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The Rookie

Liking It So Far
As an unashamed Nathan Fillion fan, I didnt hesitate to watch the first two episodes of this, cliched as it may be it still held my attention for the first two episodes and hopefully it will continue.

Most of the characters are likeable or at least not hateful. There is chemistry between some of them and a bit of drama even though some of the action seems unrealistic. I loved Nathan Fillion in Castle and look forward to watching this show to see how it pans out.

Hopefully it keeps to the high standard it has started with.

God Friended Me: Error Code 1.61
Episode 4, Season 1

Very Average
Up until this episode the show was really good, funny and had me wanting more. This episode was really average and not up to par with the first 3, if it doesn't go back to the standard of the first 3 I don't think I will be watching for much longer.

The Fliss and Beaker characters let this episode down in a big way, but the main supporting characters performance level fell as well and it just did not work for me.

Young Sheldon

No Laugh Track.....
It took until episode 5 of season 2 for me to realise that this has no laugh track, yet it is much funner than the show it spins off from, The Big Bang Theory. Don't get me wrong I have been watching TBBT from day one and will continue to watch it, but Young Sheldon is much much funnier.

Like another reviewer stated, it must have been a huge chore trying to find a child to play Young Sheldon, but they have done a fantastic job. For me the whole cast does a brilliant job, but my favourite is Montana Jordan as Georgie, closely followed by Annie Potts as his Grandmother and Lance Barber as his dad.

Excellent show and one I look forward to watching each week.

God Friended Me

Entertaining with lots of humour thrown in
3 episodes in and really enjoying it.

I approached this show with some trepidation, but after really enjoying Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, I gave this a go and have no problem saying that I am really enjoying it and look forward to more episodes.

All of the actors have really good chemistry and they have all put in really good performances so far. Most are unknowns to me, but a few I have seen before and enjoy seeing them again.

None of the religious overtones are at all overdone which would have turned me off straight away.

Highly recommended, 9/10 so far, hope the standard is maintained.

EDIT: After watching episode 4 my rating for the show has to be amended to and 8.

The Good Doctor

IMHO Better Than The Original
I have been watching this from the start and I have also watched the Korean show that this is based on, this is better than the original in my opinion, but only because of the acting ability of Freddy Highmore and Richard Schiff. They are both exceptional. That is not saying that all of the other actors are not putting in great performances as well. Antonia Thomas and Tamlyn Tomita always put in good performances. Christina Chang is really coming into her own in season 2, that is just a mention of a few.

Those that say this is not authentic really should take a look at themselves, this is TV, if not completely realistic, it is close enough for me and I get entertained. I get all the emotions watching most episodes, some are very frustrating, some are sad and some are just goose bump elation.

I need nothing more from a TV show.


Not Brilliant, But Better than Most
As an Australian I dont really watch much Australian produced content as most is just not very good, this is an exception and a show I enjoyed from start to finish.

Well acted, well filmed and generally just well done. A lot of the actors in this have been around a long time and have been in many other shows, perhaps this is why this works, they have learnt thier art and put it all out there in this show.

Well worth watching if you get the chance. A pity like most good shows it was cancelled.

Mr Inbetween

Hillarious, Violent and Heart Warming
As an Australian I don't always like our homegrown TV Shows and Movies but this one does Australia proud, so funny that I sat there laughing so hard it hurt.

None of the violence is overdone and there is logic to all of the violence even if not everyone would agree with it. None of it is senseless for the sake of violence and it is well explained by the main protagonist. I really liked his principles.

Like another reviewer has stated this show is in a league of its own, nothing I have seen compares to this, Scott Ryan was just brilliant as the main character, a complete unknown to me. Justin Rosniak is another complete unknown, Damon Herriman is well known from Justified and always does a good job. Brooke Satchwell is always nice eye candy and did a good job. Matt Nable is another I am familiar with and he played his normal understated character that I am used to, always like seeing him in shows.

This show easily gets a 10 from me, just under 3 hours of very entertaining TV, easily watched in one sitting, which I was lucky enough to be able to do.


Excellent Almost To The End
This grabbed me from the start and held me almost to the end, the acting is top notch by all involved and it held my attention almost to the end, so much so that I binge watched all six episodes in one sitting.

Very much a rollercoaster ride with a lot of edge of seat tension, let down a bit by the rather lame final episode and ending.


I mistakenly watched this because I thought this was The Meg, dumb I know, but it is based on a similar premise. I should have realised when I noticed Michael Madsen was in it, he is usually only in bad movies and this was bad, with a capital B.

This is so bad that I would have turned it off after 10 minutes, but my partner was liking it, so, regretfully I had to endure the whole thing.

I love shark movies, but this one is not worth watching at all. Everything about it was just wrong.

Avoid like the plague.

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Loved It and Hated It
This is one movie I can actually say I agreed with some of the reviews that gave this a 1-4 rating, but while they rated on how they felt about Sienna, I rate on how much I liked the movie.

It starts out like many high school rom-coms, then morphs into some thing else. While it is very cliched and unoriginal, it also has elements that make it different.

Very good acting all round with most of the actors for me being unknowns.

It engaged me enough to watch it all the way through and keep me entertained, but like a lot of the 1-4 rating reviewers I didn't like Sienna much in the end.


Good Effort
Like most who reviewed this, I had never heard of it before watching it. One possibly is this was a bit too close to the truth for "the powers that be" to let this get too much attention by being publicised better.

For me it was interesting, I do like math and I do have an interest in UFOs, being good at math and having had a very very close encounter with a UFO around 20 years ago in a small country town.

Most of the movie made sense to me and I believe that UFOs do visit us regularly and we are not being told everything by "the powers that be".

All of the actors did a good job and I found this movie an entertaining 75 minutes, there being almost 11 minutes of credits.

Open your mind to the possibilities and see.

Destination Wedding

Laugh Out Loud Funny
Being a fan of both Keanu Reeves and Wynona Ryder, this was a very easy movie to pick to watch, happily I didn't see it at the cinema though, because if I did I would have missed a lot of the good stuff. My partner and I watched it together and we had to hit pause and rewind so many times we lost count. The reason being we were laughing so hard we missed the next part and this is a movie you really have to listen to or you will miss some really funny dialogue.

Both actors delivered their lines perfectly and Keanu Reeves was quite brilliant with his deadpan delivery. The chemistry between Keanu and Wynona was plain to see from almost the first few minutes of the movie and while it might be considered a bit cliched it worked for both my partner and I.

At 86 minutes including credits it is not very long, but a lot is packed into those 86 minutes and we enjoyed every minute.

I rate movies on how much I enjoyed them and this one I easily give a 9/10. The people giving this a 1/10 really need to get a life.

SMS für Dich

Another Really Good German Rom Com
I only found out Karoline Herfurth was the lead, the director and one of the writers after I had seen the movie, well done on all counts.

I don't speak or understand German, so had to read the subtitles, but that's OK, I really like non English movies, sometimes I think more than I like English movies.

This is another German movie that I really enjoyed, basically from start to finish. I would have given it a 10, but some of the characters bothered me a little and it is not perfect.

Karoline Herfurth really is great as one lead and Friedrich Mücke did a good job as the other lead, almost all of the cast were very very good. Very well acted.

Some would say this was predictable, and they would be right, but anyone who enjoys rom coms would know they are often predictable and should expect it. That does not detract from the movie.

This one is as good as any other rom com I have seen and would watch it again. If you like rom coms with happy endings and a few laughs along the way this is one for you.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Seriously Worth Watching
No movie is going to please everyone and this one definitely won't. Having said that, this one pleased me and I would have no hesitation in watching it a few more times.

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall, Ted Levine are all names that I would go to any movie to see them, the first two mentioned especially after seeing them together in the last Jurassic World. Isabella Sermon is another to watch out for, she was just brilliant in my opinion. Then you have the dinosaurs, well that makes it almost perfect.

Being a bit predictable and a bit cliched took a few stars off, but it is still up there with the good ones for me and I would recommend it to anyone to go and see.

This movie was entertaining, fun, funny and had no dull moments, so much so that the 118 minutes felt like a few minutes, I don't count the credits which run for nearly 10 minutes.

Anyone who scores this lower than a 7-8 either did not really watch it or is a real hater of someone involved.


Watch To The End Before Judging
This is one of those shows where you could easily stop watching early on due to the slow pace of the early episodes, my advice is don't, watch it to the end, it is worth it. If you give up before episode 4 you will have missed out, it might take that long to really hook you in. It grabbed me from the very first episode and would not let go, but I was lucky enough to be able to binge watch all 8 episodes in one sitting, mind you it was late into the night when I finished watching it.

If I was to compare this to any other show it would be The Fallen with Gillian Anderson, the only exception being that this is not about a serial killer as another reviewer has stated, it is far more involved and complex than that.

If you like really well made, brilliantly acted (the acting really is sublime) detective shows that have depth, watch this and ignore the bad reviews by shallow people who could not have really watched this all the way through.

You have to read subtitles, unless you can understand Welsh, but they are hardly noticeable when you get right into the show.

Dog Years

A Must See Movie
Anyone my age would have grown up watching Burt Reynolds in Deliverance, The Longest Yard, Smokey and the Bandit and Hooper to name a few of the really good movies he made.

For me this is up there with the best he has ever made, I went in with a bit of trepidation, not really knowing what to expect considering some of the movies he has been in of late were nothing to write home about. This is not one of them, it is very well done and had me glued to the screen basically from start to finish.

Really good backup from Chevy Chase, Clark Duke and a superb performance from Ariel Winter make this a movie worth watching. The chemistry between Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter makes this one of those movies you have to see more than once. Watching an older, much wiser man whose body has been aged by time and experience conversing with a younger, cockier version of himself was brilliant to watch.

I felt all of the cast did a really good job, but this movie definitely belongs to Burt Reynolds, this is Burt at his dramatic best.

Without a doubt a movie worth seeing more than once.

Buster and Billie

A Movie That Will Stay With You Forever
I got lucky you might say and saw this on ABC TV (No Ads) late at night in the late 80's while living in a very small country town. Luckily I taped it on VHS and watched it quite a few times before the tape gave out.

This is one of those movies that you will either love or hate and if you loved it like I did it will stay with you forever.

Getting a good copy of it now is very difficult and I have had to make do with a really crappy copy. Even the DVD copy that was released is not all that good to watch.

One of the very best Jan-Micheal Vincent movies I have seen, and the one movie that I remember him for most even though he made quite a few good movies in the 70's.

Also Robert Englund's very first movie before he went onto bigger and perhaps better things and one of Pamela Sue Martin's early movies before her best known role in Dynasty.

A very sad movie that I have had the pleasure of watching more than once.

I Feel Pretty

Cheesy, Cliched, Predictable and Fun
I will start off by saying I am what most young people would call and old guy.

My daughter talked me into watching this and I tend to watch a lot of movies with her because we have fun watching then together. Initially I was cringing in some of the "comedy" scenes and hoping this was not going to be a cringe comedy all the way through. Happily that was not the case even though I did cringe and laugh a lot.

Amy Schumer did a pretty good job and I really laughed a lot all the way through and this is definitely a movie I will be watching again. Michelle Williams, who I did not even recognise, did a fantastic job on the voice, god it was awful to listen to her, well done. Rory Scovel's Ethan was my favourite and I loved the first date, it made me laugh more than once just thinking about it.

It is cheesy, it is full of cliches, it is predictable, but it is also fun and should be looked at that way rather than with a critical eye. This will never win an Oscar, but it will give most a laugh.

While not the greatest comedy of all time, but I would definitely watch it again.

Class Rank

Different, But Very Enjoyable
I went into this movie without high expectations and got a nice 100 minutes of entertainment, enough that I went back for seconds and watched it again.

A reviewer described the two leads in this as quirky to which I have to say I totally agree, although the boy is the more quirky of the two. For most of the movie I really liked the girl, then didn't like her, then liked her again. The boy was always likeable from start to finish and he reminded me very much of Napolean Dynamite.

Bruce Dern and Kathleen Chalfant's characters for me were the hit, they stole all the scenes they were in. Bruce Dern still has it, as if he ever lost it, he had my laughing on more than one occasion. I loved his comment about Lithuania near the end of the movie.

Eric Stoltz did a pretty good job directing this movie and I did not even recognise him in the movie first time round.

A movie I would definitely recommend if you like rom coms.

Making Out

Not For Me
I sat through this for the 80 minutes and have no idea why. Within the first 10 minutes or so I knew it was not going to be a movie I liked much, but I stuck it out in hope that it might improve, it didn't.

The dialogue was very childish and not well executed. The acting from all involved was very amateurish and at times I cringed with embarrassment for the participants. The nude scene was even embarrassing to watch, but at least Erin R. Ryan is OK to look at. Some might find this movie watchable just for this scene, but it is over in less than 30 seconds.

It is not often that I don't find at least a few redeeming features for a movie, but this one has none that I could see. Do yourself a favour and avoid this boring waste of time.

The Catcher Was a Spy

Not to Everyone's Taste
There are going to be lovers and haters of this movie depending on your taste and how much you like to pick holes in the acting and plot. Picky people will find many in this movie.

With all the big name actors it had you would expect it to be at least good and for me it was, I enjoyed it and never once wanted to stop watching, for me that is a sign of a good movie.

Paul Rudd, who I don't always like as and actor was very good in this, the rest of the cast do a fine job, most are prominent actors who I expect to do well in any movie they are in.

The fact it is based on a true story can be either a benefit of hindrance depending on how the story is handled, this one was handled quite well in my opinion and while it will never win any awards it is worth watching.

Not a perfect movie, but good enough to watch more than once.


A Bit of a Mess
To watch this movie I feel you need to have some knowledge of the John Gotti senior and junior to really be able to follow it properly.

The acting is on the whole top notch, John Travolta is very good as John Gotti Senior and Spencer Rocco Lofranco came across well as John Gotti Junior. Most of the supporting cast did a good job as well. Stacy Keach and Kelly Preston can always be relied on to give a good performances.

I just found the movie meandered all over the place too much and didn't really explain enough about these two men. This could be put down to not enough time, the movie really needed to be longer.

Even with all the beforehand knowledge I had about these men from my own research and what I had heard on the news, I still found the movie a bit hard to follow.

An OK movie but a bit of a mess and not one I would recommend paying to see unless you are a big John Travolta fan.


Unexpected Gem
Before watching this movie I came here and read the one and only glowing review and looked at the voting and saw that out of 43 votes 46% had voted 10. Unfortunately, based on past experience, a high rating with that few votes and one glowing review are normally huge red flags for me on IMDb. Vote rigging has become a big problem on here and I very nearly dismissed this movie based on these red flags.

Happily I ignored the red flags and sat down to watch what I thought might be a waste of time and got a very nice surprise.

Just about everything about this movie was as close to perfect as you can get, some of the cinematography was simply awesome, it made me want to be there. There are always going to be flaws and holes in the plot, but this simple story only had a few minor ones that didn't detract from the movie at all.

Tony Curran, I have seen many times before and I always expect good acting from him. Martin McCann, Jack Lowden, Ian Pirie and Kate Bracken did a really good job and their acting was of a very high standard along with the rest of the cast. All did a great job.

This movie tells a very real story with realism you only see in top end productions. It had me glued to the screen almost from start to finish, not many movies do that for me.

Highly recommended, but not for the squeamish. Even though there isn't really any over the top on screen violence in the movie, I still felt it was pretty gruesome. I really felt for the two main protagonists in places, but felt the ending was right.

Easily a 9/10 for me, 100 minutes well spent.

Blue Velvet

An Acquired Taste
This is a movie you have to watch more than once to really start to like it. My rating was initially much lower than the current 8/10 after my first viewing, once I had seen it a few more times I really started to appreciate it for the gem that it is.

David Lynch is one seriously twisted genius, if anything this movie is pretty much a testament to this. While startling with it's disturbing portrait of a seemingly pristine suburbia gone bad, the story telling is actually pretty reeled in and less bizarre than some of his other films.

Lynch is a master of symbolism and cleverly shows the viewer binary oppositions, underscoring how man has the capacity to be noble or diabolical.

This movie made me a big fan of Laura Dern, she is absolutely mesmerizing in this movie and her low whisper like sentences make the viewer fall in love with her elegance. The music by Roy Orbison is also just brilliant, but I have always been a fan.

The use of colors in the film are masterful, purple, pink, magenta, green, blue. It's like each scene is a painting.

This is one of those movies that really makes you remember why you like movies in the first place.

Highly recommended and one you just have to watch more than once to really appreciate.

The Girl with All the Gifts

Different Enough
This movie is best going into with as little fore knowledge as possible, because when someone tells you the genre of this movie, your preconceptions will almost certainly skew your expectations and experience.

This is not a typical movie in its genre. It's a lot smarter and more thought provoking. While there are thrills, and lots of suspense, it's done in a much better way that is of service to the characters and the story, creating a slow build of dread rather than cheap jump scares.

A very good movie with excellent acting and casting. Sennia Nanua, who plays Melanie also did a phenomenal job, Gemma Arterton was solid as the protective and caring teacher Helen Justineau. Glenn Close was also good as the Doctor prepared to do almost anything to find a cure for the disease.

The whole cast did a very good job and the music complimented rather than overpowered the movie.

Worth seeing and I have watched it more than once.

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