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Once Upon a Time

"Once Upon a Time" is my all time favorite series
I absolutely positively love the show "Once Upon a Time". The concept of this series is completely fresh from what we've been given to watch in the television programing. In the fairy tale portion of each episode, the costumes and scenery are wonderfully breathtaking. I love this show! I'm thrilled to death to see that so very many viewers are thoroughly pleased with it, as much as I am. I'm on the edge of my seat, each and every time a new story idea is presented. Once the program is over, I become impatient to see what concept the writers will come up with for the following week. I really do enjoy having simple questions answered, like "where does fairy dust come from" or "how Rumplestiltskin got his name". It is sheer genius how the creators of this show tie-in the characters and objects from the different stories to make the show extremely magical, entertaining and interesting. There is terrific chemistry as the actors bring the characters to life. I've followed this intriguing program from the very beginning and it makes me explode with happy excitement each time I've had the pleasure of watching it. A lot of serious thought and hard work has gone into making this a very pleasing and tasteful production that the entire family can enjoy.

The Ant Bully

"Have a Family Movie Outing for a Very Colorful & Entertaining Experience"
I would suggest to anyone to have a "Family Movie Outing". This movie is fun, fun, fun and more fun. It went above and beyond my expectations. It's definitely worth seeing a 2nd or even a 3rd time. It certainly isn't a film that will leave a bad taste in the mouth. I think that the chemistry between the actors was absolutely A+ 100% on the money; the casting is very good. Each and everyone carried this cute story through from the beginning to the end. These days young people need to learn responsibility of how to get along with each other, instead of being so self-centered. In fact, if I were a teacher, I would give the students the assignment of watching the film and let them make a report on it. In spite of some of the negative comments that were made regarding this "treasure", go and see for your self. I guarantee that you will positively come out of the theater with a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eyes.

Silver Bells

Parents & Children to Spend More Time Together
I just love Chistmas stories, all Christmas stories. The photography is excellent. You can almost feel the wonderful chilly weather. This is a film for the entire family having to deal with today's problems: Parent & Child Communication. We have to listen to what our children are saying to us. Often times parents insist on living out their dreams through their children, and not letting their children live out their own dreams. All children are gifted in some way. We as parents have to help our children realize their own dreams. We want to cushion the falls that our little ones are going to have along the way, but experience is an excellent teacher. No matter how old we are, we still keep learning even when we are old and gray. I do wish the full cast would've been listed in the credits. Often times these little films are shown only once, so it is best to plan on watching to see if it will be a "little diamond in the rough". Since I had my trusty VCR working, I'll be able to look at it a second time. There are more of life's lessons to learn in "Silver Bells".

Just a Little Inconvenience

Sounds Impossible to Say the Lease!
For crying out loud, now why in the world haven't we seen this on television in a while with all of the reruns that there are. To have just one leg and one arm skiing, looks and sounds impossible, but it isn't. Believe me this is a really wonderful drama that will definitely hold your interest. I've only seen it twice and that was before VCR's or DVD's were invented. The casting of Lee Majors, James Stacy & Barbara Hershey are perfect. For a while there you are in the other guy's shoes. You see just what kind of unbelievable courage it takes to hold yourself together and become the very best that you can be, no matter what the circumstances. Extremely entertaining at times with excellent scenery to go along with the drama. I could honestly say that this story on film is worth watching and doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. You will most definitely laugh, as well as cry.

A Very Special Favor

Please Put This On Video
This is a flick that will definitely not leave a bad taste in your mouth. There are lots and lots of slapstick laughter. The casting is perfect: Rock Hudson, Leslie Caron, Charles Boyer, Walter Slezak & Dick Shawn among others that are all long gone. What makes me so upset is it is the only Rock Hudson Romantic Comedy that hasn't been put on video. Posters & movie stills are floating around for people to purchase, but the video is positively not available. If all of this memorabilia is available, then why not the video? Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, Send Me No Flowers & Man's Favorite Sport have all been made available. These are often shown on television too. This hysterical romantic comedy has only been at the theaters and shown only on television just ONE time. It is a feel good story that will most certainly warm everyone's hearts. We need more happiness today to be able to feel good. It will most assuredly make you split your sides laughing to the point of tears. I have been looking for the video forever. Fortunely I was able to find the book; which is the next best thing to being able to see the movie. So the book will have to do until they decide to come out with the video.

Return to Me

An Extremely Warm Wonderful Light-Hearted Experience
This is one of those movies that has everything in it. I don't think I would get tired of seeing it. Hopefully more movies like this one will be made in the future. The casting was perfect in all respects. In a sense, the song sung by Engelbert Humperdink "I Never Got to Say Goodbye", is the song come to life. You will most definitely laugh and cry throughout the entire scenario for sure. I'm just surprised that I had never seen it before this past weekend. I think that it's positively worth seeing, and your heart will be glowing. It would be nice to cuddle up with your "honey"; sip a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy being in the presence of each other. There is so much heart and emotion at times you honestly don't know where to turn. You will know exactly how the character feels. True family expression is available all the way through. In fact, at times you'll even think you are part of that family or they a part of yours. See it!


Wonderful & Touching Story to Say the Lease!
I really did enjoy "Blessings". It is extremely touching to say the lease. The well picked cast of Mary Tyler Moore, Liam Waite (Ralph Waite's son of The Waltons), and Kathleen Quinlan make the entire story come alive. The film is family orientated and would be great to view as a family during the Christmas Holiday Season. The characters become one as a family and mutual love is expressed to each other to help them become closer. Often times we don't see what is on the inside unless we see what is on the outside first. This is such a movie. Life teaches all sorts of lessons to help us learn from one another. It is a moving experience in loving your neighbor and learning how to be kinder to one another. I have tried to locate this little gem, but haven't had any luck whatsoever. You can be sure if it comes on again, I will definitely have my VCR ready to record.

National Treasure

Please do not miss this gem of a movie!
"National Treasure" is positively a gem of excellence! The casting is great! The story is absolutely fantastic! Whoever came up with the whole concept of this story; really has a super and vivid imagination. My entire family and friends loved everything about it. We were on the edge of our seats from beginning to end. It is a fun happy exciting experience. It reminded me of the "fun shows" that they used to have at the theaters on Saturday mornings. I certainly hope that there will be a follow-up; it would be so much fun. It is definitely worth a second look. I guarantee you; you will be put on your favorites list when you get to see it. You is possible to make good movies where we aren't saturated with vulgar language or cheap sex shoved down our throats. Thank God we finally have a good clean family film that we can enjoy together and have lots of fun.


An Extremely Tender Love Story
Tim is the first movie I ever seen with Mel Gibson. He portrays the character of a retarded young man to perfection. I was so impressed with the concept of the story that I bought the book and read it twice. The innocent child-like love between the characters of Tim and Mary Horton (Piper Laurie)is very refreshing. You will laugh, as well as cry, while you see the characters come to life and grow before your eyes. These two lonely people are placed in a situation where they genuinely really need each other. There is another movie that is based upon the story: "Mary & Tim", which stars Candice Bergen of the sitcom "Murphy Brown". You might want to give that one a look see as well.


An Excellent Game of Cat vs Mouse
I really do wish that this excellent thriller was available on VHS or DVD. There is a tremendous amount of intensity and suspense to the entire film from start to finish. In fact, you really can't guess what the outcome will be. It is truly a game of "cat vs mouse". The casting is excellent! Robert Ryan, Rhonda Fleming and William Lundigan really do bring life to the characters that they play. The original is terrific and has a really good story line to it. It really surprises me that they haven't had a remake of it. I've only seen it once, but I'd have to say it is well worth seeing a second time. Believe me! You will positively be glued to the edge of your seat.

Peter Pan

You Will Think You Are In Never Neverland
I have seen several versions of Peter Pan. This one is positively the very best of all of them. Jeremy Sumpter is Peter Pan in the flesh; he really makes Peter Pan exist in this performance. He was made for this part. The film is not boring in the least. The scenery and special effects are done extremely well and in good taste. A lot of thought went into making this fantasy classic. It is amazing how they added more detail into the story. It has a tremendous amount of good artistry in the telling of it. It is truly a film for both the young and old alike. I guarantee, you will want to see it more than once. Believe me, you really will think you are in Never Neverland.

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