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It Follows

One of the Best actual horror movies
It Follows is an instant classic that shows us a great horror film with a different and interesting to teens Classic Movies visual proposal.

This film takes us to the eighties horror movie, where teenagers are the protagonists and where sexuality was the main motive to be the next victim. This is where sex appear like main topic, but no longer the taboo of the time but a constant reminder of the dangers of unprotected sex, being here not AIDS or other venereal disease the enemy if not a paranormal entity who harass his victim to rip it.

Aesthetics and visual proposal leaves the conventional, it is purposeful and enriches each frame and plot of the movie, this and retro music composition accompanied by accentuating the eighties climate gives us an excellent mix of classic and contemporary.

Another great successes is that the performances are quite credible, leaving behind the cliché overplayed classic horror film, the characters have a history and personality, each is developed and well played, making you get involved in the film and points voltage become more intense as the film progresses.

It's definitely one of the best actual horror movies, without major scares with sounds or exaggerated appearances meaningless, but good management care suspense and tension.

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