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One of the worst movies I've ever seen. I gave a 2 and not a 1 because the first 10 minutes the movie got my attention. It could have been a good movie but I think the director had no idea what to do and the scenario was absent.

We watched the movie 4 friends together, each one with different tastes on movies. None of us liked it!

12 Years a Slave

Empty and hypocritical
I was shocked with this film. I ended up wondering what on earth the director had in mind when he was making the film? The sad thing is that the subject of the film is extremely interesting but the director lost all chances of making this a great film.

Slavery in America is a huge issue indeed and I do understand that the Caucasian people in the US still try to deal with the issue. And most of them feel guilt. It is more or less how most Germans feel for the atrocities that Hitler has done. BUT someone expects that a film on slavery from an acclaimed director will either go into the core of the problem and prompt you to learn and understand things or will present a human story in a way that can create a case for the issue.

This film is doing nothing. It wastes 134 minutes to tell a story that could be told in no more than 15 minutes. When you have a 15 minutes storytelling then you need either to focus on building a characters' film or to insert in the storytelling questions that the viewer should consider. But instead of this the film is wasting all the good actors in an endless cycle of the same idea: "what cruelty humans could cause to humans"!. But we DO KNOW this and we've seen it many times. Please make a point! The most hypocritical scene of the film is the Patsey's whip. Until that scene the film was boring, with this scene it became hypocritical because at that point I think that the director thought: "I can not do a film about slavery without showing a cruel scene; I've forgotten to do this so far, so I do it now"! I learn nothing from the film and I didn't entertain myself at all. I am wondering why all cinema critics have given such victorious reviews. I am sorry to say that I think that the film tries to capitalize on the "white people's guilty" and the director has blackmailed the audience by saying: "If you do not like it the film then you are just like the bad whites that they have done these things to the slaves". I am sorry Mr. director, this is not the case, YOU have exploited the issue of slavery to put money in your pocket. You have succeeded and congratulations on the marketing success, but this is a bad film and will remain like this!


Very nice movie but that's all
I was expecting much more and I was disappointed. It is not a cinematic experience; just a nice movie that eventually will disappoint many lovers of science fiction.

I was expecting to see a movie that changes the history of cinema. Instead I've seen a nice story, with amazing visual effects, no actors, extremely plain and predictable plot and nothing more.

Congratulations to the art director and the visual effects supervisor of course, but no credits to the writer and director.

To make myself clear; yes I believe it worths to spend more than 2,5 hours to see the movie. It is not boring but it is not the movie that will make you forget everything around you.

A question that I've had after the end of the movie was the following: Why the movie was not shot as a cartoon? It would have made more sense. Maybe it was less expensive to use some actors for some real scenes, maybe Cameron wants to win nominations for many Oscars and not only the cartoon category, but I do believe that the movie is a cartoon.

My Sassy Girl

I choose to see this movie because I wanted to see something very light after a difficult Friday in the office and it turned to be the worst possible choice I could do.

I do understand that productions companies should make films for the 16 years-old audience but that was a disaster. The scenario is non existing, the film making is absent and the actors are playing worse than puppets.

If you are older than 16 years then it is better to see commercials than this film. If you are 16 or less then try a nice Disney animation and don't spoil you afternoon or evening with this film.

It is really a pity because the "Jeux d'enfants" was a nice movie and I was expecting more from Yann Samuell.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Not even a "new type of Comedy"
One of the worst films I've ever seen. I didn't mind the sexist and racist signals of the film, I didn't mind the absence of any plot. I didn't mind the disgusting scenes but I am really wondering why someone should see this film. Is it sarcastic? No. Is it a parody? No. Is it a a comedy to make you laugh? No; I believe that people pretending to laugh with this film is because the don't want to admit that there is nothing in this film. Is it the "new type of comedy" Well I believe no but I would really appreciate an explanation from the people that believe so. What is the new dimension that this film is adding to the comedy genre? Is there any innovative direction? Any shooting that makes this film unique? Any fresh idea that can teach other film makers? Any technique that could be become a mainstream doctrine? To my opinion no. So WHY this film is regarded to be the new type of comedy? I believe that the film maker and the producers, supported by some media and "expert viewers" that just want to be in the front line, intentionally created a "myth" about this film to help commercial success.

Don't waste your time with this film. Better to spend 90' doing NOTHING than to see this film.

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