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Little / Chiron and Black
The story is divided in three parts.

First part introduces us to "LITTLE", a young boy who tries not to face his abusive crackhead mother. When he's helped by a drug dealer, in figurative way he finds his missing father and family.

The second part introduces us to "Chiron", a quiet teenager and withdrawn, without friends, who is struggling the same problems. He's been a bully in school since early age and now bullies became even harder after he is homosexual suspected.

The third part introduces us to "Black, unlike first two parts, now he is a different person. A drug dealer who lives in Atlanta ...

The Best thing about this movie is acting. In first two part as Little and Chiron, acting was fantastic. While Naomi Harris was extraordinary and thought she's gonna win Academy Award until I saw Viola Davis on Fences.

Cinematography was great, great shots, great picture, great camera work. As a story, it wasn't extraordinary. I couldn't say I enjoyed the movie very much.

Band of Brothers: Replacements
Episode 4, Season 1

I saw myself in that kid.
This episode was very special for me. I'm from Kosovo and in 1999 we were on a war, thanks to USA and NATO we finally were free. Everyone loved US Army just like those people in Netherlands. That kid remind my childhood in 1999. We loved US Army and they were very kind with us. I remember how they gave us candies and peanut butter. Never ate peanut butter before, and now every time I eat peanut butter I always remember that period after war and those kind US soldiers.

I honestly saw myself in that kid.

This is a great show, I feel kinda ashamed that I didn't watch this show earlier.

The Martian

A mediocre film
A mediocre movie. A very interesting story, based on Andy Weir novel. During the whole movie you wouldn't lose interest to watch it. It's so fun to watch. But a movie like The Martian could have been so much better if they paid more attention to make the story more seriously. I missed the emotion that it should have given me! A person left in the Mars with minimal possibility of survive and his reaction is like "oh, I'm going to die, who cares". I would like a movie like The Martian to be treated more seriously, not like a Comedy, even though it's not a comedy, now I know why Golden Globe considered it as a Comedy. The main characters ever showed any signs of loneliness, despair or fear.

Although it has a great cinematography that I enjoyed the most about this movie. A very interesting story, although it is not treated in the proper way.


Room is a touchy story about Jack and his mother that was kept isolated in a "Room" by a man who kidnapped her, raped her and got her pregnant and is using her as sexual slave for more than seven years. While Jack now five years old, spent the whole life in that "Room", not knowing that there is a life outside the "Room".

I started to watch every movie nominated for Best Picture, and Room is the second one after Spotlight. I had a feeling that there wasn't good movies this year, but I'm happy to say that I was wrong.

Room is another pure drama that will be stuck in my head for a long time. A masterpiece story by novelist Emma Donoghue directed by Lenny Abrahamson in perfection. Very touching, with great characters and great acting job.

Jacob Tremblay is so young, I don't know if this kind of story would be a good idea for someone of his age, I mean psychologically. However, he was great and one of the things that I enjoyed most about the film. It felt like reality show. I feel sorry that he wasn't nominated for Oscar.

One of the part that I liked the most was when Jack narrates his feeling inside and outside the "Room". I always enjoy the narration in movies.

Story, dialogs, acting, directing and narration is great. A worth watching movie without a doubt. Different story, very well made.


Break the silence
Spotlight is a true story about the reporters of Boston Globe that are uncovering decade long story about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Everyone heard these stories, but everyone remained silent. There are dozens of Catholic abusive priests and hundreds of sexual abuse allegations against minors that never been public.

Incredible story. I've heard many times about scandals in Catholic Church, but I never thought it was this big. A story that should have been told, and I'm happy that I've learned about this history and I'm happy that a movie about it is made.

It's a great writing job from Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy. I have to say I've seen two hour movie one meter away from TV in a stool. During the whole movie I was 100% focused on the film and I didn't want miss any single thing. Tom McCarthy did also a wonderful directing job. I haven't seen a lot of movies this year, but from what I've seen, Tom McCarthy got my Oscar.

Another strong praise goes to the actors, especially Mark Ruffalo. Michael Keaton and Rachel McAdams was great too.

I've just started to watch Oscar films and I think I've chosen the best one to watch first. It's very dramatic, touchy, tragic, with a great story, great directing, great acting.

The Wire

One of the best TV Show ever
If not the best, it's definitely on TOP 3 of the best TV Show ever made. It's about the problems that citizens and police are facing with violence, corruption, drug trafficking and murders. David Simon gives us perfectly life from the eyes of junkies, dealers, homicide and narcotics teams, citizens, city politicians, etc.

There are waaaay too many great characters, and it's very hard to choose between them. But, I would like to highlight Omar, Lester and Bubbles. The whole cast of actors is great.

It's a combination of Breaking Bad and True Detective, but is much more fun to watch. Too many characters on the show, it's impossible to get bored with it. The script is just wooow.

If you didn't watch it yet, you're one of the luckiest man.

The only bad thing about this TV Show is that you won't enjoy any TV Shows that are like The Wire.

Twin Peaks

Great characters, great pictures, great storyline ... GREAT LYNCH.
After a young girl Laura Palmer is found dead on the beach in a small town of Twin Peaks, a FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called to investigate her murder. Her investigation goes deeper after some mysterious events occur Twin Peaks.

Without a doubt, Twin Peaks is one of the greatest TV Shows ever. It is very complex story with a great directing work. David Lynch as director gave us some of the most mind-blowing scene in the show. Cinematography is outstanding with usual red colors that Lynch uses most of the times. In first season I really enjoyed the love that show gave me for 90's, it made me feel sorry for my self that I spent my teenage in 00's. Second season was way more complex. I don't want to make any spoiler so I'm just gonna say, it's creepy, horrifying scenes, mystery and weirdness.

Also it's maybe the only TV Show that I liked every single character. Acting is great especially Kyle MacLachlan, Sherilyn Fenn and Ray Wise. I'm gonna miss this TV Show and I'm gonna miss all characters. Thank god new season is coming and I can't wait for it.

Black Books

Wanna laugh out loud?
Black Books introduce us to three funny people. Bernard, is an owner of a Book Shop. He is anti-social, drinker and smoker. Most of the time he is sarcastic, pessimist, aggressive and hate every costumer. His employee is Manny, a character with no self-esteem who never stood for himself. Maybe the only person who could work for Bernard. Fran is a girl next door who run a shop, and probably is the only friend Bernard has. They have something in common, drinking and smoking.

Black Books is one of the best British comedies. Is one of the comedies that is trying to make you laugh in every line. All three characters are funny, especially Bernard. Bernard is one of the funniest characters I've ever seen. The way he treats his costumers with his aggressive language, full of sarcasm. Many is funny too. He's a bit in the shadow of Bernard, but he got his moments too.

There are some scenes that you should stop the video and laugh out loud. It's a pure comedy.

Death Note: Desu nôto

Light vs. L
After a special notebook comes from the sky in the world, Light Yagami is the lucky guy to find it. This special book has the power to kill any human. The owner just needs a name and the face of the person he wants to kill. Light Yagami is very smart, high school boy and his purpose is to make the world a better place, without crimes and bad people. When the world's best detective named L comes in the game, Light have to play it careful and smart.

Death Note is one of the greatest Anime and TV Shows I've seen. It has a great storyline and a very smart TV Show. After I watched 3 episodes I knew that this TV Show is going to make me stay late at night. Boredom isn't a question. Every episode gets better.

Light vs L, this is what I enjoyed most about this Show. I hated Light because I felt sorry for a great detective like L. And I hated L because he was a pain in the ass for Light. I wanted both of them to win and lose at the same time.

Fan of Anime or not. It doesn't matter. There's a surprise for you.


There's something worth watching
Elephant, is a movie that introduce us to some high school students. We can see an ordinary routine school day through some of the students point. Two of them have something different in their mind! So, they have a plan to make this usual day unusual.

There's so much hate for this movie and I get it. It's an very slow movie, but it's worth watching, especially if you like art. Directing is great, very beautiful scenes. Camera work is wonderful, long scene shots made me feel like I was not watching the movie, I was in the movie and I'm walking around like I was invisible.

I wasn't satisfied with dialogue though. Some bad dialogs, It would have been better to have some deeper dialogs. Also, acting wasn't good enough. I got this feeling that even the couple there had some distance. Even when the talk to each other, they don't feel as comfortable as couples are.

Overall, I liked this movie, it was very artistic with great camera work.

The IT Crowd

One of the funniest TV Show. Hilarious.
If you wanna laugh out loud, watch The IT Crowd. It's one of my favorite TV Shows that I've enjoyed most watching. It's about two nerd that work as IT in a large corporation. They're surrounded with dumb people, and that's what makes it funny. A new department chief comes. A girl that has no idea with computers.

The cast is great, Richard Ayoade as Moss is in my top 5 characters that made me laugh most. Also other characters are funny as well. There are no jokes at all. The dialogue is funny itself, the characters are funny in the way they talk, act and the way they live.

I'm not a guy who re-watch TV shows. But this case, I'm sure that I'm gonna watch again IT Crowd.

The Third Man

Worth watching Noir
A novelist travel to beautiful city of Vienna invited by his friend Harry Lime. When he arrives in Vienna, he receives the bad news that his friend was part of a traffic accident. Accident that killed his friend. An accident? Holly Martins doesn't think so. So he end up investigating the case.

A wonderful story written perfectly by Graham Greene where piece by piece changes our mind where the story and characters are going. This movie is a masterpiece of cinematography. Streets and magnificent views of post-war Vienna.

Orson Welles had not much minutes on the screen, but he did a great performance. Anyway, the whole cast was great.

Overall I liked The Third Man, but there are some better Film-Noir movies I've seen.

Silicon Valley

Smart TV Show
I finished second season yesterday and I was delighted with this TV Show. It's a smart Comedy TV show with a great plot. About laughter, I didn't laugh a lot like other sitcoms I've seen, but I have never seen a sitcom with better storyline.

Every character is remarkable from A to Z. If someone asks me who's your favorite character, I'd be in very difficult position. I'd highlight Gilfoyle, Jared, Dinesh, Erlich.

The story tell us about problems that rising companies have and how much work, disappointments and failure it takes to become successful. Also show us how big powerful corporations kills small companies, "Big Fish Eats Small Fish".

Episodes are 30 minutes that I liked better than most of Sitcoms that are 22 minutes.

Still Alice

For the Moore
I watched this movie just because of Julianne Moore. It was worth watching. Not just because of her, but also the story is great.

The story is telling us the life of Alice Howland, a very good linguistics professor and smart. Her life, career and family are wonderful. Her life takes a turning point when she is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. In the beginning she starts to forget names and small details, but later her condition gets worse. Being a person with a bright mind, Alice suffers even more.

I'm a fan of these kind of Dramas. It has such wonderful moments, touching at the same time. Julian Moore's performance was her's best. I loved her inspirational speech at the Annual Dementia Care Conference.

I also appreciate Kristen Stewart's courage to play next to Julianne Moore.


A Shakespearean story presented in the genius way by Kurosawa
The story follows the period when an old warlord decides to find peace by giving space to younger blood. Hidetora decides to divide the kingdom in three parts to his songs. A castle for a son. Two older boys are satisfied with the decision to inherit a part of kingdom. But the younger son argues with the wisdom of a such of decision. The first thought for him was how reckless and shameless is the boy. But how much time will pass until we see an ambitious brother that want the whole kingdom? What can a wrong decision cause?

A very interesting story. I think it can be a great lesson for many people, how excessive ambition, thoughtlessness and war for power can cause fatality.

I've seen some of Kurosawa films in black and white, but this time I was surprised with his cinematographic work. Every visual detail was perfect. Costumes, places, colors, castles are incredible. Every single detail is made with dedication.

I liked so much that he didn't use music a lot, especially during the war part. I felt like I was into the war with Hidetora. The war scene was epic.

Acting was great too. The Hidetora actor was so great playing madness.

The Elephant Man

Shocked by the story
The Elephant Man is a 21 year old boy with a lot of physical deformation and with a bad health condition. The boy is owned by Brutish Bytes, a person who uses it for financial benefits by presenting it in the circus as a freak, but in fact he is a freak itself. After a lot of suffering he has also some mental issues. But luckily Dr. Frederick Treves, manages to take him in care at the hospital where he works.

This movie started for me with a lot of disappointment to humanity. The way John Merrick was treated was a shock to me, how animal people can be sometimes! Not only Brutish Bytes made me feel bad, but I couldn't believe that nobody at the circus didn't react.

After Dr. Frederick took him under care, and after the way they treat him, a way that every human being deserve, bring us a different picture of John. In fact, the most touching part starts after the best treatment toward him. The way he reacts after the happiest moments of his life, made many wounds in my heart.

The most touching movie I have ever seen. I have never been more disappointed with humanity. But when I reminded myself that this is based on a true story, I was shocked for 124 minutes.

John Hunt had a great performance, too bad that Robert DeNiro had lifetime performance on Raging Bull that year. Not to forget Anthony Hopkins.

Thank god David Lynch was the director of this movie. A great story like this, should have a great director like Lynch. Lynch brought this movie in a different way like he does in all of his movies.

A masterpiece.

Singin' in the Rain

Endless entertainment
In 1927, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont are two greatest stars of the Cinema. Lover inside the screen and "Lover" outside of it, just because of fans and gossip magazines. But, in fact Don barely tolerate Lina, a definition of a blond.

Troubles begin with the period of transition from silent movies to talking pictures. Beside technical problems, screenplays with dialogues, main problem is Lina. Beautiful blonde with horrible voice.

In fact I don't like Musical movies at all. But, Singin' in the Rain surprised me. I was surprised with the picture and colors that are great even that this movie was made in 1952. Music is wonderful, as I knew it would be. My favorite one was "Good Morning"

Along with Music and Romance are those Comic moments with Donald O'Conner as Cosmo who reminded me Charlie Chaplin. Funniest guy in the movie! Acting in overall was great with Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, Debbie Reynolds, especially Jean Hagen.

Generally speaking, Singin' in the Rain is one of the greatest movie ever, with great acting, directing and script.

Combining Music, Romance and Comedy, entertainment is guaranteed.


A masterpiece in his way
This is a true story of two great rivals of Formula 1 during 70's. James Hunt a handsome guy with a lot of joy about life, very talented but still arrogant, impulsive and not very professional. On the other side is the opposite Niki Lauda, calm, intellectual, careful and very professional. Very different from each other but with same goals, to reach the top of Formula 1. To become the Champion.

This is the greatest racing movie. But it's not all racing. This is a movie for every kind of tastes, I don't see anyway to dislike this movie, mainly because of the history of these two rivals. And, I'm lucky to learn their history.

Great acting job, especially Daniel Brühl, he should have been nominated for Oscar. Also a great piece of cinematography. Last race on the rain was my favorite visual part.

I had my doubts too, but I ended up surprised.


One of the most positive movie
Alexander Payne, I always found him so great but this! This is masterpiece. One of the most positive movie I've ever seen. Without violence, sex, simply love and respect between father and son. It's a simple story which gives you so much emotionally.

Casting was excellent. Bruce Dern and June Squibb, what a great couple. Characters are so lovely, two charming elderly people, also funny especially Kate Grant . On the one hand Bruce Dern with a performance to remember. He was amazing in this movie, a character that fits him. On the other hand June Squibb, a lovely and funny grandma that everyone would like to have. These two characters makes movie even more loved.

I highly recommend Nebraska. It's a movie that everyone should watch and see how you should treat you parents even that sometimes they are pointless.

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