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Harvey Beaks

The Best Show Nick has to offer
In a world completely overrun with cynicism under the guise of, "realism," and "grit," one show dares to be different. Harvey Beaks, a show from Chowder creator C.H. Greenblatt, is the first show I've seen in a very long time that has a child-like optimism about it. That doesn't make it childish, though. In fact, the fact that it's light and doesn't try to be edgy is honestly very refreshing. If I could compare Harvey Beaks to any show it'd be Fraggle Rock. It shares a sense of whimsy while being very intelligent just like the Hensonworks show did all those years ago.

It also features a cast of some of the most memorable characters in recent years. I wont go into that detail as one watch should give you an idea, but I will say that if you don't adore Fee and Foo after one episode you might need to see a neurologist.

Harvey Beaks gets a 10/10 for being the most fun I've had watching a cartoon in years... or possibly ever. I hope Nick does right by it and gives it the exact amount of seasons CH wants to work on it.


"Pepper spray! That sounds delicious!"
I remember missing this show when the first episode came on. I thought "No big deal, It's probably not that good." Don't make that assumption! I got a call from my friend telling me that it was pretty good, so I watched it. It is now one of the only things I watch on television, and I never grow tired on the jokes and over-all absurdities of the show. I also am a big fan of the voices, including the kids, and, of course, Dana Snyder of Aqua teen and Venture Brothers and John Dimaggio of Futurama and Gears of war! All I can say is, I'm a fifteen year old (I act older) who watches many adult shows, and this beats them all out! Watch it. You'll love it if you know what your getting into. The only thing I would have done differently is more references, and I'd probably screw it up or make it no longer for kids! ~Ciao~ Andrew V.

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