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Great little Film!
One week...One man show...One Great director... really deep film about the industry


Just relax and enjoy the ride...Oh...and the Dance & Music!
From the start I hoped to be treated to an adventure...and boy did I get one! This was a wonderful surprise for me, I'm in the entertainment industry...Animation and have and good understanding of how to telling a story and how to make it interesting. This film has it all, the colorful country of India (and by that I mean the colors and the style of the culture!). Drama, Romance, Comedy..and Music & Dance. While you will see Bollywood, you'll also see how hard it is to be in a country that you do not know.

I'm a film buff of 60+ years old, meaning I started watching films when the were black & white and only in English and filmed in the U.S or UK. But, I lived in Italy for 12 years and that opened my eyes!

You'll need to open yours eyes to see outside the the world you live in. This film will let you look into a world of acceptance and understand as well as how to appreciate every moment of your life!



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