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Jack and Mike: Pilot
Episode 1, Season 1

Not good not bad!
Another cheap video i bought was Jack&Mike. The story is about a journalist who works for the Chicago Mirror. She gets involved in a rape-case where an innocent man is found guilty. Jackie is doing het best to find the real rapist!. Average film with Shelley Hack, Tom Mason and a small part for Dennis Farina. There is also a TV-series with the same title Jack&Mike!!

The Temp

Predictable but good fun for 50 eurocents!!
I found this video in an ex-rental shop, i had never heard of it and bought it for 50 eurocents. When i came home and searched on how people voted for this film. The average vote was not encouraging so i left it on the shelf for months. When i decided to watch it, it was surprisingly good. Not a classic and sometimes very predictable, but never dull. Good performances by the leading characters, especially Laura Flynn Boyle and Faye Dunaway. I rate this film 8 out 0f 10.

New Wave Hookers

what a mess!!
I remember watching this film in the eighties as a teenager. But i wanted to see it again, because Traci Lords is now earning a living as a "serious actor". What the hell was going on in the eighties? This is a really bad film with bad taste and bad actors. Definitely a waste of money.

Hitting Home

a real gem!
I found this video in a secondhandshop and i paid less than a dollar for it. What a positive surprise. This is a great film. Great acting and a great story. Especially for those people who have kids, this film will really take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. Normally i'm not really into TV films but this one is a gem. A must see!

Rough Draft

Vosloo surprised me.
Well what can i say about a movie with so many cliches. I bought ex-rental video because i collect Michael Madsen films. When i watched it i was very dissapointed with the acting. Especially Gary Busey was so terrible. Michael's performance wasn't too good either. The only actor that did surprise me was Arnold Vosloo(also known from"the mummy"). He plays a very disturbed man who has it in for brunettes. Unfortunately for Vosloo, the storyline is so predictable and boring. In another serialkiller movie who could have been very special. I expect that Arnold Vosloo could appear in similar films, hopefully with a better script.

Movin' with Nancy

very sixties
I bought this dvd for my dad as he is a devoted Dean Martin fan. Dean Martin sings one or two songs on this show. But what really surprised me was the stunning performance of Nancy Sinatra. This dvd really has some great songs. Everything is filmed in that typical 60's style with a bit of psychedelic atmosphere. Great to watch and a must buy for Nancy fans.

Author! Author!

pacino saves this film
Not the best of Al Pacino's films but certainly worth watching as he gives a very convincing performance.(what else can you expect of one of the two greatest actors ever)Pacino has to do it on his own though. The story is not really catching and his fellow actors are rather boring. A must see though just because of Pacino's play.

That's My Boy

very funny
This is a very funny Martin & Lewis classic. D eano plays the popular American footballplayer and Lewis is quite enjoyable as the classic clown. Although not as good as Laurel & Hardy, still very good entertainment after 50 years.

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

great performance by leigh taylor-young
As a DeNiro fan i watched this film. But Leigh Taylor-Young stole my heart with her very natural way of acting. There was not a great storyline but it was good entertainment. It was fun to see Bobbie DeNiro as a priest. Later in his career he would play more spiritual roles in True Confessions, We're no Angels and Sleepers.

Bloody Mama

Daring movie
In this 70's film, a lot of todays society problems are investigated. Drugtaking, booze problems, violence, incest and betrayal all in one movie. For me it was very surprising to see that all these topics were on show in this special film. I think it's impossible to make a similar film nowadays. The late 60's and early 70's were much more liberal than the last decades. Very convincing roles by Robert DeNiro and Shelley Winters. As good as "Bonnie and Clyde"

Sam's Song

average, but not that bad!!
When i saw this movie, i had to get used to a younger Robert de Niro, although his part wasn't big he always convinces me. Although it was certainly not a classic, it was certainly not that bad.

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