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Jonathan Creek

An excellent British comedy drama
Jonathan Creek is an excellent British Television series - all about mystery and the why's and how's. It was written by the great, David Renwick, who wrote One Foot in the Grave and like that he manages to make unlikely scenarios very believable! Full of comedy - this is true classic Renwick humour and true classic British humour.

Creek is a laid back unassuming man, who is the clever mind behind a magician's illusions. His friend, Maddie is an investigative journalist who seems to walk into mysteries, persuading Creek to work it out for her. The part of Jonathan Creek is played by the well known stand up comedian, Alan Davies, who can be seen in the quiz show QI and Maddie is played by another well know comedian, Caroline Quentin. This makes very clever TV with some very clever plots and mysteries.

Well worth watching this programme on one of the repeat channels or buying on DVD -you'll love it.

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