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Das Experiment

Disturbing is the only word I can think to describe this.
Wow. Yeah that is what you'll be thinking after watching this movie. I recently watched this film on an Encore channel and I swear there were a couple of times I thought of turning the channel because of how much this movie was getting to me.

The first 30 minutes are mildly entertaining but after that is when it starts to get VERY interesting. You pretty much know from the start of the movie that things are going to get out of hand but that won't take the shock away when it happens. The beatings, humiliation, killings, attempted rape. It's hard to imagine that things could go that far and these people could stray from reality that much. But it happens.

I don't want to give any spoilers away even though as I said, it's pretty obvious what will happen. And this is based on a real experiment (though loosely I imagine) so if you wanted to look up information on what really happened I'm sure you could.

I can honestly say that this was one of the most upsetting movies I have ever seen. By the end of the film, my anxiety level must have doubled. Very few movies give me this reaction but this one did. I wanted the movie to end and it be resolved yet I didn't because it WAS an interesting movie. I would recommend this to anyone looking to watch something a little different but I warn you, this is not a movie you can simply take lightly. And I would be surprised to find anyone who watched this and wasn't disturbed.


Not as bad as it's made out to be.
The general opinion of this movie is that it's awful. Is it great? No, it's not. But is it awful? No it's not that either. I consider it worse than both the Spider-Man and X-Men adaptations but better than The Hulk and last two Batman movies.

We'll start with the actors. Ben Affleck, not the greatest choice for the role but not the worst either. Ben's Daredevil comes off as uncomfortable but he hits the nail on the head close enough that it's not ruined. Jennifer Garner's Elektra is not bad either, I love her in Alias but as Elektra I think she took her own perspective more than she should have, and Elektra doesn't come out close enough to the comic book version. Colin's Bullseye in my opinion was the best portrayal in the entire film. I was quite pleased with it.

The biggest fault of this movie is the story. Instead of an actual plot it comes off as more like "A couple of weeks in the life of Daredevil". They concentrated too hard on trying to get all the key characters introduced that they neglected the story.

After having seen recently Spider-Man 2 it made me think that if as much effort and time that was put in to the Spider-Man movies or even X-Men movies was put into Daredevil, we might have gotten a much better movie. But we can't really blame the studios. You can't market Daredevil like you can Spider-Man or X-Men. Daredevil is a dark story, the comic book is dark. There are a lot of depressing storylines. There aren't nearly as many cute one-liners or warm fuzzy endings as you would find in Spider-Man. Ten year olds aren't going to get into Daredevil. If the studio, writers and everyone else involved would have just scratched the idea of even trying to market towards children completely then they probably would of had a better story as well.

In the end, I think Daredevil is worth the watch. It's not gold but it leaves it's mark.

General Hospital

Only if you're a soap fan.
Don't be fooled by the title. While back in the golden ages this soap may have been centered around a hospital but now it's main focus really centers around the mob. I can't say that I know it was better years ago because GH had been on many years before I was born. The storylines of today are really lacking. Golden couple Luke and Laura aren't on the screen and we are forced fed pathetic excuses of chemistry such as the Jason and Courtney storyline.

Like most soaps General Hospital gets caught up trying to make a steamy romance build up for May to try to gain teenage viewers. This means that we usually get some 19 to 20 something airhead with a past blow into town and start what the writer's think is a romance with a favored regular. I am a teenager and I can tell you now that I could care less how old some of the cast members are, I want to see real romance! Although I may not have been around to see some of the blossomings of past couples that doesn't mean I don't care!

The one good actress that GH has is Robin Christopher who has played Skye Chandler on three daytime soaps and very well!

General Hospital was once the most graced and respected shows on daytime TV but like most all other soaps bad writing has lost a lot of loyale viewers and failed to gain new ones. If you're already a soap watcher then it may be worth your time to try it but if not then there isn't much for you.

Clone High

I know you think it's impossible but MTV actually made a funny!
MTV cartoons have been known in the past to bomb in dozens with a few strays that make it for the long run. I honestly don't know if Clone High will make it but I do know that I want it to.

At first glance and the entire summary of it seems kind of lame but you have to watch it to really see the humor. And yes it's kind of cringe-worthy the way they have written some great historical figures but all you have to say is "Hey it's just a cartoon!". I can't say why I actually care if Joan of Arch or Abe Lincoln get together but i'll be damned if I don't tune in every episode so far to see Joan's angsty love for Abe.

The more history you know about these characters the funnier the show is! It's a comical blend of a little history, wacky humor and just growing up and making it through high school! It's not something that everyone is going to like. If you don't normally like cartoons geared towards the over 14 crowd then it's probably not even worth your time.

I want to think positive and that Clone High will become the next Beavis and Butthead or Daria of MTV but I honestly don't think there are enough Americans out there that can really get the humor without being offended by the portrayal of the characters. If you like cartoons and animation this is not one to miss!

100 Girls

Surprising really
Being a teen myself I really don't care for un-realistic teen coming of age stories. Because let's face it, in the real world the hottie is never ever going to fall for the geeky outcast. But beyond that there is actually a good story here.

Matthew gets stuck in an elevator during a blackout with a faceless mystery girl. They have an interesting conversation that eventually leads to a one night stand. Wouldn't you guess it though the mystery girl is gone in the morning without a trace and he still has no idea what she looks like but that he's in love with her. We are taken through the first semester as he schemes his way into the girls dorms and tries to pin point his lady love. As you could guess he ends up getting a peak into the female mind.

Truthfully this movie really isn't all that different than other teen flicks but I enjoyed it. I really think they could of done without the cliche with him dressing up as a girl. And yes some parts are unrealistic. Only 1 out of the 100 girls isn't beautiful and even she isn't ugly once she puts some make-up on! There are a few scenes that prove the R rating but nothing to write home about.

All in all it's a fun movie that is at least worth the rent.

7 out of 10 stars.

Pitch Black

Really it's not that bad
I found Pitch Black to be a refreshing change from the horrible sci-fi flicks we have gotten in recent time. As a girl I admit that I was first interested in the eye candy that is Vin Diesel but as the movie played on I really got a good glimpse that it is still possible to make a good science fiction movie.

The one problem with this story is that we are led somewhere and then totally jerked in another direction. What i'm talking about is about 20 or so minutes into the film we are believing that we are going to get an awesome insight into the mysterious Riddick and then all of sudden it's "WTF it's dark and aliens are eating the crew!". Granted no the aliens weren't uninteresting or anything but Riddick was what got me interested, and I don't mean Vin I mean his character. I wanted to know what he had done, and wanted to hear more about him (BTW I hear they are making a Riddick movie sometime in the future sort of a prequel).

There are some good characters that I cared about and then there are some "Oh well they're dead." I never got around to caring about Fry so the ending didn't hurt me none.

Despite the fact that no the movie didn't go where I wished it would have it was still a great movie and enjoyable. Though you do have to overlook some parts, like how they so conveniently landed on the planet on the one day a year there is an eclipse. I think if you don't dig too far into it you'll find that you'll enjoy it. It is really quite a simple movie and you won't forget Vin Diesel's Riddick.

9 out of 10 stars.

Tank Girl

You have to have a warped sense of humor to REALLY get it.
It feels like years since I saw Tank Girl for the first time. I have seen it about 7 or 8 times since and I think after each viewing I start to like it more and more.

First off this is not a movie for everyone. In fact i'd say that the majority of the human race just would not get it at all. Ok yes it is not realistic at all and yes it is even lame if you look at the plot. But look beyond the storyline and you'll find a great cast and some funny one-liners that will last you a lifetime!

I have never read the comic book but I did hear the creator really liked the way it was made. I don't understand why it got all the negative backlash. Obviously it's not a movie that you take seriously! Suspend your mind a bit and you may even get a laugh.

The humor ranges from subtle to bold. There are lots of little details that went into this film. I think some parts could of been left out I.E. Lori's hair changing every single scene, there's no water but enough hair dye and hair spray to go around!

Please before viewing this do not try to take it seriously, it's not a serious movie. It's quite crazy and fun if you will just let it be!

8 out of 10 stars.


It did HAVE potential...
I am a huge fantasy nut but Legend never really had an effect on me. It does have great fantasy elements more than you could ask for but the problem is that it doesn't use them well enough.

With most great movies you have a plot and then you have 1 or 2 sometimes more little minor plots going on. So say you don't care for one character you still have scenes to look for with the more interesting storyline or character. With Legend that doesn't happen, we are given the central plot and that's it. So basically if you don't like Tom Cruise's character then you aren't going to like the movie because it's all Tom Cruise here. Another downer is that we are given no background information or character development for any of these characters. We don't know why Jack lives in the forest, is he an orphan or what? We never know! We don't know what Lily is princess of, a real country, a made up one... it's anyone's guess! That is the key problem with Legend, we aren't given enough to actually care about any of these characters.

Like I said it has great fantasy elements and some good scenes that I enjoyed so props to them for that and the visuals are beautiful at times but sadly it's not enough to carry this story. Also it may be too scary for children under 9 or 10.

5 1/2 stars out of 10.


It's a sit back and feel good kind of movie.
I must have seen this movie over 200 times since I first saw it when I was 6 but I never get tired of it.

Ok yes it is sort of a "chick" flick. It's such a fun movie though. If you are more than sick of the teen flicks with more cliches than you count then it's time you've seen this.

Four best friends decide to take the one girlfriend who is getting married on one last trip without her knowing exactly where they are going. It's a great bonding film. There is such sweetness throughout the entire movie. It's great to watch as they grow up so much in just a matter of days. There is at least one girl out of the 4 that I think every girl could relate to.

Hey if you've got a couple of great friends with nothing to do on a lonely night then pick up Shag, you're bound to feel just a little bit closer after seeing it.

BTW the soundtrack is great!

10 out of 10 stars.

Lawn Dogs

Forget Hollywood blockbuster's, rent this for a night!
I happened to find this on TV about a year ago and I haven't forgot it since. I missed about the first 30 minutes but watched the rest with wonder.

I connected so much with this film and Devon in particular. I rented the dvd a few months after and watched it twice in one night. The acting in here is amazing. Everyone is right on key in their parts! I know you may think well a movie about a friendship between an upper class little girl and a white trash man isn't much for entertainment but believe me it's more than that! You really pull for Devon and Trent throughout the entire movie until the fantasy like ending.

There is just so much in this film that anyone could relate too. It's a beautiful story that you won't likely forget or brush off. If you're looking for a great overlooked little movie that is going to actually get your mind working please rent this!

10 out of 10 stars!!

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

At least it was different.
At first glance this looks like a corny B movie. If you look beyond the the cover and cheesy title you'll find a decent movie. I actually rolled my eyes when my cousin insisted on putting in the dvd Thanksgiving 3 years ago but from the opening scene I was hooked.

I have never really been a fan of the disney classic Snow White. It just wasn't a fairy tale that stood out to me. I have to say after seeing this movie I like it a little more. I am not quite sure whether they were honestly trying to turn this into a horror movie or not. For one thing this is not a scary movie, I don't remember one scary moment. If anything it's a dark drama. I really loved how they tried to put more realistic elements in it.

The romance aspect (what little of it there is) is pretty dull. I was really left wanting more but you really wouldn't be able to without drawing away from the story so i'm content.

I think what I like best about this movie is that there isn't anything else like it. It's so completely different that it's practically in a category of it's own. I don't know if I would say it's a great enough movie to buy or watch a dozen times but it is at least worth the one time watch if at the most just so you can see something different. This morbid dark take on the fairy tale classic is a good movie night watch that may not be for everyone but something everyone should see.

7 out of 10 stars.


You have to admit it's magical!
The first time I saw this movie was two years ago. Don't ask me how I managed to miss it as a child but I did.

It is obvious that this movie was made for the kiddies but I don't think it can just be enjoyed by the younger crowd. I think perhaps if I had seen this as a child instead of a teenager I would have enjoyed it more but I didn't and I still enjoyed never the less. There is something magical about watching Labyrinth. You just feel the happiness that rubs off from this movie. It almost makes you wish you were a kid again. I admit seeing it now I have to say some parts are beyond corny but I think that's just part of it, I mean that was the 80's right? I am not even a David Bowie fan but I can't help but smile whenever he starts singing (which is quite often). I recently showed this to my 4 year old cousin and he couldn't get enough of it. It was so great to watch him turn his head back to look at me with a giant smile to make sure I saw the puppets doing whatever they were doing at that moment. He really loved it so I bought him the dvd for X-mas this year along with myself a copy. This is really just one of those movies you have to see at least once in your life, just because there isn't another like it. Sure the story isn't much when it comes to plot but try to watch this film all the way through without smiling once, I dare you!

A great movie for the kids or kids at heart! 8 out of 10 stars.


If you haven't already seen this movie, why?
There are not enough words to describe how amazing this film is. I admit I am not an action movie person, I find that rarely often do they have a plot or dialogue worth watching. This is certainly not the case of The Professional aka Leon. Yes I saw the American regular version because I couldn't find any other. This is Natalie Portman's best role so far! It's a movie unlike any other. When the credits roll you better believe that your mind will be racing with thoughts. That is just the kind of movie it is, it makes you think.

**Spoiler Alert**

I have read a lot of the comments on here about people being uncomfortable or squeamish that any attraction between Mathilda and Leon was more than innocent. Honestly I don't think it implied anything. Sure Mathilda had a crush on him but that's what 12 year old girls do, they crush on older guys! And plus the guy saved her life, she was bound to develop a hero-complex towards him. I am not sure if Leon did feel something more for Mathilda but if he did it's not like he acted on it! He was no Humbert Humbert, if any sort of romantic feelings were had on his part he knew they were wrong and did not act on them and if you watch you see how uncomfortable he is moments after Mathilda tells him she thinks she is falling in love with him. I see nothing wrong with how the relationship was played out and what may or may have not been had the ending been different and more happily ever after. I do know about all the parts that were cut from the film and saw the lines from them so I do know how the relationship was played through both versions.

**End Spoiler Alert**

This is a very touching tale of a hitman and the tragic girl who comes into and changes his life. It's beautiful beyond words. 10 out of 10.


Paints a different picture.
I have read the book and seen both version of the movie. While this movie was great I have to say that it is not like the book. If you have ever read the book you realize just how sick Humbert was indeed. In this version you don't see that at all. The book gives you a sick feeling as you read his thoughts and ideas of what he wants to do. If you finish reading Lolita you realize that it wasn't Lo' he was in love with but just little girls. I am not saying Lolita was innocent, not at all but neither was Humbert.

If you see this movie alone you get to feeling sorry for Humbert and play him out as the victim. You think that if that temptress Lolita had never come a long he would have been a normal man and not the sicko he was. Sorry but no, that is not Humberts character at all. I will never feel sorry for a man that fantasizes about 8 year olds (something you didn't see in the movie). I have no sympathy for him and I really dislike that this movie tried to get some out of me. If you feel sorry for him please by all means read the book and think twice. Like I said it's a good movie but with bad intentions, it was taken all too lightly I think.

Jeepers Creepers

A movie that would have worked were it made 15 years ago.
Jeepers Creepers has a slight 80-ish monster movie feel to it. I can say though it was a nice change from the usual slasher movies that we get today for horror. On the other hand through the entire movie I had this gut feeling to laugh because the storyline is ridiculous in ways. At times I felt like this should be a movie for MST3K instead. The good thing is it's sort of scary mainly because of that creepy song though. The bad thing is that the movie really drags and we don't really see any action until the last 30 minutes. This movie was a little late in time or had too big of a budget. There are two ways this movie would have made up for all that it lacks and that is if it had been a B-Movie instead or it was made in the 80s but neither of those applies so there is no excuse for the cheesiness we get from the entire movie. And why on earth they would even think about making a sequel I don't know...

Ginger Snaps

If you are going to see one werewolf movie in your life this is it.
I actually got to see this about a month before it came out. My sister who works at a video store that gets screeners days to months before release gave me this movie one night and I was honestly surprised at how much I liked it. Ok first do not judge this movie by the cover, the the cover of it makes it look really cheesey. Before I seen Ginger Snaps I had never saw a werewolf movie I had liked in my life. The plot in general really isn't all that different but it has an edge and modern touch that you won't see in any other werewolf flicks.

Morbid sisters Brig and Ginger go out one night and Ginger comes back bitten by a werewolf. The next few weeks we are then taken on a roller coaster ride through the changes of Ginger. First off the acting of Emily and Katharine was great! Even Mimi Rogers came off good as the perky mother who really doesn't get it. Truthfully the movie wasn't scary to me but it didn't have to be it in itself made up for that. Also there is an overload of blood and gore so be careful what you eat before viewing. It's at times funny, dramatic etc.. some things that many horror films leave out when trying to make room to scare you. I also found the ending to be quite sad and that wasn't how I expected to end. All in all this movie has that "something" different that makes it worth the watch. Forget about the low budget look of it and try it, you could be surprised as well.

The Chase

Predictable but great!
Ok to be truthful if you have never seen this movie before you are probably going to guess the ending by 10 minutes in but don't let that stop you from seeing it! This movie is great no matter how many times you see it. There is something for everyone in this movie.. Humor, Romance, Action, Drama etc. Even if it is very predictable I don't think there has been a single time where this movie has been on cable and I haven't watched it. Just try it, you'll love it!

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