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Predictable and unexciting
I was kinda looking forward to this one, because I like my superhero movies a bit darker in tone and the trailer made it seem that way. That is unfortunately not what I got. I can't figure out why they couldn't turn this source material into a R-rated movie. One must really difference itself from Marvel and DC to to make it in this business. It can work, just look at 'Deadpool' and 'Logan'. Me personally would have used 'Brawl in Cell Block 99' as a source of inspiration - a movie with lot of black humor, violence and gore. In right hands, I believe this mix could have been a success.

'Bloodshot' is not offensively bad, but also does nothing interesting to keep my eyes focused on the screen.

Brawl in Cell Block 99

Simple, brutal and over the top story that hits you like a punch in the stomach.

Call Me by Your Name

Beautiful coming-of-age story
Some directors really know how to create a distinct mood and Luca Guadagnino seems to know how to do that. He has made a movie that feels incredibly authentic and this is is largely due to the brilliant acting by the whole cast.

The King

The King of Netflix movies
My god, what a well made Netflix film - Enjoyed every second of it. Based loosely on the works of Shakespeare, 'The King' has both drama and nail-biting action. It stars Timothée Chalamet who really deserved a Oscar nomination for his performance, but the supporting cast where brilliant as-well.


See it for the acting if nothing else!
Interesting enough story, but it is the acting by the three main actors that really stands out.

The Lobster

An odd, yet interesting little movie
An odd, yet interesting little movie with brilliant story and strong performances. Liked it way more than I thought I would and I'm sure I will like it even more after a second viewing.

M - Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder

Years ahead of its time
Years ahead of its time when it comes to cinematography and storytelling. A bit too slow-moving for my taste, but great in so many other levels that it didn't bother me too much. The performance by Peter Lorre was really memorable - I must make sure to watch more movies with him.

Bohemian Rhapsody

What a huge disappointment
As a big fan of Freddie Mercury and Queen, this movie let me down in a big way. You couldn't do a more boring movie about a band with the most colorful lead singer of all time. I was hoping for a lot more depth to the characters and a much more raw take on the history. I'm also one of few people who thought that Rami Malek's performance was really annoying.

The Irishman

It's almost breaking my heart when I say this, that it's a pretty forgettable gangster flick by the legendary Martin Scorsese. Fist off, the run-time of the movie feels really long and that's never a good sign. Secondly, the 'de-ageing' gimmick is just too irritating - The technology is just not here jet. Finally, the actors where too old to pull it off. It really feels that this film is made 20 years too late. Watch 'Goodfellas' or 'Casino' instead if you haven't seen them.


One of the best war movies
'1917' brings something new to the table as far as war movies go. Its gripping story is filmed in a very interesting way that really elevates the viewing experience and the cinematography really deserved the Oscar it got. The score by Thomas Newman is masterful as-well - Already a classic in my book. There are also plenty of epic scenes that stick with you long after the credits roll. With all that said it's not a perfect movie. I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat the whole way trough, like I thought I would. Maybe a few slow parts too many for my taste, but it was never boring like some people say. It's still one of the best war movies I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of them. Really glad there is still some quality movies coming out of Hollywood these days.

I, Tonya

Too flashy
The movie was just okay. Not really my kind of storytelling - All flash and not that much of substance. Would have worked better as full-on drama.

Darkest Hour

Expected more
It's remarkable how one man alone can carry a whole movie on his shoulders. Not that the movie was bad, the history just wasn't told in a very interesting way.

The Theory of Everything

Brilliant performances
The absolutely brilliant performances by Redmayne and Jones save this romantic drama based on the memoir by Jane Hawking from being mediocre - I definitely enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Still Alice

Depressing and uplifting at the same time
'Still Alice' is both depressing and uplifting at the same time. It does a good job showing us how it is to live with the Alzheimer's disease.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

'The Last Jedi' did too much damage
A big thanks to Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley for getting me trough this new trilogy. Not that it felt like a trilogy or a complete story arc. 'The Last Jedi' did just too much damage for anyone to fix it. But hiring the guy who wrote the screenplay for Batman v Superman wasn't helping either.

The Danish Girl

Glad she won the Oscar
Would not have been as emotional without the performance by Alicia Vikander. It is she who makes this movie memorable for me and all teary-eyed at the very end. I'm glad she won the Oscar for it.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Great dialogue and acting
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It's surprisingly entertaining all the way through and all the main actors are really good in it. Great dialogue as well.

La Môme

Take the time and enjoy her performance!
The film feels too long and melodramatic, but Marion Cotillard's performance is so brilliant that it doesn't even matter.


One of Pixar's best!
There are some movies by other companies that have that special Pixar charm, but you can't beat a "real" Pixar movie made by the right people. Ratatouille is not only one of 2007's best films, it's also one of Pixar's best. It is beautiful to look at and has a good message behind it as-well.


Unnecessary, but good
A kind of a unnecessary movie, because there is already a brilliant documentary 'Citizenfour' by Laura Poitras which tells the same story, but better. Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a good performance though.

Taxi to the Dark Side

Important documentary!
Not easy to watch, but something you have to watch.

Take Shelter

Nearly a "perfect storm" in film-making
You can feel the care and effort put into the making of this movie. Watching it all culminating into a nearly perfect storm leaves you thinking about it for long time after the credits roll.

Black Panther

Good world-building...
Good world-building and character development in this entry to the MCU, including a morally complex villain. The biggest negative here is the uneven use of CGI.

The Neon Demon

Very difficult to rate
Enjoyed the weirdness, but not quite sure If I'd recommend it. Very difficult to rate.

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Destroys the mythology
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think Lucas had made a better job with the sequels. Well at least he knows the mythology - this pretty much destroys it.

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