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This movie is well acted and has great effects... thats about it. The story is painfully unrealistic. Waste of time! I am a developer myself and develop cloud systems. But the ability to upload a full brain into a cloud is completely out of wacko. I think that up until the idea that the whole world has a power outage would have been enough... I would have much rather seen a realistic solution or idea to why we may have needed to turn off the power... even the idea, because the internet needs to be turned off is a great one. I could have seen an approach to some virus that attacks all computers and manufacturing plants... but whatever!

Public Enemies

Feels like a cheap student film!
I can't stand this type of filmmaking... All rules broken... I can't believe that "Michael Mann" is as popular as he is. This movie looks cheap (like a film school project that had no budget) - Camera feels like they couldn't afford a a steady cam nor a film or RED. There are scenes where you really can tell that it is shot on a cheap video camera. Then the music is OFF, it has nothing to do with 1933 - much newer rock'n'roll - terrible... then the script is week and the dialogues very week. And the stupid closeups and fast edits make it really hard to build a connection to the characters. If it wasn't for great actors in this movie, this would have gone straight to the worst movies of all time, and probably would have never been produced. Sad - I had so high hopes - because I love movies out of that time-period... but everyone will forget this film, and not even know it existed in 3 years. Nothing like "The Godfather" - now that's a timeless Gangster movie - unreached. So I am done with Michael Mann - he really sucks... though "Ali" was OK, but mainly because Will Smith was phenomenal!

Casino Royale

Great Film, Wrong Bond!
This is finally a Bond Film again that's worth to be called a Bond Film... only deficit is the Actor... I can still accept the him in this one, he plays well, and the script is basically a prequel where Bond is actually becoming the Bond! But whoever is a true Bond fan, knows that this guy is not a true Bond. Clive Owen would have been a better pick! Bond was always a superhero in a suit... but never a blatant superhero like h-man or superman - muscles galore, shaved chest... etc... the old ones including Timmothy had charm and cleverness that Daniel Craig cannot deliver! Other than that - super fun and suspense Bond Film! And what else I really liked about this is the fact that they where able to top their chases scenes with brilliance. Bond Films have done it all - Boats, Tanks, so on... so how about a chase by foot that kicks ass!!!


Crap! Terrible! Waste of Time!
This movie is the proof that Til Schweiger is not a Director nor a Writer. I never really cared for him to begin with, though he has done some great films. I went to ZweiOhrHasen, since "EinOhrHase" had caught me by surprise, and was a cute little romantic comedy. This film however starts funny, but this one is a cliché flick, that goes under the belt-line real quick. Terrible script, with no punchline... plus Til tries to be more American then German - I never heard a American Ambulance Siren in the middle of Berlin. This movie is a total sellout and a super weak script, and nothing for someone who looks for a bit of quality. If you like under the belt-line slapstick dull movies you may like this... however half way through you may notice that even these jokes (bodily excrement's in a paper bag scene - copied one-2-one) are stolen and become very old very quick. Whatever... and Til: "You are not creative!"

Hollywood Homicide

On my top 10 WORST MOVIE List!
Seriously… What happened in this Movie? I cannot believe that this kind of garbage gets produced, let alone somebody actually had to give the thumbs up and go ahead on a ridicules script like this.

Just to elaborate a little bit. There is absolutely no story, and nothing makes sense. They didn't do their research, and continuity was completely not there. Such as the Saleen gets hit, and in the next scene it's all fixed again. Or what about the chase scene elevator – how did Joe (Harrison Ford) know what floor the suspect had picked when he ran into an earlier elevator.

Anyways I am writing this review to save any serious movie buff from going through the aggravation I had to endure. This movie goes on my top 10 list of Worst Movie's ever made… alongside Mission to Mars and Dreamcatcher.

Hearts in Atlantis

Heart in the right place!
I was very impressed by this movie. It has the heart in the right place. "Stand by Me" meets "The Green Mile", very magical and gripping. Some of you probably think it's a bit slow, but I thought it was just right. Pretty good. - and after all it is Anthony Hopkins and no one else!

Ocean's Eleven

Awesome Pop!
An absolute kick of a movie with a awesome plot. Besides the arrangement of stars, this movie is awesome, and every actor does a better job than the next. This is a must see! It's clever, cool and extremely fun. I loved the fashion and the soundtrack was unbelievable. Sometimes we just need good Pop, and this has just that!

Josie and the Pussycats

For Rachael Fans only!
This Movie is an absolute piece of ???. The writers are just terrible. The same jokes told again and again, and the music video look becomes really old really quick. Overall the one thing this movie is worth watching for is the up-and-coming Rachael Leigh Cook, who delivers yet another outstanding performance.

So, if you are not a true Rachael fan - don't bother with this one.


Y2K meets J. Grisham's "The Firm"!
First I rented this movie and watched it with some friends of mine.

And oh boy I was in for a surprise. Awesome and exciting movie, somewhat related to one of my favorite flicks: "The Firm". Only one problem I had with the story... Lisa Calighan (Rachael Leigh Cook) turns out to be one of the bad guys, weak! (The script would have deserved one last rewrite!) However, I liked it so much, that I bought the DVD, and have watched it twice since!

Blow Dry

Wonderful, cute and funny!
Blow Dry is a well written wonderful comedy. At first I thought that they had messed up by Rachael Leigh Cook not having an English accent, but then I realized that her character and its mother lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota (of all places, this is Rachael Leigh Cooks true birth-place), so as soon as I accepted that, I could not stop laughing at this ridicules and funny concept, but then how often do you see a competition on hairstyling... adds a nice comedy element to a well written story...don't you think?

She's All That

Far from a good Romance Comedy!
The Director is just terrible. Hate the hair at the ball and the red dress they forced onto Rachael Leigh Cook. I blame the director for all of the disappointment, and how come that looks are so important. This is not a good Romance comedy. Far from Nora Ephron! This movie had the wrong standards, and no heart. A total mainstream movie. I do not recommend it to anyone who likes good romance comedies!

The Bumblebee Flies Anyway

Not Bad, Not Bad! Sad and emotional. Good drama. Rachael Leigh Cook's best performance so far, of what I saw of her in movies. And Elijah Wood has been one of my favorites ever since `The War'. Very good if you like sad dramas that have a lot of heart and feeling!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

All the way to the top of my list! Probably the best movie ever made.

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is everything Harry Potter was not. Yes this is not a children's movie, all the better for someone like me though. This movie is Star Wars of my generation. I will buy this on DVD and hang a poster so everyone can see it who comes to visit me. This movie simply has it all. Magic, excitement and yes, lots of suspense. There is not one negative thing I can speak of. Absolutely no flaws. I will see it again and again! So should you, if you haven't already. I will try to purchase a print of this one down the line, if I can find one that is!

Meet Joe Black

A True Classic!
This is one of my all-time favorites. A true Motion Picture

Masterpiece! Sure it didn't do well, and most everyone seems to not care for it too much, but my explanation to this is that it just wasn't the time for it. What I mean by that is that if this movie would have been released back in the 50's, it would have been a smash!

It is very deep and deals with lots of emotions and interactions of people. This Movie has a heart, and every time I watch it I get inspired.

It is a true masterpiece in writing, directing, cinematography, and acting. A remake of the 1938 Motion Picture, Death takes a Holiday, the script is outstanding. I give Martin Breast full stars for undertaking the challenge of this script, and he definitely succeeded. Emanuel Lubezki delivers amazing images (I love the images of the coffee shop). The Acting is incredible. Brad Pitt practically delivers two characters, Claire Forlani is breathtaking, and Anthony Hopkins is out of this world.

This Movie is a true Classic!

La vita è bella

Too important to forget!
Life is Beautiful is a magnificent Motion Picture, and probably one of the best ones ever made. I don't agree with credits who say "how could you have made a comedy about the holocaust?" This motion picture is so amazingly crafted and assembled, that when following the story you become a part of the time. This has done more for telling the truth about the period then many other movies. It is just beautiful how that though is just a side story to the main plot, but then in the end completely throws you over and wakes you up. Roberto Benigni is amazingly funny and has managed to create an absolute masterpiece. Full rating for this one, as this is a movie too important to forget.


Fantastic and wise!
Momo is a fantastic fantasy movie. Written by the legendary writer of the Never-ending Story, Michael Ende, who takes us into the world of a little orphan who is set out to save the world. Love, a big heart, courage are the weapons she needs to save her little Italian village from time. This movie is just magical. This is a must see for my children, there is just way too much wiseness told to miss out on.

Ronja Rövardotter

Possibly the most beautiful movie ever made of an Astrid Lindgren Novel!
Ronja Rövardotter (Ronia, the Robber's Daughter) is possibly the most beautiful movie ever made of an Astrid Lindgren novel. This movie has it all: heart, magic, love, and it makes you feel really cosy. Very beautifully shot with an unprecedented soundtrack delivered by Björn Isfält. Sure it was made in 1984, but this one is timeless. Beautiful for young and old. This is what Hollywood never really perfected or succeeded in, a true family movie for the WHOLE family, not for just the kids. Just sad it never made it across the pond to the US. If compared with a Hollywood movie; Harry Potter from in my opinion one of the worst directors, C. Columbus, can only dream to have become such a great movie. One Hollywood movie that brought back memories of my childhood and managed to recapture some of the emotions I had with Ronja as a child, was Peter Jackson's adaption of Lord of the Rings.

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