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Head of State

Really funny
i am extremely liberal and went to this movie looking for some "republican/conservative" bashing. I got it.

A couple of my friends are slightly conservative and were afraid to see this movie. They laughed louder and harder than I did.

This is a good movie overall, with a mass-appeal.

Kudos to Chris Rock.

Julien Donkey-Boy

FANTASTIC, Yet Sad and Dark
I have always liked Harmony's work. I thought Gummo was excellent as well. But this movie is beyond just wierd, the cinematography and editing in this film is pure genius. Now I see where Aronofsky got his inspiration for Requiem's editing. Be prepared for darkness.

Men in Black II

Weak and Boring
Including most of the intro and end credits, the actual movie only lasted 1hr and 21 minutes. Good thing since it was sooooooooo boring. I went out and immediately rented the original MIB so that I could get this horrible movie out of my brain. What a complete waste of my time and money.

I did like the cartoon before the movie. I also liked the dog's stepped up part. but that was about it.

This movie should have rated GB&S; Godawful Boring & Slow

Café Olé

In a word. Fantastic!
One of the best romance movies I have seen in a very long time. It spoke to my soul about things which I haven't thought about in a long time. Taking a risk, not knowing the result, jumping when I am not ready or to full of fear. Wow! Good Stuff.


Great Special Effects, Stupid Story, Worse than Batman
fell asleep twice. a waste of kirsten dunst's talent. it is true that I am not a comic book reader. Nor, am I under age 11, but grown adults that I respect saw this movie and recommended that I see the movie. When I told them I fell asleep they were shocked. As a side note I loved the X-Men movie and Waking Life.

Changing Lanes

Excellent, Except for the 11th Tradition
excellent acting, cinematography, characters. realistic road rage mentality. the only thing that bothered me was the total disregard for the 11th tradition. if you are a friend of Bill's, you will understand. Had I known about this angle I would have chosen not to watch this movie.


Saw this about 2 months ago with a couple of friends. The theatre we saw it at is one of those arthouse type places and it was filled to the brim with blue haired pretentious couples and even they liked it.

LaPaglia was geat as the bull in denial. tough and terrified. loved the scene where the two men collide and the other man's sobbing reaction. Infidelity and paranoid delusions about infidelity make for an interesting plot.

Barbara Hershey was believeable, as was geoffrey rush. All in all a good film.

The Salton Sea

Not Realistic, but still a good movie
most of the tweakers I have ever met were just not that sophisticated. by the time they got to that level of addiction everybody was slammin, they had sores all over their bodies, there teeth were rotted out, all of the women and men did whatever "it took" to score. Very sad.

on the other hand it was pretty interesting. great tattoo's, cinematography was done very well, loved the soundtrack, what a waste of "Deborah Kara Unger's" acting abilities.

Now on to the main reason I went to see this film "D'Onofrio"! What a fantastic performance. He made this movie. That wheeziness throughout his dialogue made his character beliveable. Plus his total disregard for morality.

Overall this was a good movie, just not very accurate.

Panic Room

Good, slightly intense, but not scary
Maybe I am de-sensitized by all of the movies I have seen over the years, but this movie really didn't overwhelm me with intensity. Jodie did an excellent job, as well Kristen Stewart. But I thought Jared Leto and Dwight Yoakum made this movie.

I wished I had waited for the DVD release instead of paying full box-office. Maybe the DVD will offer an alternate ending or maybe a deleted scene that would have made this a much more fierce movie.


Not quite as boring Forest Gump, but about as boring as Lord of the Rings. Memento is a lame movie, that only the truly gullible could possibly like. How ridiculous to have a premise that the guy forgets everything, then has the ability to remember that he forgets. The people that liked this movie are probably the same people that started all of those dot com companies.

Wo hu cang long

Live Action Cartoon
Although I liked this movie a lot more than Memento, I still think this movie was boring. who cares if people fly around, it kind of made me think of "amazon women on the moon", but at least in that movie, they didn't try to hide the string holding the planet. if it had been billed as a spoof on martial arts it would have been great, but as a serious movie it was a waste of my money. hollywood should be thankful most of the people that liked this movie don't think like i do.

Requiem for a Dream

The cinematography alone is worth the viewing
Aronofsky is brilliant again. Like his previous film, Pi, aronofsky has the ability to get on film pure anguish, frustration, fear and most importantly pure obsession. everything about this story spelled gloom and dispair, and aronofsky so brilliantly brought that out, not just through the characters but through his vision for the photography.

jared leto's character was so innocent and beguiling that even i believed his plans would eventually work.

Marlon Wayans definitely transcended his "family of origin" to prove that he is a fantastic dramatic actor and not just a comedic actor.

jennifer connelly's character was so pitiful. jennifer proved that she had the range to play such a character so believably.

Of the many fantastic scenes with Ellen Burstyn, the scene where Ellen is walking up that sidewalk and the way it was photographed completely blew me away.

the supporting cast, including Keith David as the sinister pimp and of course the party that he threw, blew me away to think that addicts will go so far for their obsession.

I have only seen the "NC-17 version" of this film. It is the version that I recommend. by the way this is not a good "date" movie. especially if it is a first date :)

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