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A worthy entry to the 'Death Camp' genre.
Most Russian movies concerning WW2 are pretty reliable (and certainly watchable), although they seem to be riddled with propaganda and as 'Sobibor' does, depicts all the Germans as as murdering, cartoonish sadists . This is a shame really as they themselves, have so much more right to churn out these films than any other nation.

American Conjuring

Another horror that makes a noise and quickly disappears.
Seriously if I did not note note and record the films I watch, I'd totally forget about films such as American Conjuring. It's obviously a poor cash in on the successful Conjuring movies and this has nothing new really to bring to the table.

Cruel Will

Started with some promise.
This film started off quite well with a decent shocking scene but it soon went downhill fast. Some of the cast were half good, whilst one seemed to have no acting ability at all. The story was pretty routine and a pretty much below average production.


A classic example of the monster at large genre.
Jaws opens with one of the most dynamic and terrifying scenes. Really starts in a chilling fashion and can't really hold up to the first 10 minutes of the movie. Still with a cranky model of a Great White shark (that sometimes didn't work) and some first class acting performances, this proved to be such a sensational blockbuster. To cap it all was that truly haunting music by John Williams and some first rate one-liners.


Watched the horrid dubbed version.
Would really love to see this one in the original Russian language, instead of those awfully dubbed American voices but this Eastern Front, War Film, also suffers from some substandard C.G.I effects. The tank battles and action are well handled but feel this could have been a real epic, if it only had a bigger budget to reflect some of the most ferocious fighting.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

A highly polished animation.
These type of animated films come and go with such regularity, they are difficult to keep track of and review. They also tend to rely mostly on the voices of the stars they can attract (for the voice overs). Sindbad has no less than Brad Pit and fans of this particular genre, should be pretty much satisfied with the final product.

Olympic Dreams

A sensitive, romantic drama.
Though this type of movie is not really my cup of tea, I found it strangely appealing and filmed completely inside an Olympic village (which was a bit different). The main story concerns a young Olympian girl (who is the sole competitor from Armenia) and an awkward romance with a much older Olympic dentist. I can understand why some would love it and others not take to it at all. Despite the awful title, I'm really pleased to have seen it.


Accurate in some respects but fantastic in others.
This film let itself down in the end but was the first U.S war film Iv'e ever seen depicting the reality, that American soldiers were mostly mopping up Hitler Youth fanatics. Also showing that U.S troops were capable of atrocities, just like any other combatant (from other nations). The best part of the movie was seeing a real legendary Tiger Tank in Action. The one that is used in this movie (the only working one in the World), is Tiger 131 (housed at Bovington Tank Museum). Obviously in real warfare it would have smashed those American tanks to a zillion pieces. The ratio of Tiger to Sherman K.O's is 14 to 1. One Tiger knocked out 50 T-34's on the Eastern Front. The ending is the most fantastical war scene I ever seen. All of a sudden 'Fury' turns into Star Wars but way less believable. How do 100's of Waffen SS soldiers fail to beat a a severely crippled tank. It's highly unlikely that they would have been there at the end of the war (singing along a road). The SS committed beastly war crimes (true) but they were also crack combat troopers. My 10 year old boy stated the pure obvious.! "Why the hell did they not fire the boxes of 'Panzerfausts' they had at hand!" I'm sure everyone apart from the Director, was thinking the very same absurdity. Still there is more to like than dislike, so settling on a 7 rating.

Inside Out

A funny, touching Disney Pixar.
A good little animated movie that takes many of the modern techniques of computerized animation and shows them off to full effect. It's a nice little story to and a family film of top quality. Many children's pictures come and go but this one will sure be remembered as one of the better ones and stand the test of time.

Mou seung

A throw back to the glory of H.K thrillers.
'Project Gutenberg' is a wonderful throw back to the heady days of the H.K action, thriller, which of course made Chow Yun Fat a major superstar. This modern version of those 80's John Woo classics, is both exciting and vital; though unfortunately only in select parts. I found the story overtly complex and there were just too many plot twists (for my liking); that in the end I welcomed the concluding finale.

Kill List

Wake up and take a joy ride to hell!
I love both music and film that threaten to cross pollinate genres and this is exactly what makes 'Kill List' both special and unique. Without ruining the plot the first half plays like a gritty underground crime drama. I mean if it just stayed loyal to its guns, it would have been more than a worthy, most satisfying effort. After re-visiting this one a second time, there are many subtle details that I missed (along the way), so I thoroughly recommend a second viewing in the not too distant future. The first (a year ago) just left me shell shocked! It's a powerful and at times, gut wrenching experience. The violence is just about what you expect of any hard Brit Gangster movie, though it never falls into the trappings of Exploitation. What 'Kill List' represents is your very worst nightmare and what is more frightening, is "bad people" really exist in the darkest forms of society.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

A well crafted family adventure.
The 2017 addition to the 'Jumanji' franchise.is pretty good whilst breaking ground in the special effects department. The set of actors are cleverly cast and the movie is well balanced between comedy and action scenes. Not really my type of movie but it's fun in parts and understandably popular.

Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N.

Light as a feather, Walt Disney offering.
Another very enjoyable but light as a feather, Disney movie. Dick Van Dyke is very capable in this type of role, it's all high energy and feel good stuff. This type of picture has almost died a death (in modern times) but not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Strange to think that this was filmed on the USS Kitty Hawk, an Aircraft Carrier destined for the Vietnam War.

Million Dollar Baby

A disturbing drama about the highs and lows of boxing.
This is a very accomplished picture (directed by Eastwood) about the fight game but one that is troublesome and without giving too much away, truly disturbing (In fact so much so, I don't think I'll be revisiting this one). Such films to me are way more scary than any horror movie and total respect for anyone (man or women) brave enough to climb through the ropes. Life can't get much darker than this so make sure you are in a high spirited mood before watching.


An epic movie that deserves way more appreciation.
I personally really liked this movie. It's good old fashioned entertainment, coupled with some truly well handled action scenes. Would look even more impressive on the big screen. Unfortunately for some reason was rather overlooked and the exhilarating horse racing scenes, are just brilliant. Not sure why the cinematic public didn't take to this one but it's an exciting adventure for sure.

The Parent Trap

An enjoyable family film, from the house of Disney.
'The Parent Trap' is almost typical of the 50's/60's output from Disney Studios. Apart from the much better known, animated classics, these light hearted features were all about innocence and fun. It's acted with energy and conviction, whilst being a million miles away, from the awful Star Wars movies churned out today.

Beau Hunks

A classic short that inspired 'Son's of the Desert'.
The harsh reality, concerning the infamous French Foreign Legion, would not seem an obvious choice for a comedy but both (this 37 minute short) 'Beau Hunks' and the full length feature 'Son's of the Desert' (which came out two years later), were two of their very finest. In fact this former hilarious episode was a favourite of Producer Hal Roach.

Our Wife

At the height of their game.
A very funny Laurel and Hardy short film, with both on good form. The visual gags come thick and fast and the topic of love and romance, coupled with a bungled attempt at eloping, was a typical and much loved theme. There unique brand of comedy (and after all the years) never seems dated or tired.


Does not raise the intensity or pulse rate.
This is quite a routine sports picture and not many outside of athletics would be too excited about the story. The drama is fairly straightforward without making too many waves but it does showcase the absolute dedication, to be a success and how even the very best can be led down the wrong path. In a movie concerning Jamaican sprinting, the only highlight was a cameo appearance, by the legendary Usain Bolt.


Excellent addition to the 'Nam' genre of 'War Film'.
A great performance by Colin Farrel, gives 'Tigerland' the edge on many a 'War' movie and recently they seem to be churned out by the two dozen. So many modern conflicts (now history) converted into stories, that seem to just make a noise and quickly disappear. With some previous classics dealing with the madness of Vietnam, this fairly recent entry (2000), is right up there and close to the very finest. If there is to be any comparison made, it plays out like the first half of 'Full Metal Jacket', and which should be taken as a high recommendation.

Beyond the River

Not just another, sports achievement movie.
Whilst most sports movies make for fairly tedious viewing, 'Beyond the River' gives you so much more. It's more of a case of the 'haves and the have not's' and concerns a poor black man from Soweto, teaming up with a middle class white dude from 'Joburg'. Though they both have terrible problems in their lives, they compete as a double act, in the most grueling (long distance) canoe races.

The Little Stranger

Underrated, haunted house chiller.
Can't fathom the lower rated scores on IMDb as I certainly found this obscure horror, very worthy indeed. It was creepy, atmospheric and with many twists and turns in the richly devised plot. At worst it's certainly not going to make any big waves but on the other hand it's not too far behind 'The Woman in Black', in the terms of both quality and direction.

The Rainmaker

A good film but rather a dated outing.
I love Burt Lancaster and think he's one of the all time greats, if not the very greatest. There is lots to enjoy in his performance as a Western quack called Starbuck but as a complete film I found it a bit dated and truly stuck in the (50's) decade it was produced. Maybe that is a good, endearing quality and in a different frame of mind, might have rated it higher. This for me though is not vintage Lancaster.

Sweeney Todd

I forgot how good Ray Winstone actually is.
'Sweeney Todd' is a nice little T.V movie. An awesome British production that brings to life that ghastly 'Penny Dreadful' story of the 'Demon Barbour of Fleet Street'. Also with a solid supporting cast, which includes a rather wonderful performance by David Warner but It's Ray Winstone himself, that is perfectly cast in the chilling central role. By the end you have great empathy with Todd and even (to some extent) his motive to kill.

The Quiet Man

A John Ford/Wayne romance for the Irish.
It's certainly worth viewing and gives you a real sense of what life was like post War Ireland. For me the best, stand out scene was a traditional cross country horse race (which I'd never seen before), although the hulking Wayne would have been a highly unlikely jockey. The rest is kind of like a U.S love letter to their promised land but it's all innocent and beautifully shot. John. W, gets to show his (almost) sensitive side and lovers of John Ford will rate it highly.

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