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New-style/old-shool horror
Not unlike the old clasics like Rosemary´s Baby or The Exorsist. A great attention to detail. And an even greater attention to the soundtrack (not songs). The atmosphere totally trancends the screen and completely engoulfs you. Great film - Must see!

Legion of the Dead

The next Peter Jackson?
This is a film filled with flaws, but still promesing a great future for the director. Both the plot and the storyline are virtually non-existing, which doesn´t help the overall impression of the film. But I must say that the underplayed humor really reminds me of Peter Jacksons early work: Bad Taste, Braindead or Meet the Feables. This humor also shines through in the gore scenes. The dude almost cutting his own finger of while pealing an orange (several times during the movie by the way!), really reminds me of the scene in Bad Taste where Robert slits his own throat! I´m gonna be watching for future films by Olaf Ittenbach. He´s gonna make some amasing films one day. Who could predict that Bad Taste would lead to Lord of the rings?

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