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Train 48

Train 48 is one hell of a Super Train wreck
Train 48 is getting the kind of critical acclaim in it's home country of canada which is normally reserved for Atom Egoyan and kids in the hall and hockey. This would be understandable if it was coming only from The National Post. But even the Toronto Star is calling this train wreck a piece of " wonder and awe and melding of genre's of drama and documentary and reality tv". It certainly is not. anyone who remember's Fred Silverman's greatest folly "SuperTrain" will remember the unholy wreck of metal and flesh he unleashed unto the world. If only Train 48 we're so memorable. If riding the commuter train we're this exciting and full of naked female sexual lesbian libido everyone would be riding the Go train instead of wasting money getting women drunk for one night stands at singles bars. This train wreck should only last as long as one night. I wish. This is one train ride i think i'll pass. this is one izzy asper finger to the canadian people that everyone should finger back to the right wing of Global and the national post. this is one time we should stand up and be counted.

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