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Black Butterfly

Not bad, neither good
It's holding your attention, but there are many missings in it. For example one is that Jack at the beginning didn't mention, neither Paul asked him why he was in prison. Also, why we are seeing those fresh red apples all the time on the table when no one went out to buy them. And the third is that the story is a bit long for one dream.

Imagining Argentina

If it was made in original native language, my view would be different
It has a good story, but it is really annoying to hear that the people in Argentina speak American English, really annoying. Yes, the story is based on novel written in English, but it doesn't mean that Argentines pictured in the movie should speak like that. All the rest is fine.

La odisea de los giles

God's justice
We know from some other movies that Argentina has many dark secrets and they can be very nasty, but this one as much it is nasty it is funny and in some way it takes a sweet revenge, especially if it concerns money. For sure you will laugh a lot, while watching for what of all is one man ready to try and do. :)


The truth hurts
As I wrote up there, the truth hurts, and then by that I say that American "translation" of the name of the movie isn't the truth. Yes, it hurts. If someone mentions it like that, I will say that I never saw that movie. It is good to know a bit more of the French history, especially when it is showed in this way, clear and sober. In it, Jean Dujardin's performance makes this movie to be of those, don't miss it! Polanski can be very good, but only if he is doing something related to someone's history, discovering a hidden stories being followed by pulse of Alexandre Desplat's music.

Le daim

In the skin of a fanatic
Jean Dujardin is born for comedies. He is such a naturally great actor and it is a gift to be of that kind. What is the message of this movie? Not to wear anything made of deer skin or simple any kind of jacket? :) Yes, if you are in the company of that one who wears it. However, Adèle Haenel is so sweet and also honestly fit into that character of fanatic. You will laugh for sure, even if you at start thought you won't.

The Painted Bird

Too much heavy content
Too be honest, you have to be a tough person or sado-maso to endure almost three hours torture. Those too much horrible scenes I haven't seen since Lordan Zafranovic's movies "Pad Italije" and "Okupacija u 26 slika". It is very difficult to look at some of them and even sometimes you will close your eyes, because you don't want to see a bad things. On the other hand, photography is perfectly done and it is the fact why you will stay to watch it.

Guest of Honour

The usual melodrama by Egoyan. He wanted to show something new, but he didn't. Some of the segments have already been seen before in his work. Also, there are disadvantages in his story as it is that the main character, Jim, had never visited the church, said by his daughter, and at the end there is a notice said by the priest that he was in, even it was maybe once, at one funeral. However, obviously it's present some kind of struggle in author's mind about bus drivers. I love that old "The Sweet Hereafter", but in it everything is so clear and in here, no. Not bad, but there are a few disadvantages which make this movie to be not arranged properly.

The Climb

The best friend is the best, forever!
The Climb is in some way a pessimistic looking at some friendships, but showing that the most important element in it can be just trustworthiness. Someone's best friend can be a cheater, but when you need him/her you can count on him/her without doubt. It is very refreshing American comedy and for sure you can enjoy in those 94 min with lot a laugh and music. If I may notice, the author adores French songs. Also, it is nice to see a dynamic camera movement and unforgettable is the scene where Kyle is performing a pole dance to the song "Lullaby". It's brilliant!

Honey Boy

Surprisingly good
I guess this is LaBeouf's the finest in his career, not only in acting but also in writing. It is surprisingly very well done. The scenes with Noah Jupe and FKA Twigs are unique and undeniably impressive in that son-father story. Director Alma Har'el did a great job, combining breathing views, music with magnificent three lead actors's performances.

Metri Shesh Va Nim

High-speed tempo
The beginning of the movie shows us how it will be till the end. Everything in it is excellent, fabulously done. This whole crime story about Iranian's social conditions, their bureaucratic and legal basis goes through high-speed of yelling, arguing and running. It is rare to see something like this in which one can conscientiously praise all the actors and actresses. Everyone is flawless! It's worth watching!

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet

The picture of wisdom and humanity
Jean-Pierre Jeunet knows how to make a good movie, sad and funny at the same time, but always at the end beautiful and smart, that we after watching it have in mind "Yes, everything is possible". The story is very strong and tell us that we have to change the way of thinking, to make every second of our lives beautiful, and not to let it to throw us into the deepest sadness and misery. It is the picture how can be wisdom and humanity viewed in USA territory, not only as we usually see from him, in France.

The Big Year

The Big YES!!!
I like this movie a lot!!! It has a good story, good moves, good acting, nice picture and wise humor!!! If I've missed something, it would be good to know what. :)


Pretty much offensive
It has a nice animation, but it is really offensive starting from that flag on Percy's sock, his British accent what drives us that the story probably is happening in some territory invaded and conquered by UK. By that, I don't like its screenplay.

A Good Day to Die Hard

American military took the threat of SSSR partisans?
It is funny how it is stupid. Chernobyl disaster?! Packed Uranium there, now? Come on!!! Where was your senses to gather a real information??? Where is the real McClane, where is his humor? Explosion in Chernobyl, now? Yeah, sure. :)))))

Atomic Blonde

Totally unrealistic
Extremely boring. I was expecting to see a normal action, but it is nothing. It is worse than being made by someone who doesn't know anything about making movies. I guess some games are much better and have some story, but this has nothing.

Knives Out

What a movie!!! :)
Outstanding story and fantastic cast!!! Everyone is perfectly good, especially Daniel Craig and that southern accent! He didn't move out, into his British, in any second. Totally wow!!! Chris Evans is out of his American Captain and has done his role charmingly great!!! It is good to see Don Johnson and if I may say, he looks the best of all. Jamie Lee Curtis as always is a lady. Toni Collette in every role surprisingly different and unique, as Michael Shannon also. Christopher Plummer whatever he is acting, he has that smart and insightful view. Ana de Armas fits into that role as it should be. What to tell more than it is worth every second and cent!!!

The Art of Self-Defense

I mean not metal, but more soft except in some scenes where we can see killings. I'm not Eisenberg's fan, but have to say that he is pretty much good and also, Nivola in role of Sensei, karate instructor, looks surprisingly interesting. However, the story isn't bad, it has some essential sense, but the end doesn't fit into it.

Einstein and Eddington

This movie is an insult to anyone who is the scientist or has some knowledge. Why these so called actors and actresses talk in British English? You think that Albert and Mileva between themselves talked like that? I just can't watch that movie where it isn't as it should be. Next time, those actors and actresses should learn German. In Berlin those German scientists, generals and industrialists for sure didn't speak English. Also, that writer has been written in that screenplay about gravity in some childish way without sense as it was some intention to be written for some idiots. Every scientist would be insulted by just hearing those lines and probably would immediately turn of tv or move to another channel.


Perfectly done!
At first sight I gave 10, but being close to the end of the movie I was thinking..."no, no 10, but 8", because I doubted how they could miss what was with Moon-gwang, and then the story mentioned what was with her and I moved back to 10. :) The whole concept is great, from the story, music and photography to acting and style. Next to that is there are many genres in one. Also, in several moments it drives you to think about many things how would you react, gives mockery and shows the human nature, essentially.

Sometimes Always Never

Still and clear photography!!!
It is a joy to watch it. First, because of its style of shooting and second, because of its clear and rich colors. It looks as an brilliant school art, designed precisely. On the other hand it is a good story, done in some traditional and emotional way, and who is playing in. Bill Nighy is as always excellent, elegant and charming.

Holmes & Watson

It was a ridiculously spending too much money for making a garbage. Probably the director/writer Cohen tried to mock tv show "Sherlock", especially for those mathematical geometrical shapes and counting answers, but it doesn't mean anything to us, viewers. Maybe the only acceptable part of the movie, which is a very small one, is that one where they are singing, but even the lines of that song aren't worth listening. So, the whole movie is nothing.

The Unorthodox

Great pictures of a different characters
This movie has a good rhythm of a camera's movement, including that the picture is great! The music written by Ophir Leibovitch is fantastic and gives that rhythm. It is amusing and gives us some view of the political world in Israel, how it was and how it is.


Shyamalan should consider rewriting the script and make a deep researching of comic-books and their characters. We don't see some connection between his 3 main characters, but at the end it seems that there is. Why then the name "Glass" if it isn't transparent in any angle?! During watching we don't know who is good and who is bad in it? Do we see killings or it is just our imagination that there were some, but not for real?! However, there are a several misses in the story, but as I already wrote, Mr. Shyamalan should think about rewriting the script. :/


I thought it will be a good one, but...
At the first sight it gave me some picture it will be the story as The Man and the Sea. After that appearance of Ann Hathaway in an ugly version of fake blonde drove me to thinking it will be a filthy sex. Even the scenes with McConaughey's naked bottom sent some doubt it will be there those dirty things, but no. It was so boring and empty that it wasn't worth watching. The conclusion at the end of the movie is that it is a simple story about father-son love.

Inherent Vice

Too long and no plot
I was expecting to see something worth my time, because it is Paul Thomas Anderson's work, but noooo. I tried to understand what is its plot, but during watching my interest has fallen. However, there are also many good actors and actresses, but unfortunately it came up that it is empty. It's going too long and I hardly endured till the end.

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