was what I expected and a good way to end a great Summerslam. 7/10
  • Match 1: William Regal vs. Rikishi. Not a brilliant opener. It was certainly not bad but still very average. 4/10

    Pinfalls Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit. We didn't get to see the two really go at it cause it was pretty short but sets up well the next falls. 6/10

    Submissions Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Benoit. Intense is what I've got say about it. The two men give it all and delivers a great contest. 7.5/10

    Ladder Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit. Angle did great in his first ladder match. The match is great to say the least...Benoit-Angle is never a let down. 8.5/10

    WWF Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) vs. Test vs. Big Show. Could surely have been better but was still an entertaining match. There has been tons of better match in this division but this certainly was still entertaining. 6/10

    WWF Women's Championship: Chyna (c) vs. Lita. I'm actually shocked how much I enjoyed this match other than for the reason there was two hot girls on the ring. Brilliant wrestling performances from both of them. 7.5/10

    WWF Intercontinental Championship - Chain Match: HHH (c) (w/Stephanie) vs. Kane. Awesome. the best match of the night. It was brutal, chaotic ,bloody and intense. The ending is great and perfectly executed. 9/10

    Tag Team Turmoil Match: The Acolytes vs. The Radicalz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. X-Factor vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Jericho and ? vs. Edge and Christian I'm not a fan of no.1 contender ship matches on PPV but his was still pretty entertaining. Great choice for Y2J's tag team partner(pretty predictable tho). 6/10

    WWF Heavyweight Championship Match: No Holds Barred: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. the Undertaker The much anticipated main event. These two have had some great classics in the past. Well is this one their best match? NO. Is it bad or average? Hell no! Taker and Austin deliver a thrilling contest, tho a little too slow at times. The chaotic ending is great, maybe the camera men could have done better. Great match. 8/10