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Inside No. 9

Mostly brilliant
First thing I will say is that Shearsmith and Pembertons writing for this series is on the whole excellent, clever, dark, witty and emotional.

The writers and actors of League of Gentleman reunite for this series to write and act.

Each episode is a separate story with only one connection location No9.

There are some truly brilliant episodes and some that fall a bit flat but overall they are all worth watching.

The acting can swing from slapstick romp to serious stuff although Pemberton I do struggle to watch in the more serious roles as he has a comedic look.

Shearsmsith on the other hand I find much better with the serious roles and I think they both know this and pick their spots accordingly.

Luckily they are helped out by a fantastic supporting cast that is different each episode. There is some great acting talent within these episodes obviously drawn in by good writing and story's.

I guess my only gripe would be some of the situations/episodes, i feel are remnants of the pairs younger days from notebooks of yonder ( specifically the 80s ) some jokes or references can seem a bit dated.

What the show doesn't lack is a sharp clever approach to story telling for which I can only applaud and say Bravo !!

Bienvenidos a Edén

The Cult of Eden
Well I'll start with the review by saying this series contains Lesbian sex, Gay sex, straight sex and sex between a guy and a Transgender female.

Its less graphic however than say Game of Thrones or other TV shows containing sex and much of it is kissing and implied sex.

I guess they were trying to show the hedonistic side of the island and its inhabitants although there are also emotions at the core.

Now thats out of the way is it any good ??

I can say its beautifully shot at a great location, however the pacing and storytelling falls short and by the end we are no nearer to a resolution, so avoid if this may Irk you.

It feels like they are setting up for a second season but i felt there was too much of very little and not enough depth.

The ideology of manipulation within Cults was well done albeit slow and meandering, however, by the end you could see the holes and cracks in the veneer. This was just careless writing and a weak structure.

The scope for a good show was there but it ultimately falls down. Its a Spanish show and like many spanish shows they do like a good cliffhanger at the end of every episode. It does get tiring...

I think without the fantastic cinematography, landscape and some decent performances from the cast it would be a 4 or 5.

You could easily cut this series in half and still feature the entire story and character plots.

I have a feeling the final 2 episodes were cut so they could lead into a series 2 which is infuriating in my mind.

Ive given it a generous 6.

The Batman

The Dark Dark Dark Knight
Watched The Batman last night.

They should have called it the Dark Dark Dark Knight.

It was a film noir take on a super hero movie. Seven meets Davinci Code meets Batman.

We are now 20 years on from the events of Joker ( although there seemed to be no tie in to that film )

Bruce Wayne is about 2 years into his role as Batman, there is no mention of how this came to be but we have seen that many times before. His relationship with Alfred is bratty and salty. This is a wealthy molly coddled Bruce Wayne who we rarely get to see and when we do he seems to be hiding himself, making very few but elusive public appearances.

Detective Batman does little detective work but instead follows a series of riddles which he solves at Robert Langdon all knowing speed while the actual police stare confused at the whole situation

It would be possible to cut an hour out of the film and it would make little difference to the overall plot. Unlike Seven however the rain and darkness just fuzzed things up rather than create great art direction.

The casting of Robert Pattinson was fine but he was very underused outside wearing his bulked up suit.

Kravitz made a good Catwoman although her story Arc was all over the place. This was for me poor writing or poor editing, like they cut out a huge portion. ( Probably due to using an unknown actress as her best friend ) I read a few reviews saying Catwoman was a lesbian ?? There is no indication of this at all though, the complete opposite in fact.

Farrel made an unrecognisable stint as the Penguin at first I thought it was DeNiro... He was probably one of the better characters.

Dano as the Riddler was again underused, and seemed to me to more resemble Scarecrow in his mask.

Turturo didn't cone across that great as crime boss Falcone although he did capture that slimy type though.

Serkis played a bit part and again was underused.

Having said that looking past its very slow pace and meandering art direction its an interesting and decent take on a Batman film, its the anti thesis to the Burton Batman.

It pales in comparison to Joker though which was dark but was overall a more meaningful and interesting film

The story of corruption was the heart and soul of the film and I ended up siding with the Riddler for the most part.

The lack of clear resolution at its end left it all a bit empty and ultimately pointless. A very brief Joker cameo seemed to be a cheap way of adding some madness to the occasion signaling a sequel.

The darkness ended up becoming an even greater dark void by the time the credits were rolling.

Im not sure Id go back to watching it again although the thought of a sequel doesn't pain me either.

6.5/10 for me, too much filler not enough at its core.

Hard Cell

Falls flat
It tries to be The Office set in a womans prison. There are some decent moments but most of it falls flat and at times into the ridiculously unfunny.

Too many of Catherine Tates characters look too similar for it to work effectively.

The male guard she plays is the exception that stands out and is a decent character the rest are just fluff and a bit pointless.

A lot of the humour is dated with a few forced exceptions.

The majority of the prisoners seem to be there as childish background entertainment and for overall mockery.

The Ex Eastenders star there to produce an in prison version of West Side story is again more fodder for silly and cheap humour.

Its about 20 years too late and even then it would be average at best.

You know things are getting desperate when you need to use a lot of toilet humour.

If your bored and want a few cheap chuckles give it a go but I was expecting better from Catherine Tate if Im honest.

5/10 at a push.


Its Lord of the Flies in space
The title says it all really its not verbatim and there are differences.

Very early we learn humanity breeds children for a mission to leave Earth and find a new home.

They are bred and raised isolated away from social structures and are medically sedated, probably through some sort of hormonal inhibitor.

If you have read lord of the flies then you probaby know what comes next, if you havn't then enjoy it for what it is.

Visually its pretty great and the soundtrack is decent, it all fits.

There are a few flaws in the whole ideology of this mission which make you wish extra care and time was taken to tighten up the script.

Not sure why some of the reviews are so low or really high. Its not awful nor groundbreaking its middling entertainment and a decent enough watch.

Most of the young cast do a good job although at times there is a bit too much dramatic overacting.

Overall a 6/10.

The Most Reluctant Convert

C.S.Lewis the unfinished story
Ill start with the film and end with why I feel I was a bit cheated by this production.

C. S. Lewis the atheist finds solace within Christianity a faith of which I admire a lot.

The film depicts his changing thought process based in the Christian ideals and how he applies this to his writing.

I grew up reading all his books many times except one which I read once but I'll come to that later.

As a film and production its a TV movie much in the style of a BBC production so not cheap American plastic but not expertly done either.

Its a thoughtful film about the life and the mind of C. S. Lewis so it meanders along with nice backdrops and if your a fan of the books it creates a nice back drop or back story to the man behind the books.

The acting is so so, the score is average.

The story misses out so much though, the story is written from a purely Christian perspective. Even when they try and present this delicately its still heavy handed.

Basically it tells us how he got to the stage of him writing these classic and brilliant children's stories which are basically biblical in nature.

Its all black and white, he is an atheist and has struggles, he takes on Christianity he reads and learns and writes and produces classic books.

What we don't see is his true dark side or the dark side he is escaping from, his manic depression, his anxiety and many other psychological issues he dealt with.

The biggest flaw for me is the film does not continue through his writing career,from that joyous high of discovery and writing his earlier books to the very dark place he ended up in.

This brings me onto the aforementioned point earlier, by the time C. S. Lewis wrote The Last Battle he had succumbed to the same problems he started with. Along his journey of faith and enlightenment he lost that faith and slowly created worlds that became more brutal, more cynical and less based on faith.

This culminates in The Last Battle, the book I have only read once and never want to go back to. It was a book about his loss of hope his loss of faith and the end of everything.

A true C. S. Lewis film/biography would choose to explore all of this rather than just take the happy enlightenment.

If a Christian based production could pull that off and explain it and give us hope and a way of dealing with that then this would be a triumph.

Instead we are presented with a fairly slow endorphin high that fails to take into account his slow and morose endorphin low.

I still reread all his books every few years but like this film that I won't watch again. I will never reread The Last Battle, Ill leave that as a memory of a 14 yr old and pretend it never happened. If only.....

The Bubble

A hot mess
If you fancy a bit of escapism during these hard times then you have come to the right place. This is a pretty silly but amusing comedy about a movie production during Covid.

I'm not going to lie, the film is a bit all over the place, the pacing is either super fast or super slow and at times it seems like its going on forever. The film they are filming is silly and I guess this is what you might call a parody of the industry and Hollywood.

There are also a ton of Cameos, as expected from an Apatow film, this is however one of the less structured Apatow comedy's out there.

Strangely enough Leslie Mann is in this film...... who would have thought Eh. Whats that ???? Iris Apatow is in this film as well. Surely she plays the daughter of Leslie Manns character ( just like in real life ) !!! No..... she doesn't., She plays the young Tik Tok star. Dennis Hoppers daughter Galen makes her screen debut in possibly one of the most pointless characters ever but she was fine I guess.

Both David Duchovny and Pedro Pascal looked hungover all the way through this film, which is fine as they were playing characters who were mainly hungover.

I like Karen Gillan and her character is fine, slightly dull, again often looked tired or hungover. The feeling I got is that the cast this during lockdown about filming during lockdown and just had a laugh making it under similar conditions the film was trying to portray.

It was all very tongue in cheek and often seemed quite ad-libbed.

I don't remember seeing Apatow in a cameo ?

At times the film has some laugh out loud moments, some mildly amusing moments, Silly moments and then some really missed the mark moments. You began to wonder where its all heading and kind of switch of a little but something keeps pulling you back into this ridiculous situation.

Its nothing ground breaking but it was fairly unique and a fun concept.

I should really be marking this a 6 but I got hooked in and enjoyed it so its a 6.5 or 7.

The Kitchen

Decent Mob Dramady
I caught this on Netflix recently so nearly 3 years since its release.

The film takes on the premise that when the mobster husbands go to prison the wives take over.

The film presents this overall as neither positive or negative but sets of a chain of reactions that are mostly negative.

The abused become the abusers...

Overall the film is produced and presented brilliantly as its set in the late 70s in Hells Kitchen NYC.

Apparently its based on a comic book but there is nothing really comical about this.

There are some hit and miss moments and at times it loses its tension for more light entertainment vibe. There is a bit of a twist that is not followed through to its full potential and there are a few unresolved issues in a situation the borders close to absurdity.

However its a well acted and presented film thats worth watching and provides entertainment and a bit of shock value.


Space Force

This review is for Season 2
Season 1 I rate an 8 or 9, it showed the ridiculousness of the concept of Space Force and Donald Trump.

More importantly it showed Space and implied a military theme to the Space Force. Season 1 looked at ridiculous situations which is what made it funny.

Season 2 however has taken all that away, Barely any Space or science or military, no Trump jokes and not much to laugh at.

It instead is more about relationships of the various people at Space Force and other follies such as Budget Cuts and Advertising which you can position against virtually any type of organisation.

What we end up with is something more akin to the office but without the hilarity focusing more on individual characters personal lives.

What Space force needs is more Space, more Force and more parody.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

Long winded parody
' The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window ' on netflix...

I have watched both the 2 films that this parody series is based upon.

I did have some serious laugh out loud moments across the series ( like choking laugh loud that i almost died ) but these were in-between mildly humorous parodies relating to the 2 films it was based upon ( alongside other hitchcock tropes )

Unless you have seen ' Girl on the train ' or ' Woman in the window ' then you might miss the entire point.

Its 8 episodes at 30 mins long and its overkill because between truly hilarious moments was a lot of bland storytelling that lacked the impact to be parody.

A fast paced movie parody would have suited it better but maybe this is a new format for the Naked Gun, Scary Movie type thing.

1 big laugh for every other episode is kinda wasting my time tho....

I could edit this down myself to 90 mins and make it hilarious and still maintain the narrative.

Im sure this was a border line commitee decision... Tv or not Tv that is the question.

Hmmm nah cheesy movie at best.

The Book of Boba Fett

A poor start to Boba Fett

Well we are 4 episodes in and its gotten worse, a few more characters are introduced looking even more Cosplay.

The Power rangers have turned up, they don't say much but they are all different bright sparkling colours so you know which ones which. These guys could have worked on say Corascant, that artificial shiny technological corporate planet of the Star Wars universe. You know that place where it all goes terribly wrong in Ep3!!

I could make an Analogy here but I think you get tye drift

Nothing looks like it belongs in tatooine here, it all looks like Dubai but in the glossy pictures and videos, the reality is different, even in the fake artificial city of Dubai, its still in a desert and things still get dusty and dirty very quickly.

This does'nt seem to be the case on neo Tattoine.

So the asthethic is all wrong but the story is like a series of drawn out comic book vignettes. In this situation its so important to get the look spot on. Like 300, Sin City, Matrix, Mad Max e.t.c

Look at Star Wars, New Hope. ( You know, the actual source material ) or how about look at The Mandolorian !!

But No !! This is a poor committee drawn up attempt to get kids into Star Wars by making everything Bright, Clean and Sparkly with the colour pallette only an 8 yr old would enjoy.

3/10 now

Hmmm where to begin..

Ill start with I really liked Mandalorian I thought it was well made and produced, it had a great story and character building and looked spot on.

As for The book of Boba Fett...

Well Boba Fett has aged more than anyone else in the star wars universe, he also got hefty cumbersome and slow.

Now according to lore in Ep2 Boba Fett would age at the same rate as his father and not like the clones.

He seemed to recieve some scarring from the Sarlecs digestive acids but he was wearing Mandalorian armour and helmet. Im not sure how long he was down there but he needed extra oxygen from the stormtrooper so it could not have been that long. Maybe it leaked through a hole ?

However the scarring is healed through the use of a bacta tank presumably post Mandalorian appearance as he had scarring in that.

Of course the main reason for his ageing is the actors ageing in real life, it seems they lacked the ability to utilise this into the show that made sense but I guess we are only at ep1.

The episode lasted just over 30 minutes so not much time to fit a lot in.

Now to the bad stuff

The costumes looked awful, ive seen better Cosplay.

The aliens looked awful, what happened to the Gamorreans they looked like normal guys in a bad fat suit. You could see the human eyes popping through the poor head mask, they looked more realistic 38 years ago !! The same can be said for the Twi'leks, bright luminous rubbery skin and horns ( are they horns or ears )

The fight scene looked awful, slow cumbersome and amateurish.

The CGI monster looked rubbery and cartoony.

The meandering soundtrack was background noise and had a kind of generic tribal sound.

The acting was goddam awful, Temuera mumbles his lines in a gruff tone throughout. Ming-Na as Fennec was ok, the supporting cast however delivered there lines like a stage show parody while looking like a cosplay parody.

Now for the story so far he escapes the belly of the Sarlec but is captured, his past is told in series of dreams he is having while in the Bacto tub.

In the present he has taken over from Bib Fortuna who took over from Jabba but it looks like on day 1 he is under threat.

We know the story already of how he got his armour back after watching Mandolorian now we find out how he lost it, damn Jawas.

Thats about as much as we get from EP1.

I'll try and continue with this as Bobba Fett is cool or he was.

Im not sure if I can handle more amateur hour though ( sorry half hr )

5/10 so far.

The Matrix Resurrections

Dejavu, remake, reboot or parody

This film features people of different races, just like the original from 22 years ago, its also very woke, but not as woke as the original from 22 years ago.

I do believe the word woke originated from the Matrix films, it stands for anything that opposes control. It ensembled that fascist nature of the agents against the apathetic nature of the construct.

This next construct of the matrix swings more in favour of apathy, Cypher preferred a fake existence rather than a real one as long as it included all the perks of a rich wealthy person. Desire and Fear !!

Within the first 10 minutes of this film I was very let down.

The effects were weak and the juxtaposition while trying to be clever and self indulgent was actually annoying. The sentiment was fine but the execution was rushed and lacking.

The next 80 minutes of the story/tale was excellent if you once again ignore the annoying flashbacks, the film improves ten fold

Major studios will always think their audiences are stupid..... Somehow the film managed to verbally annihilate ( directly ) the major studio that funded the production.

The inside joke, while I understood the need for this was incredibly jarring and parody worthy.

Luckily it all occurs within the first 10-15 mins, a mumbo jumbo version of millennials being stereotypical millennial. I hate that

It was an awful start to this film in every way, cheap, lazy, self indulgent and nearing a parody, that I almost stopped watching !!

Luckily the film found its feet and the story and ideology beyond the opening was brilliant.

My only criticisms is it tries to be apologetic for being woke, its incredibly multi racial but annoyingly not woke enough.

The Matrix started the ideology of being woke, it was related to genius, mindfulness, fairness, freedom, equality e.t.c

I hate religion but these ideologies ill always stand by and approve of.

This film is however slightly wishy washy about its ideals, the parody side of this shines through to bright.

It then begs the question, Remake, Reboot, Dejavu, Parody

It then begs the question, Remake, Reboot, Dejavu, Parody

It then begs the question, Remake, Reboot, Dejavu, Parody

It then begs the question, Remake, Reboot, Dejavu, Parody

By the end your just hoping its not Dejavu.

The Witcher

Season 2 ep 1 review
Well the Witcher is back along with Ciri, Yennifer, Triss and the rest.

Its post battle and everyone is licking their wounds. Geralt meets an old friend and a new threat is on the horizon.

The new series begins in a brilliant but dark setting and sets the the tone.

Its fantasy done well, maybe not as jarring or real as GoT but it does stay loyal to ideology of the books. Fans of the games will also enjoy this episode.

A great start to the series.

Arcane: League of Legends

Good Animatiin for adults and young adults
This is based on a game called League of Legends which I have not played and I don't think its Necessary to do so.

The Animation is very good and visually very stunning. The characters are a mixture of Adults and teenagers.

So far I am up to ep3 and so far without being groundbreaking story wise its still peaked my interest.

There are layers ( literally and figuratively ) throughout the first 3 episodes rather than just the good v evil standard ideology.

The setting is a Steam Punk one combined with a form of magic that is still being explored.

The voice acting is again very good on the whole and more visceral than the average animation.

There is action and light humour and a feel good vibe amongst all the turmoil.

My only gripe would be the introduction of too many ideologies and story lines and the pacing of these too quickly.

I can handle multiple characters and story arcs but I do like a bit more development of these, however I'm only up to Ep3 and I have a feeling these will be explored further through flashbacks which I'm not a huge fan of but can accept if they are kept to a minimum.

The visual presentation of the world we are presented with however is simply wonderful, its truly a masterpiece in Animation and Art and if you have a love of Steam Punk you will love this for that alone.

I may come back to this and improve my review based on watching the full series. The creators have an opportunity to send this to the moon, to mars and beyond. Lets hope they do so !!

A very solid 7 out of 10.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher isn't set in the middle ages of Europe
Ill start with my title as some other reviewers seem to think that this is the case. Unfortunately there were no Elves, Mages, Witches, Magic or Monsters or any sort of mystical things as such in the Middle ages in Europe. There were however dark skinned people, they would travel along the continent ( of Europe ) selling goods from China and India to Europe. There were also African people trading from Zanzibar to Europe.

However the Witcher series isn't set in Europe or the Middle ages or Dark ages. It is in fact set on the Continent ( which does look a little like Northern Poland )in a time period not of our own. This means there are Elves, Witches, Mages, Magic and of course Dark skinned people from Zerrikania.

In this film it opens with some Zerrikanians getting slaughtered....

Now onto the film, this is the story of Vesimir, his witcher training and his current predicament. Its a semi love story but more so deals with how witchers are trained and also the animosity from the citizens of The Continent towards Witchers.

This is driven however by a female mage who really hates witchers.

One has to remember that Witchers are not really good guys nor are they bad guys, they are sub human genetically modified ( using magic ) beings that go through a barbaric process to become who they are.

This of course leaves them a bit unempathetic and unemotional but as we know they are not totally devoid of these traits.

This film touches on these ideologies as well as the longer life that witchers have.

I have read some reviews that question the ending being true to the books although the section they talk about is mentioned fleetingly in the books and for me this film fits with what was written in that short paragraph,

I'm not a huge fan of Animation but this was ok, the voice acting can sometimes be a little bit too 'animation'. This can lead to things becoming a bit to comical which takes away the dark edge of the story. Visually however it was quite pleasant.

As a little prequal to the books and the films with a fairly open licence on those events its decent and enjoyable but doesn't really give us more insight into the Witcher world than what we already know. Its more of a homage to Vesimir but also highlights more questionable actions of Witchers past.

I presume this was made to give people an introduction to Vesimir who are not familiar with the books or games.

A 7/10 as a witcher fan would be my score maybe for someone who is not so much a fan they may find it a little pointless.

One question though How old was Vesemir before Imlerith snapped his neck.


Contrived Neo Noir Sci Fi
Hmmmm what can i say, visually this film is pretty good, the style and texture are great and the painting of a future world succumbed by the Oceans are done well.

The concept is an interesting one as well, The ability to relive memories again, although some memories can hold dark secrets.

So why only a 5 out of 10....

It uses a lot of Voiceover similar to detective films of the actual Noir Era but provide supposition more so than inner thoughts. As others have pointed out similar to Bladerunner before they were removed due to them being jarring.

Flashbacks !!!, due to the nature of the concept reliving memories through flashback scenes is rife and the whole idea of the story., a detective movie through memory flashbacks.

Dialogue.... The film suffers from pretty poor Dialogue, dated dialogue often wooden or mundane but at times laughable. The performances are however pretty good so kudos to the actors involved

Voiceover and Flashbacks !! Never a great thing in film making.

That being said if there was a deeper more interesting story here it may have worked better but overall the story is bland with many missed opportunities for something of greater scope.

Overall Reminiscence is a rather contrived movie leading to a mundane resolution pieced together in a disjointed fashion lacking flow and suffering from poor pacing. For a mystery it also lacks much mystery, it lacks the meat on its bones to allow the viewer to think or get involved.

I am not sure if there was combination of rushed writing or lack of filming schedule due to covid or not. Poor editing maybe but the film falls very flat very quickly and never gets going again.

Its a shame is I like this type of film, Film Noir, Detective mysteries, I probably marked it higher than it should have been due to this.

A generous 5 out of 10 mainly for the visual experience.

Blood Red Sky

This was pretty good
This was a decent film, i enjoyed it a lot.

Production -10 Dialogue -5 Effects-8 Acting - 7 Story - 8 ( it worked but last 20 min issues )

This was pretty good, some dodgy bits but overall good.

Only 8's 9's and 10's get me a rewatch though.

I dont think ive given a 10 tho, maybe as a laugh???

Anyway check this out, its 'NOT BAD '


Fluffy Thai Sci Fi/teen drama
I saw this on Netflix.

Ive not seen that many Thai films before, i can think of 2, Shutter and Ong Bak. I've been to Thailand once on holiday so I'm no expert on Thai culture.

The premise of the film is decent.

Its a drug trial based on sleep deprivation, 4 teens from the same College sign up with the lure of large sums of money, ( for a young Thai person ).

The opportunity to explore these ideas were however wasted. It soon became a teen drama full of stereotypes and movie tropes.

The film was well shot but the acting wasn't great with the exception of the female lead who had a decent presence. I watched in Thai original and English subtitles so I can imagine some of the translations were culturally altered.

The opening 30 mins were interesting but when I was expecting things to go deeper the middle section became a teen drama.

The ending is where it fell apart with multiple plot holes ' the twist ' and contrived story telling.

Its meandering entertainment at best, I think even many Teens would find a lot of this a bit too fluffy and childish.

Ive marked it slightly higher for its production values and good female lead but its probably more like a 5.

They would have got away with it if it wasn't for them pesky kids !!!


Average popcorn action flick
This film actually started quite well, The concept/ideology behind the film was interesting so I was looking forward to see where it was headed.

Unfortunately however by the end it just left me a bit empty.

The whole thing is rather tongue in cheek, something Mark Whalberg does naturally. So Whalberg fans ( of which i am one ) will be happy about.

I think this film probably needed more tongue in cheek Mark than many other parts of the film.

There is also quite a lot of rather annoying plagiarism. I can understand why people in other reviews mention The Matrix. This film could easily fit within that universe.

Having said that its more like someone took all the cool parts of the Matrix, sterilised it, cut off bits, bleached it, smoothed it over and poured a shiny plastic veneer over the whole thing.

The film lacks depth within its own concept for a start essentially making the concept redundant.

There is little connection to the characters including Mark Whalbergs who on the whole is a likeable guy but his arc just drifts away

There is an empty vacume of emotion or feeling on what should have been an fairly existential experience.

In the end its just another cheesy action flick !!!

Thats fine as its watchable and at times fun but don't expect anything more than a mindless ride.

The possibilities that they missed out on still leave a sour taste in my mouth however, which is a damn shame.....

Love and Monsters

The family version of Fallout we have all been waiting for
Well maybe not everyone... i think many people will find this film a bit to cutesie and adorable but if thats your thing then you came to the right place.

Its a monster flick with heart, the end of the world is bad but people have managed to keep their humanity.

The hapless hero goes from one colony to another to get to the.girl he left behind. A 7 day trip where he meets new friends and Allies all the while in danger from monsters.

Overall its a nice film and good for familys and a younger audience without being overly violent or gory.

The CGI is average it does the job but barely. The lead actor was likeable and nice to watch. All the secondary characters were decent.

There is a dog companion as well which adds a really nice dynamic.

Worth a watch but don't go expecting a hardened monster film nor a film that is steeped within reality.

Its a family B movie but done well.


Shadow in the Cloud

Moretz was Awesome, it was a fun film
I've noticed a lot of reviewers just giving this abuse as an Anti Men film. There are also many reviews that are fake and just there from people who watched the trailer.

Is it Anti Men ?? Well no more than say Alien for example. It's WW2 and soldiers in a predominantly male environment are joined by a female on a military mission

The concept to them as was absurd as it would have been during the war but not totally impossible especially nearing the end of the war.

There were in fact a few commissioned female flight offices although non were American. Having said that we don't actually know if the lead was in fact telling the truth about being a flight officer but it was clear she was connected to sone AirForce in some way.

Were all the men abusive when she got on the plane, some shocked some bewildered a couple angry and 1 who was more so abusive in a sexual way.

Now this is during the war when often a woman's place was not on military vessel so these reactions were more likely to be accurate. We see these situations today in a society where females are accepted in virtually every role and we know sexism was far nearly 80 years ago.

So the anger is most probably from little snowflake boys sitting behind their little computers feeling hard done by for no reason whatsoever as its not supposed to be a reflection on Men in today's society.

Nor may I add does this film have any reflection on reality in virtually any way. This is a monster film FFS it's a pure fantasy film the setting just happens to be on a WW2 plane.

The opening is a bit chaotic but after the first 15-20 mins there is a good 40 mins of claustrophobic suspense and mystery of which Chloe Grace Moretz nails it.

This was the best part of the film in my eyes and having a fear of heights it made my palms sweaty.

Once their is the plot reveal the action steps up a gear to nitro levels and at times came across a bit clunky or over the top but never unenjoyable nor unentertaining.

The finale was a bit lame but I've seen worse.

I guess there was a big crossover in genres within the film that blend into one another as time progresses which was ok but also jolting and I think this is its biggest weakness but no doubt added to make it more marketable.

Some Hollywood brat was in the writing credits as were many other writers and it shows upon the ending.

Visually however the film is well done, the effects and the belief you were in the air and vulnerable with the characters was its strong point.

Some OTT action sequences and a bit if schlock ended up taking you out of that insecurity and put you into a more relaxed action flick and while I groaned a bit, then a bit more and at the end I laughed I still enjoyed the film and accepted it for what it was.

It's a 6.8 out of 10 for me and most of that score is for the first hr. .

Ted Lasso

For the Football fans...
Proper football, that's played around the world not that Mickey Mouse game they play in the US... Which brings us onto the main character, Ted Lasso who is an American football coach who is signed by the chairman of ( fictional ) Premier League football club Richmond FC.

He has never coached football before and has very limited knowledge of the game, with his sidekick coach Beard ( who has a beard ) he sets about to change the clubs fortunes.

This a comedy show with a very British flavour spliced with American comedy tropes. It's a match that I feel works and so far it's been highly enjoyable.

The characters are amusing but also quite heartwarming which makes a funny but likeable show.

I've just finished episode 4 and really looking forward to the rest of the season.

9/10 so far

The Sleepover

Fun kids film
I watched this with my niece and nephew aged 13 and 10 respectively.

They both enjoyed it, my niece obviously warmed to the teenage girl characters in the film and my nephew liked the 2 younger boy characters and laughed at most of their silly behaviours.

From my own point of view the film was decent enough, maybe not the sort of thing I'd watch personally but I found it entertaining and found the 2 lead males competitive nature quite fun.

I also enjoyed the young boys quirkiness and humour.

Plot wise its a bit thin but there is enough to keep you interested and it flows well. The cinematography is typical family feature film stuff with vibrant and bright colours.

The action again is simplistic and family orientated.

I'm not sure this will become a kids classic but it certainly helps fill the gap during these sparse Covid19 times for Movies.

7 out of 10 although nephew said 10/10 but he'd prob say that to anything that can keep him occupied for 90 mins.


Ted Bundy for the Millennial Generation
I'll keep this review fairly short.

The basic premise a young guy thirsty for Social Media attention cones up with a cunning plan to get more views and likes.

It's filmed from the perspective of captured online video files from the Interwebz... This includes the comments section, which makes it even more interesting.

The film is well shot, acted and edited and is a rollercoaster of a film.

For the older generation this may not sit well but it is a fictional extreme version of life on Social Media and an interesting one at that.


Please ignore psxexperten review
That account is a bot account that just rates every movie a 1 star with virtually the same wording on each review.

Every film the account has reviewed is THE worst film ever and a stinker. The account needs removing.

The film is a interesting but a quite slow paced drama, its well made with decent acting.

The themes are escape and isolation and the mother daughter relationship.

There is enough to keep you interested throughout but without it really having enough bite.


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