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The Keeping Hours

If you do not have a decent attention span this movie is not for you
I have been watching many different genres for years. I am pretty choosey with movies I love this is one of them. However this is not a fast paced movie, it takes time to develop the plot and characters both are fully fleshed out in this movie. If you have never been a reader or savory the plot developing at its own pace get back to your video games or short stories on youtube. I am not going to spoil the plot, but if you watched The Innocents then you understand organic stories and how they happen naturally and are not hasten to suit the Millenials taste in movies. Both Husband and wife are believable ,there is no over the top non-sense. You get a sense this can happen because there are no Jack in The box scares.I believe this movie is for more discerning taste.


Wow way better than I could imagine!
I was going to watch this so I could pass the time till I fell asleep.The beginning was a bit boring,if you have the capacity to get past this. this movie is really a lot deeper than first glance. I was shocked at the ending and sadden. I am not going to give away the story because if you have a decent attention span this movie is really good. If you are a YouTube watcher then you will not have the ability to allow the story to develop. I would say this is a black comedy. it was worth the watch


It is not often that I am moved to review a movie but this one made me. Although the Photography was beautiful and the acting was not half bad the story plot (if there was one) was beyond belief. There is no way one could minutely believe this movie, how it had such high rating makes me wonder what the IQ was of the people who gave this high marks or wrote this garbage. In order to like this movie you would more than have to suspend belief, The plot is utter madness. This movie is a prime example of why I have been driven to cast aside all Hollywood movies. The writing is atrocious there is no rhyme or reason to this .

This movie says absolutely nothing.It just goes to show no matter how much money you put into a piece of trash, it is still trash. Waste your time at your own peril. This was my last attempt to watch anything made by the brainless Hollywood bunch.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Where are the actors?
OH dear where to begin. Let us start with the wooden acting that was so awful I have seen better 7th grade school plays. The lead hunk was super handsome but if he is that bad in bed I bet he is single and not ready to mingle.

Bad Writing, Bad direction, and just plain cringe-worthy acting. It was uncomfortable to watch after a while.

In situations where people would be, terrified they were moderately annoyed. I could not buy into any of the feelings and could not connect with any actor. There is Zero urgency in a move that is about an apocalyptical situation.

I would write more but I am not sure of the point. I waited for a sequel since the first IDD...I am more than disappointed.


Story Driven as opposed to high tech BS
If you love stories that are driven by character development and story then this is your kind of film. Real old fashion story telling that takes some time to develop people you care about.

While the story was slow, that was to develop people who you can connect with and care about. This is something that is sorely missing in the year 2016, the last good film I saw written or that came to the screen was Monster Money.

If you want false and bang with lots of CGI then this is not for you. your way of thinking and enjoying a story will depend on how you feel about the movie.

The acting was superb, I actually was swept away by the acting and story losing track of time.

If you loved Deadpool, this may not be the story for you. although I did love Deadpool as well. but this is purely story driven.

Unhappy Birthday

Slow paced but well worth the wait
I am not going to write a very long review but, what I am going to write is that while it is indeed a strange movie the acting is above par. and the camera work is beautifully done. The movie comes off as professional and not cheesy. I gave it a 10 because it was well worth my time spent viewing it. but you have to be of the mind that does not have to be satisfied very quickly, some adults are like children and must have the pay-off right then and there and cannot wait this is not a movie for those of that mind set.

This movie is slow paced and builds to the end which I did not expect.I was slowly drawn into the movie by the clever writing and great acting. I forgot I was watching a movie at some point and felt more like a voyeuristic peeping tom watching some persons personal tragedy unfolding before my eyes.

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