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Stars and Stripes Forever

One of my fave movies.
Spoilers to come. Observations. Opinions.

This is one of my favorite films. Looking back from a 9-29-2020 perspective, it was made in the wake of wartimes such as Korean War and World War Two. It was the time of the Cold War. What better theme was there to utilize than this patriotic film? Way after this film became legend, I earned a university degree in American History.

I have studied the life of the real John Philip Sousa. I own several books written about him. He was very determined and ambitious, and in a good way. From what I can remember, he was born in Washington, DC, of Spanish descent. Washington was a very military place, and still is.

When Sousa's time in the US Marine Corps Band ended, he proceeded to form his own famous band which toured the world. I have heard that he wrote 136 marches, and that he wrote other musical compositions including operettas. There were female soloists who sang with his band.

This film used to appear on TV around July 4 every summer, but in recent years I have not noticed its appearance.

I like Robert Wagner in this film. He is quite young, and has a terrific smile. I like Debra Paget. She is very pretty here.

Sousa's wife is portrayed here as a nice person, who supports her husband.'s interests with grace and understanding. Sousa himself, here, is portrayed as fussy and persnickety, but very talented.

I have heard some of the real Sousa's actual recordings, and I feel that they are quite good.

Bravo. 10/10.

My Lottery Dream Home

Nice and inspirational
Nice and inspirational. I watched the segment about our city. I enjoyed seeing the neighborhoods, even a renovated older area. The people chose a newer suburban home, which was, of course, further away. They were nice people.

The host is nice. He says he likes our area. He may say that on the episodes from other areas, but he seems sincere. He is very enthusiastic, and even pulls the whole thing off in a short time period - including commercials.

Kudos to all, and thank you.

El Cid

i loved it
I loved it. Sophia. Heston. Everybody. It was awesome. Wonderful story.


Illegitimacy no longer such an issue.
Spoilers. Opinions. Observations.

Illegitimacy is everywhere now. Back then it was such a scandal. Waltham doesn't want her because he thinks she is immoral. When they were on the boat I was thinking how he was such a snob and he thought she was such a loose woman, and how today everyone expects young women to have illegitimate babies all over the place. No big deal, in this day and age. NOT. I still don't like to see today's young women with all of their illegitimate progeny. I feel that this is a modern trend of poor, uneducated women who get into all types of trouble. Maybe they are today's flappers.

Me, myself, I, had babies with a HUSBAND, and while legally married. I'm no snob, though. That was some decades ago. Nowadays, some people say that they don't have enough money to get married, but still keep popping out 5-6-7 "illegitimate" children - some each with different fathers and different last names. Again, ignorance, poverty and lack of education are huge factors.

Betty is adorable. Monty is hilarious. Waltham is imperious, yet tries to be human. His snobbish fiancé displays stereotypical coldness, and obviously does not have IT.

This is a famous film that I have finally been able to see. I like the clothes in the movie, especially for Clara. Her yacht costume, when getting on the boat, is stunningly outstanding. Her shoes are all wonderful. She has an excellent figure. The baby is a good actor, crying and screeching on cue, apparently. Maybe the baby actor was actually a little person. Gary Cooper is a nice surprise. I recognized him right away. The walk-up flat compared to the fiancé's mansion is a stark contrast. The crying of the baby's real mother is very good.

I am an almost 18-year contributor to IMDb reviews, and am enjoying it. I am getting more into silent films than before, and am happy to see this one.

The Food That Built America

Interesting. Fascinating.

Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Seeing it for second time. Have visited Hershey factory plus the town itself. Dry cereal gave a new option instead of just oatmeal or standard breakfast. Mars family squabbled. Kellogg brothers couldn't get along. I love milk chocolate and hate dark chocolate. Sanders didn't mess around with those ppl painting his signs. Ka-blam!!!! The fried chicken looked cool (hot, lol) cooking in those iron skillets.

Watching DVR recordings. Haven't seen much yet of the McDonald brothers. May not have seen it all when it first came out last summer. I am still recovering from heart surgery and its aftermath, and in the meanwhile I am still critiquing and reviewing films and TV shows - almost up to 500 now.

I liked the earlier series about Carnegie, Rockefeller, et al, but this food series seems quite interesting also. Never saw The Road to Wellville, but hope to sometime.

Glad to see a woman as one of these titans. These two series are so male-oriented. Marjorie is looking good, though a bit frazzled in the hair department. She is portrayed by a very pretty actress who also wears clothes well.

The Young Philadelphians

Newman hottie and youthful. Vaughn drunken jail performance outstanding. Keith excellent old man makeup job. Vaughn would get TV series as Napoleon Solo; can't think of show name. Keith would become the patriarch on Family Affair. Newman would continue to star in several films. I liked him in The Sting. Rest of cast all excellent. Carlos chihuahua wonderful. Billie Burke is just da bomb, one of my all time favorites.

Annie Hall

Alvy hasn't much confidence. He must be some kind of loser in the bedroom. He's no big muscular bruiser. He is browbeaten by Mother, and is such a dweeb elsewhere. He's a know it all who doesn't know much. It's called "Annie", but it's about Alvy's glaring insecurities. It's a personality study about his life, notwithstanding his several sexual partners who as a group find him sort of an underwhelming nobody. Annie, on the other hand, seems to be his major failure. In real life, these two actors had a relationship a few years before this film was made. Question: Do all/most of these women have to jump into bed with Alvy the minute they've laid eyes on him? What's his secret? Millions of men want to know.

Die Büchse der Pandora

Sizzle sizzle hot.
Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Sizzle sizzle hot. This babe knows what's cooking. She balances all the men effortlessly and smoothly. She is demure and a fashion setter in real life and on the screen.

She gets her kicks and so do the men. This is an astounding and famous film. She goes after what she wants. She says the word, and they come running. Hubba-hubba. She is lovely in her wedding gown and veil.

She shows a gamut of emotions. We have happy, sad, scared, loving, hateful, thankful, annoying, crying, begging, appreciative, hiding, cloying, etc. Bravo Lulu and Louise Brooks and that helmet hair.

Green Acres

Arnold my fave. Oliver sexist. An historical critique.
Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Arnold the Wonderful Piggie is my favorite character on this show. He talks, and only those who love him understand what he says, like Lisa and Eb. Fred and Doris may also understand what he says. Arnold understands English. Arnold gets people out of a lot of scrapes. Arnold drives this show, and draws all of the attention. Let's hear it for Arnold the Pig !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver is a sexist "pig". He forces Lisa to move to HOOOTTERSVILLE, large caps intended. Her opinion is ignored, which is stereotypical of supposedly-macho husbands of that time period. Me he-man. Me da boss. You only a woman. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!! Lisa, you should get the bank-robbers' gun and SHOOST Oliver Wendell What's-His-Name.

Oliver gets Lisa to do what he wants, but perhaps SHE really wins. Oliver hates my dear sweet Arnold, but Arnold is the main character whom I always watch. Oliver is incredibly jealous that Arnold is so intelligent and so lovable. Oliver is an ignorant, dumb, freaking idiot. Lisa is wonderful, beautiful and adorable. She and Arnold are the smartest characters on this show.

I am watching these shows now on a nostalgia channel, and I record them. I delete episodes that are not Arnold-centric. I only watch for Arnold, Lisa and Eb.

Oliver wanted to move to CORNBALL CITY (all-caps intended on purpose !!!!!!!) because he couldn't make it as an attorney in NYC, IMO. Maybe he could not get any clientele because he was so stubborn and obnoxious. Oliver was the real loser here. He also got an extremely rude awakening when the barnyard hicks found him to be too stupid and arrogant.

Lisa has some beautiful gowns and negligees on this show. I always love her clothes and fashion sense. Oliver's clothes are just blech and boring.

Arnold is just divine. He always steals the show. My darling Arnold. Such sweet memories.

As far as the sexism, if this show had remained on the air, perhaps the horrible sexist stereotypes would have continued. Maybe Lisa would never get back to NYC to get any new clothes, with stubborn Oliver pretending that he couldn't afford to pay $$$$$$ money for any.

So, we leave this show back in history, a victim of the so-called "rural purge" where country-centric shows fell victim to lower audience numbers because of evening news shows reporting on the day's horrible reports of bodies coming back from the Vietnam War. People were transfixed by this awful change of events, and perhaps they wanted to stop watching shows about stereotypically innocent farm people and loser-attorneys.

I still love this show, and must leave it in its historical context. I am a history graduate of a major university. I have also taken coursework in film history and critiquing.

Show Boat

Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Don't compare this film to later versions. I have seen all three, and conclude that each one has merit to stand on its own and be appreciated. I have also seen the Show Boat section in 1946's "Till the Clouds Roll By". This is four recorded versions since the 1927 famous Ziegfeld Broadway show.

I have seen many silent films. They see quite good and understandable. At the dawn of the sound era, not all productions found all-talking to be financially affordable. Look at it an additional way; 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression were coming, so it was good to do a little belt-tightening.

Many silent film actors could not make the transition to sound film. Some had foreign accents unacceptable to American audiences, and some had high, squeaky voices that would be too comedic in dramatic talking films. Schildkraut here was Austrian. Emily _____ (Parthenia) was a well-known British actress.

Broadway had suffered during and after World War One, and a number of well-trained Shakespearean-ish stage actors spoke well enough to get into talking films. Witness the Barrymores (John-Lionel-Ethel) who all three got into sound films after careers on stage.

I have always appreciated the silents. They tell great stories with facial expressions, musical moods, body movements and English subtitles.

Schildkraut would go on to portray a sneaky white-makeuped character in 1939's "Marie Antoinette", and an older character in the much-later (around 1960??) "Diary of Anne Frank".

Even Ziegfeld himself was the victim of financial underfunding. In the early Great Depression, and after the 1929 Stock Market Crash, his theatrical ventures began to fail, he passed away soon after in 1932.

The Godfather

Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Brando. Brando is the greatest. The cat. The cat is adorable. Method Stanislavsky acting.

Lead actors few Italians. Disappointing that way.

Stereotypes Italians not really all criminals. This is offensive to good Italians.

Man's movie. Women weak in background.

Horse in bed scene. Scary. Remember the screaming. That movie guy had to pay.

Good 1940s cars and clothes.

Good meatballs and spaghetti sauce recipe. I wrote that down. Yummo for the garlic and wine.

I studied this movie in ifilm critiquing class. Watch for all the blood as the film progresses. Lots of business for stage makeup fake blood providers.

Bella Martha

Mostly hilarious.
Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Martha, executive chef, is obnoxious. So is the new chef. They fall in lust and love. Marriage is on the horizon. Oil and water. Salt and peppa. Who'da thought it?

Is this Hepburn and Tracy, or what? You could have predicted the outcome. It took a bratty child in the picture to bring these two lummoxes together. Go figure.

Nitwits rule. Insanity reigns. Hilarity ensues. Tempers go postal. Martha is actually a bad cook, as some restaurant regulars point out. What does she do but try that old remove the tablecloth from the dishes routine in front of these unfortunate people. She gets her ass fired.

Executive chef or not, the restaurant owner is on the last nerve. Martha has to go.

Remember the Night

Interesting story.
Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Interesting. Good character support. Pretty charming story.

MacMurray character, assistant DA, not so hard-boiled that he has no holiday spirit. He feels so sorry, and a little naive, for a light-fingered female crook that he takes her home to his old-timey midwestern family for Christmas cheer and a few gifts. He and Stanwyck teach each other a thing or two. A farmer almost shoots them both, lol.

Early on, he is verbally abusive to his African-American house staff. This wouldn't happen in today's filmmaking. Lose a point here.

Lose a point for black and white. I love color. This was film noir without the late forties' gritty genre. This was more humorous.

No blockbuster. Lose another point.

No Christmas in Connecticut here, for Stanwyck.


Lawrence of Arabia

Fighting and killing.
Fighting and killing. Ugh.

Lose a point for no women in main cast or supporting cast. No women with major or minor speaking parts. Nurses near the end don't count. They were being shepherded out of a truck, and had no dialogue.

Lose a point for violence. No song and dance movie here, which as you know is my favorite film genre.

I was just watching this movie because people talk about it, specifically men - never have I heard a woman ever mention this film.

O'Toole wasn't hard to look at, nor was Sharif - both in their younger primes. Sharif would go on to star in Dr. Zhivago.

Guinness was excellent. Quinn was comical. The teenage boys were adorable, although having bad outcomes.

You knew that O'Toole's character wasn't going to meet his end on the desert battlefield, because the story was told in flashback from the time that Lawrence crashed the motorcycle in 1935, which really happened. Such a pretty face wasn't going to be done in by the bandits or other bad guys.

No women. No romances or love triangles.

Camels beautiful and wonderful. Some of their accoutrements were excellently designed. Camels were being deprived of enough water, I thought. This was terrible.

Costuming beautiful and wonderful. Desert clothing flowing and excellent, especially on O'Toole. Guiness' princely/kingly clothing design I thought was very regal and handsome.

Musical themes were excellent. Main melody was very nice and not obnoxiously repetitive.

Supposed to be a pretty much historically accurate film.

Wogs was a put-down epithet, which is a racist term that might not be used today. O'Toole's disguise was so good at one point that he was called a wog himself.

Get that boy a bath and clean clothes (O'Toole). Oh, how filthy.

8 / 10


Wonderful. Incredible.
Wonderful. Incredible. I love all of the ballet dancing and tap dancing. I love the singing. I am an unabashed lover of all of these arts. You know that.

I love Jennifer Hudson's character and singing. I love Victoria. She is just adorable. Her en pointe ballet dancing is just superb. Kudos to both.

I have a beautiful kitty cat and have had kitty cats before. I love them all them even more dearly after seeing this film, if that is possible.

Today is my birthday,, Sunday, December 22, 2019, and a visit to this show on opening day, December 20, Friday, has been part of my birthday weekend celebration.

I loved this entire film, and hope to see it again soon. I love all of the cat feline movements, and I noticed in the closing credits that there was an actual feline movement consultant training the actor-dancers in exactly how to be catlike on stage.

In acting classes, students have to get up on stage and become any animal or creature that the director assigns. I have been in acting classes where we had to take imaginary hot or cold showers, plus put on imaginary makeup while looking into an imaginary mirror. This is called sense memory concentration.

If our professor had told us to go up on stage and become cats, then that would be what we would have had to become if we wanted good grades in this theatre course.

10 / 10


Too much Pearl Harbor
Too much PH. Took too long to get to the point. Enjoyed seeing the actors, however. Good theatrical makeup efforts.

42nd Street: The Musical

Lead less spectacular
Little girl who played lead didn't seem to be any better dancer than the others in the chorus. She was great, but didn't have the pizzazz I was expecting. Still, it was a valiant effort but not as totally believeable as I was hoping.

Julian didn't have the desperate illness as shown in the film. I realize that stage and film can have different types of storylines.

Didn't remember Billy in the film being much of a dancer: Dick Powell.

I am assuming that the 1930s film was the only one on cinema previously.

Downton Abbey

Nice costuming.
Spoilers. Opinions. Observations. Reflections.

Nice costuming. The most standout are the red vests/uniforms worn by the royal servers.

I also liked the women's costumes. Even Lady Edith looked pretty good this time, plus her period-era one-piece undergarment showed some cleavage and inferred a little sexuality - being that she was finally married to a decent chap and even in the early stages of yet another pregnancy. Whew, that was long-winded.

I enjoyed seeing the old cast. I was disappointed that Barrow was no longer the conniving scoundrel that he had been in the TV series. I was happy that O'Brien was not in the film, but perhaps she, too, may have become sugary sweet. Ugh.

The family started out poor, for aristos, since they had to be bailed out by Shirley MacLaine's family money at the beginning. Toward the end of this film, they are still trying to put their heads together to think of ways to keep the property financially afloat.

Irony: Highclere Castle, the estate in real life, today has events and tours in order to keep the property financially afloat. Renting it out to make the TV series and this film is just one of its money-making ventures. Gotta pay the light bill, you know. Pip, pip. Cheerio.

King George V and Queen Mary of Teck were the paternal grandparents, in real life, of the current Queen Elizabeth II of England. They were the parents of King George VI, Elizabeth's father. They were also the parents of King Edward VII, Elizabeth's uncle, the famous abdicator.


Gowns by Adrian.
Spoilers. Opinions. Observations.

Gowns by Adrian. Jeanette had on some beautiful gowns. The Native American tribal dance had some beautiful costumes. Did Adrian design these, too? I hope so.

Only an 8, because of no color, and:

Took almost the whole film to see Jimmy Stewart, the object of Marie's quest. Jimmy is a mediocre bad guy here, who looks at prison as an exciting new life (not).

Nelson was a good singer, and I am noticing that his voice went down, as jeanette's went higher. They did do wonderful duets, however.

This was filmed in the middle years of the Great Depression, which didn't totally end until the "big economic boom" of the upcoming World War Two. Did people pay a dime to see these movies, a scarce, hard-earned dime? This must have been truly a luxury.

I did not see Allan Jones enough in this film, although I have seen him in the same release year of 1936 in the film, "Show Boat", singing with that other diva, Irene Dunne.

I am a university graduate from its department of history, and still study film criticism and filmmaking at that same school. I have also taken theatrical coursework there in acting, dance , singing and stage makeup. I love fashion design and theatrical costume construction.

Das Leben der Anderen

Creepy. Suspenseful.
Creepy. Suspenseful.

Spoilers. Opinions. Observations.

Pre-end of Berlin Wall coming tumbling down (in East Germany) a few years into the future. Creepy officers voice-manhandling hard-working artistes such as a playwright and an actress. They are not allowed to delve into western ideals nor any whiff of outside influences. If you as their compatriots know about any of that shameful subversive stuff, it's off to the Teutonic salt mines for you (or the equivalent).

This reminds one of more recent times when writers and journalists in other countries are criminalized for their modern ideas, spending lives in prison or jails of the mind - not to mention self-demise as happened to a movie director in this film.

This film: Rated "R". Sex-sex-sex. The actress with the playwright. The actress with a jowly, ugly old man, forcibly, in the back of a limousine. Another man with a pay-by-the-half-hour "professional" hookup.

A red typewriter ribbon tells a lot. The portable typewriter itself is a significant character in this drama, and becomes an important piece of evidence.

This story is told in hindsight, perhaps in flashbacking. The main characters are, early on, tortured in many ways, but some actually live through the wall coming down and the nation of that time ceasing to exist into the future. Even some of the bad guys manage to make it to the new life. The playwright, earlier blackballed against writing because of his 'crimes', has now written a book on display in the Karl Marx bookstore. Scratching my head about old Karl. I thought that he was passé after the wall came down.

If you thought that Hogan's Heroes was funny, about an earlier Germanic time period, this film ain't hilarious, folks. There are no dumbkopf Colonel Klink or slow-on-the-uptake Sergeant Schultz, but there are high-ranking officers here wearing close-to-Nazi uniforms that remind one of World War Two.

Spoiler: Seeing the actress all bloody in the street, near the end, I remembered that I have studied acting many times and that this is all fake and that she is just playing a part. An actress was portraying an actress who was harassed by insane goons whose days were numbered. Earlier in this film, she was an actress in a play on stage while the goons scrutinized her with binoculars. I thought, "This is a play within a play."

I have critiqued films for IMDb since 2002. I take ongoing film studies coursework at university, and have a BA in History from there. I have also acted on stage and studied theatre, theatrical critiquing and censorship, stage makeup, dance, voice and fine arts at that university. The arts are my life.

Grand Hotel

Trashy and awesome.
Reflections. Observations. Spoilers. Danny is a gringo messing in an Hispanic-run hotel which is being propped up by some bad guy-mafiosi. Mateo is a hot-looking guy with a mess of secrets. The mean stepmother plus two stepsisters are a hoot. Carolina went from Byron to ElRey to Danny. Jason knows a lot of secrets, and so does his mother. We have just met his mother. Santiago is caught between a rock and Mamacita (Gigi), not to mention the gangstas off-camera. Alicia is an MBA smart cookie who can't stand the stepmother, but who lately decided to eat a little crow and join forces.

Yoli is not ugly. She is dressed in ladylike clothing almost up to her neck, while Carolina wears the slutty ho clothes that are painted on. Watch out, Danny. Carolina May have a disease or two, or three.

Three episodes in, and the mysteries are building. I decided to give this show a chance, because I frequently visit a vacation hotel where most of the staff are personally known to me. I wonder what goes on behind the scenes there - maybe even mayhem, firings and murders. Who knows?

Escape to the Chateau

Huge reno
Reflections: Huge renovation. Interest: Not a tiny house or seedy Vegas former-luxury McMansion. Crappy old facilities in this old castle relic. Tons of repair people hired to work on this old monster, which is only 19th-century instead of some medieval-renaissance war fort. Should have cost 100 British pounds. This is an enormous money pit. Not such a bargain, but the grounds and seven outbuildings are worth a lot and are quite the challenge.

I realize that the USA sees some of these Brit imports years after original showings, and that is the case here. The couple marrying when the children are several years is quite vulgar, and a bad influence. I was disappointed that their wedding was not in the chateau (and was in the city government facility), that only was renovated to be a cash cow for the paying (unprofitable) public. Poo in the moat, indeed. Gross.

Cooking for strangers? Do these people have culinary degrees?

The Foxes of Harrow

Spoilers. Observations. Opinions.

Excellent. GWTW imitation or no, it was interesting. Here we have an Irishman, unlike an Irish-American woman as in GWTW. That's for starters. Fox liked tartified women, and Rhett also enjoyed that genre.

Later on (I am jumping here), I was watching Maureen on the balcony. I was thinking that the little horse-riding boy was going to attempt the jump and break his neck, as in GWTW's Bonnie Blue Butler, but the demise here came from a different scene on the staircase. Ouch. Fox/Rhett was shattered. Still, macho man Fox/Rhett had to act the big shot and have his own way.

Maspero's: I have been to it, a still-existing restaurant in French Quarter New Orleans. It says it is the original Maspero's, since there is another another place called Maspero's on another street in the Quarter. I know that the whole neighborhood goes back to the film's slavery era and earlier, since New Orleans originated in 1718 (they celebrated their 300th birthday last year, in 2018). I assume from this film that the original Maspero's had gambling and slave sales, as well as food and spirits. Nowadays, it is a nice, touristy restaurant.

The neighborhood today (I stay at a hotel nearby Maspero's) was formerly a mecca for sales of cotton and slaves. The hotel, hundreds of years old, was also a cotton warehouse, back in the day.

In this film, voodoo and witchcraft are mentioned. I was expecting the agitated slaves to rise up and attack the white people. The scenes were ripe for a slave revolt. I thought that Stephen Fox, being quite the evil man, would get his comeuppance in this manner.

Belle (name from GWTW ???) looked like a dead ringer for a certain modern actress in blaxploitation films. Belle was one tough cookie. Her son was going to be a warrior, and beat the crap out of honky, stupid white man.

Slave importation to this country ended in 1809. The slave sales depicted in this film could have been because owners decided to sell them to others, or were even financially too poor to keep them. The time period depicted in this film was way after 1809.

Fox was a sly one (pun). He was so astute with money that he correctly predicted the huge financial disaster to come. Did he panic (another pun)? No, he did not. He just decided to ride it out and buy up all the dead estates of suddenly poverty-stricken high rollers. Besides, ol' Fox could start all over again, since he came here penniless. He was a great opportunist, rather like Rhett Butler.

Fox was one mean husband. Shudder. Ugh. I would have kicked him in the almonds and cashews (figure that one out). Lock the door on him? I would have hit him over the head with it, that dimwitted (as far as a husband) SOB.

I am an historian who has studied slavery, among my required coursework for my history degree from a certain university. As an aside, I feel that the slaves in this film were portrayed much more scarily (is that a word?) and realistically, than those in GWTW. Some of GWTW's slaves appeared to be almost cartoon characters.

In real life, slaves in the New Orleans area were permitted to go out on Sundays and congregate in a park, having dances, singing and religious meetings. They were reminiscing about their African roots. In this film, I was reminded of this when Fox rode up to this large group and accused them of witchcraft. Fox, from France, may have been of the Catholic religion. In real life, as a matter of fact, some early New Orleans African Americans began practicing a blend of island voodoo and Roman Catholicism.

10/10, even though I hate black and white.

Spencer's BIG 30

Dear Spencer,

I will give you a review.

Your shows are informative and fun. Keep up the good work. The watermelon cupcakes are cute and ingenious. What a nice idea.

The spaghetti is good. The pizza is good. Make more shows, because I am watching these as reruns plus some others of which I cannot remember the names. I know that your fish shows have a lot more variety.

Stay busy.

The Mark of Zorro

The fop is adorable.
Adorable fop. Dashing hero. Sgt. Gonzales, not Sgt. Garcia, like on the TV Zorro. The young woman is 'liked' by three men here, so far. I have not finished watching my DVR recording. Milder than TV version. Spanish government here portrayed very badly. Beating of priest is abhorrent. How awful. Giving it a ten, however. Well done overall. Did not see the Power version.

1920 film. Spanish-American War was 1898, fairly recent before this film was released. I have Spanish ancestry, and do not like how Spanish colonial government is portrayed in this film. "The winners write the history."

Ergo, I do not remember the Disney Zorro TV series being this hard on the Spanish government. I just remember the swashbuckling and buffoonery of the TV show.

I am a film historian, and have a degree specializing in American history.

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