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Surprisingly good....
Dustin Hoffman directs this feel-good film with all British actors and does an amazingly sterling job.

The Night My Number Came Up

A not so minor classic....
The Night my Number Came Up is an absorbing film keeping you wondering the next scene. Splendid entertainment from the Brits.

The Lady Gambles

Well done film noirish
An expected good performance by Barbara Stanwyck and equally good performances by Robert Preston & Stephen McNally make this film nourish story enjoyable to watch

The Grass Is Greener

A rewarding Intelligent film
A clever sophisticated script with double meaning dialogues make this film so very enjoyable. The first 20 minutes are rather slow, but soon enough it picks up momentum Grant, Kerr and Simmons are great as expected. Mitchum is miscast.

5 Flights Up

Sweet and warm....
Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton make this simple story engaging, warm and sweet

The Female Animal

A very à propos title.....
Mother and daughter fall for the same guy.... Set in Hollywood, lavish black & white CinemaScope. Hedy Lamar's final movie; Jane Powell neither sings nor dances sin this film. It's an OK melo to watch

Going My Way

I just watched "Going my Way" that i hadn't seen in dozens years.... and what a treat it was. It's a heart warming film any which way you look at it. Barry Fitzgerald should have won the leading actor Oscar instead of supporting actor.


Lacks Zing
Joseph Gordon Levitt gives a reasonably good performance as the co-pilot, however the pace of the film is slow and at times boring. The story is predictable of course.

The Price of Fear

Good film noir
The Price of Fear is a good film noir story, pretty well paced.and well acted by all except for Lex Barker who should have instead stuck to playing Tarzan and foreign films

State and Main

The root of all evil....
State and Main is a very good and entertains film from several points of view. One of the points is "money". Splendid performances by a stellar cast

The Trip to Greece

Extraordinary road film....
The Trip to Greece has several stunning off the beaten path locales and avoids touristy spots even if important - such as the Acropolis. In addition this film is also quite entertaining. It's well worth a watch.

Sex and the Single Girl

Good cast but not good enough script
Sex and the Single Girl has a few good moments. Some scenes could need shortening and the ending chase scene is too awkward.

The Wrong Missy

Unrefined and crude comedy
Did so much crudeness seem to be funny to the director? The Wrong Missy would have been funny if polished

Woman Times Seven

I usually love vignettes, but.....
Shirley MacLaine gives an expected good performance of the seven women she portrays. The basic story of the 7 vignettes could have been made more entertaining if the film was directed by another director....


I invited a couple of friends over to watch "Capone" with Tom Hardy. We first watched a couple of Tom & Jerry cartoons, and finally the main feature, " Capone". We all o n l y loved the cartoons.....


Unpleasant blatant sex scenes degrade "Hollywood"
Set during the Golden Age of Cinema , "Hollywood" is a pretty good fictional story despite the very unpleasant-to-watch blatant sexual scenes. I wonder what Rock Hudson would have to say if he would see this mini series.....


Expected more....
I expected more of this great director's bio and not just his frustrations on Casablanca.

5 Against the House

Pretty good B movie
This heist movie is pretty good for a B movie. Kim Novak is lovely in her first starring role.


Violence and gore galore....
Loud, senseless, cheap feeble story with extreme violence and innumerable body counts.

Time Limit

Superb intelligent dialogue and powerful brilliant performances make this film exciting throughout. Time Limit should belong in everyone's movie collection of great films

Judgment in Berlin

Enjoyable, but....
Judgement in Berlin is not a great movie, but it is enjoyable to watch even if flag waving. Splendid performances by Sam Wanamaker and Martin Sheen as well by a young Sean Penn.

The Beginning or the End

A post WWII propaganda film
"The Beginning or the End" is a tense, well-acted, fascinating document on the development of the atomic bomb.

While the City Sleeps

Do NOT miss this excellent film noir
An interesting story with twists, a really outstanding cast make this Fritz Lang film a must-watch

Fantasy Island

Serves me right....
.... for assuming that this was a remake of the 70s TV show! It's a horror film, and not a good one !

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

A very charming comedy
Here Comes Mr. Jordan is a very charming comedy that holds well to this day. Oscar nominated James Gleason is superb, as are veterans Edward Everett Horton and Donald MacBride supporting Rober Montgomery and Claudes Rains. This 1941 original version is so much better than the pretty good 1978 remake Heaven Can Wait with Warren Beatty

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