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Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Island: Sailing to Victory
Episode 8, Season 16

An okay finale for an okay season
This season was essentially The Challange with Survivor elements. In this episode we find out who is given the opportunity to steal a key from one of the 8 who already has one. The best part of this episode was Ev winning the challenge and whether she would take Johnny's key. The final boat race wasn't very exciting and wasn't anything special. Overall it was a decent season but there was a lot of just people talking and partying rather then competing in events. Some of the challenges to get a key were excting but overall it wasn't the strongest Challenge season out there. They have yet to do something like this again so that says something right there.

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet III: Army Strong
Episode 9, Season 15

A dominating season with a twist
On this season the veterans dominated the rookies at every challenge except a few. MTV had to have expected this given the roster of vets this season. In the end the vets had more players then rookies which was their ultimate undoing asa they had one participant who was not the most athletically fit and was unable to finish the challenge. After such a dominating season, I thought for sure the vets would win but the rookies won as all the people they had were physically able to do the final challenge. Compared to future seasons this final challenge was not as difficult as what has been shown before. Overall it was a good season.

The Terminator

A classic
Even almost 40 years later, this movie is still just as exciting as I watched it when I was much younger. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a terminator from the future set out to kill Sarah Conner, who is the mother of the leader of the human resistance named John Conner. A human solder is also brought back to protect Sarah and also because he loves her. The movie also shows what ahppens in the future with the machines causing a war against humans as they saw them as a threat. Lots of great action in this movie and also incredibly violent. Some of the effects are cheesy by todays standards but it doesn't matter because this movie is still very exciting.

Bachelor in Paradise

Entertaining but doesn't make a whole lot of sense
This show has had 8 seasons. You would think the contestants would learn their lessons on this show already with all the twists so far. Basically the premise is that single men and women come on this show looking for love. Every few episodes there is a rose ceremony where the gender with the higher number of contestants gives out roses to the opposite gender and then whoever doesn't get chosen goes home. As the episodes progress more men and women come on, in hopes of causing chaos and people questioning the relationship they are in as they suddenly develop feelings for another person. This happens all the time on this show. The latest season had a great twist with having the original contestants split up by gender and bringing in other people to see if they develop feelings for them thus, causing more chaos on this show. The show doesn't make much sense because if you are in a commited relationship on the show and are happy, why would you stay, given the temptation of having other people coming and possibly falling for another person? There are contestants who do this but not everyone. On the show you basically see the contestants talk to each other and go on various dates that are essentially touristy things. It is entertaining every week but the episodes are long. If you like the bachelor and bachelorette you will enjoy this show.

Violent Night

Silly movie with some fun moments
David Harbour is the perfect Santa Clause in this violent movie. When mercenaries take over the house of this woman who has $300 million in a safe, Santa has to save the day, in a Die Hard type scenario. There are some corny one liners and the family members who are taken hostage are annoying with some funny moments. This will most likely have a cult following over the years. There are many elements of this movie I didn't like such as having the daugher being involved in killing people as well as the way the family talked to each other. It's meant to be funny but it really wasn't. Also the gratuitious violence was a turn off.

Die Hard

A Christmas classic
This is essential viewing for the holiday season. The movie still holds up even after 34 years. Bruce Willis portrays John McClane who is visiting his wife in LA specifically at her company's holiday party at Nakatomi tower. Unbeknownst to him a group of German terrorists, led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) plan on crashing the party and stealing $640 million dollars in bearer bonds. McClane gets away when the terrorists take people at the party hostage and basically the movie is him trying to take out the terrorists as well as communicating with a cop. There is alot of great lines and great action scenes particularly the ending showdown. A must watch!

Joy Ride

Has aged well. Still suspenseful
This movie is over 20 years old but still is good. Paul Walker portrays Lewis who decides to purchase a car by selling his incredibly expensive plane ticket so that he can purchase a used car and pick up Venna (Leelee Sobieski) at school and drive home together. Along the way he finds out his brother is in jail and decides to bail him out. In their adventures they decide to purchase. A CB radio and decide to play a prank on a trucker named Rusty Nail not realizing he is crazy. The movie turns into a thriller as Rusty Nail stalks them, exacting revenge for playing a joke on him. The finale is very suspeneful to watch and edge of your seat. Lots of comedy in it specifically between Steve Zahn and Paul Walker.

The Uninvited

NOt as bad as you would think
This is basically a horror movie that isn't too violent but will most likely scare younge people. Anna returns home from an institution after a suicide attempt because of the death of her terminally ill mother in a house fire. She discovers her father is in a relationship with the woman who took care of her mother and she's not thrilled. Throughout the movie she bonds with her older sister over their hatred of their potential step mother. Through all of this Anna is seeing images of dead people which convinces her that her fathers new girlfriend purposefully killed her mother. Basically tehre's a big twist in the end with the sister and what really happened with the mother. It's actulaly well acted.

Claim to Fame

Entertaining concept
This is a pretty good reality show. 12 people enter a house who's claim to fame is that they are related to someone famous. The point of the game is to find out who everyone is related too and then eliminate them in the guess off. As with any reality show there are challenges where people are safe or are put at the bottom where they could be chosen to be the guesser. Some people were easy to choose just based on looks or clues given to them. People who were related to celebrities that were either older or a genre of music/tv/movie that were not well known by the younger generation probably had an easier time of not being found out.

A Perfect Getaway

Good twist but doesn't make a whole lot of sense
I had watched the directors cut of this movie on DVD recently. I remember seeing it in theatres but I don't remember that version well. It tells the story of a couple on their honeymoon in Hawaii and find out a couple also on their honeymoon got murdered on the island. They go on a hiking expedition weary of the people they meet but befriend a couple where the boyfriend is an army adeventure typle and the girlfriend is free spirited. Throughout the film there paranoid they are with the murders but about halfway though it's assumed they discover them. The big twist that the honeymoon couple are murders makes little sense as they had discussions thinking they were with the murderes when they were alone. This could have been a ploy by them but I doubt that. It's a very entertaining film and I highly recommend it.

National Treasure

Fun movie
This movie still holds up 18 years later. Nicolas Cage portrays Ben Gates who's family has been treasure hunters for years. When he discovers there is a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence, he attemps to steal it, in a race to stop his former partner (Sean Bean) from getting the same treasure. There is alot of fun scenes in ths movie and it isn't that violent compared to other Jerry Bruckheimer films. The movie also has a great cast which adds to the fun.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

A prelude to the parts everyone wants to see
Part 1 is not a bad movie by any means. It's just all the stuff fans want to see isn't until part 2. It is an entertaining film with a lot of good scenes particularly the ending as well as the fight scenes with the wands and when they move Harry Potter to a safe location. There are a ton of lulls in this movie particularly when they are hiding out in the woods and it's just the 3 actors on screen. You could see this as a cash grab movie but in retrospect every Harry POtter movie could have been split into 2 given how long the books are.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

I thought I would love it but I didn't
This movie has great moments on it. Having all the bad guys from previous Spider-Man movies was fun and made for some great moments. The reasonings for all of this made little to no sense. After getting outed as Spider-Man Peter Parker upends the lives of his best friend Ned and his girlfriend MJ. For some reason he thinks changing this event would help his friends go back to normal and goes to Dr. Strange to make this happen. Well because Spider-man is an insecure mess he messes up the spell due to the fact that Peter Parker can't make up his mind. This causes people from other worlds to come to his such as Green Goblin and Electro. For some reason Peter Parker wants to save all of these people and lets them loose with dire consequences. That part made no sense to me. Why save the nemesis of Spider-man? The fact Tobey Mcguire and Andrew Garfield are in this movie made it more fun. The ending was just stupid and made no sense to me. How does changing the fact that no one knows he's spider-man alter his relationsihps with Ned and MJ. They knew him from school so that shouldn't have changed. I was dissapointed by this movie. I.

When a Stranger Calls

It was okay
This is a thriller meant for teenagers. It's not overly violent and has some okay scares. Its the story of Jill who is babysitting for a rich family in the middle of nowhere as punishment for going over her minutes on her cellphone. While there she receives phone calls where no one speaks or is pranked by her peers. There's some background story about Jiill that only relates to the other people she talks too in the movies such as a falling out with a friend over a boy, and the ex boyfriend who wants to get back to her. As the movie goes on the calls become more threatening and she discovers the calls are coming in from the house. This results in a showdown with the bad guy and her saving the children she is suppose to babysit. If you enjoy teen horror movies you probalby will enjoy this fi'm but not very scared. The whole story with the friend showing up didn't make a whole lot of sense particularly the fact the garage door was open for her to enter. Wouldn't the family of made sure all of that was secure before leaving? If anything the reason why their kids wwere in danger was because of them.

Red Eye

Fun movie with a few jumpbs
This is a movie that gets straight to the point. It's very short but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Rachel Mcadams portryas Lisa who is coming back to Miami from Dallas after her grandmothers funeral. She meets Jackson while waiting to board her flight and becomes interested. She discovers they are seated beside each other but quickly discovers that he is bad after threatening to kill her father if she doesn't call the hotel she works at to change the room of a politician. The movie mainly focuses on McAdams and. Cillian Murphy as he tries to threaten her and her trying to save her father. This movie also has alot of humour in it and is very entertaining.


Entertaining funny movie
This isn't the greatest superhero movie but it is entertaining. When Venom attaches itself to Tom Hardy that where most of the laughs come in this movie. I think the intention of the movie was for it to be funny with Venom so they at least did a good job with that.

Indian Summer

Entertaining movie about reliving your childhood
Any adult who went to overnight camp as a child, would love to go back. Camp can shape you as a person and give you friends for life. I didn't go to Camp Tamakwa as a child but people who have gone there will most likely love this movie. It tells the story of a bunch of old campers from the 70's who go back for a week long reunion with the owner. As expected they reminisce about their time at the camp and pull pranks on each other. Most of the story is about the campers and their relationships to one another as well as what is going on in their lives. Some aspects of the film doesn't make senese such as no to little mention about counsellors and it apperas none of them worked at the camp as staff members.

I Love You, Man

One of the funniest movies i've ever seen
Even 12 years later this movie is still just as funny when I saw it back in 2009. This is a beautiful film about male friendship. Paul Rudd portrays Peter who is about to marry his girlfriend Zooey (Rashida Jones). When he realizes he doesn't have any close male friends, he sets out to find them with the advice of his brother Robbie (Andy Sandberg). He meets Sydney (Jason Seagal) at an open house he is putting on for Lou Ferrigno and the 2 hit it off. The conversations between them are the funniest part of the film and how they bond over their love of fish tacos and the band rush. This puts a strain on his relationship with his fiance and the later part of the fi'lm focuses on the benefits of having a close friend in life. Paul Rudd and Jason Seagal are perfect in this movie and are hlarious. The supporting characters, particularly the female friends of Zooey are also funny and bring on alot of laughs.

Osmosis Jones

Cartoon portion better then live action parts
This is a clever movie about a virus and how the body fights through the eyes of a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones who fights against illnesses. Bill Murray plays the human and isn't very funny as a guy who doe'nst take care of himself and gets a virus after eating an egg that was in the mouth of a monkey. In the age of COVID-19 this movie is interesting in how the body fights off a virus with the use of characters being the cells of the body trying to make the body work. Animation part good live action bad.


Great thriller
This is a classic thriller that probably doesn't get the attention it deserves. It definitely holds up with being 24 years old (at the time I wrote this review). Kurt Russell and Kathleen Quinlan portray a married couple who are on their way to San Diego when they get car trouble. A trucker offers to drive the wife to the next stop to call a tow truck with Kurt Russell staying back. When Kurt Russell can't find his wife at this stop and the truck driver saying he didn't do this, it starts a turn of events where Russell is searching for his wife. Once you find out what is going on the movie turns into a race the clock thriller as Russell needs to get money for the kidnappers in time to save his wife. All the characters are good in this movie and J. T Walsh plays a great villain. The action scenes are exciting and the movie is right to the point in terms of plot. It's not a long movie and doesn't go off into any subplots whatsoever.

Very Bad Things

An odd dark comedy
I don't even know if you could call this a comedy. Yes it has some funny elements to it but it's more of a thriller then anything. It's about a bachelor party for a friend in Vegas. They get a stripper to come and one of them has sex with her accidentally killing her which causes all the friends to spin into destructive behaviour. The film focuses on the consequences of their actions and how low they can go. The things they do aren't necessarily funny, they are more outrageous then anything. I really did not enjoy this movie. Maybe there are alot of people out there who thought this was brilliant. I will give the film credit for perfectly casting everyone in it.

Zack Snyder's Justice League

Much better then the theatrical version
If you only see this version of Justice League then you won't regret it. It's very long and I doubt this movie would have been released in theatres at this running time but it was never boring. I couldn't watch it all in one sitting however and liked that the movie was divided in parts (6 plus an epilogue) for easy to end points to stop watching. The story is pretty much the same but just longer and more developed. The story was much easier to follow and understood what was actually happening.


Enjoyed it more after another viewing years later
I loved Entourage the TV show. It had some seasons I didn't love but it was an enjoyable TV show. This is the way the show should have ended and the fi'm gives it an ending that makes sense and is in line with what the show is about. Vincent Chase decides to direct his next movie as Ari is the head of a major film studio. When he goes over budget Ari has to get more money from a oil tycoon to finance the fi'm, which causes problems as they do not enjoy the fim because of the actions of Vincent Chase and his friend. There are tons of cameos in the movie and some pretty funny moments in it. If you liked the show you will enjoy the movie

The Witches

I liked it but I hated the ending
The original film scared me as a child and I still can't watch it. This one isn't quite as scary but has some entertainment value. It tells the story of a child who discovers a witches convention during a holiday with his grandmother, who is well aware of witches herself. The motives of the witches isn't well explained and there aren't many scenes with them. There is some humour for kids that they will like in it for sure and not much for adults. I hate the ending of this movie. I didn't see it as happy as the children should have returned to their human selves once the grand high witch had been killed. Why then did they turn them into mice/rats themselves. The characgters accepted there situation well too easily. It should have ended with the grandmother eventually figuring out how to turn the children back into humans.


Entertaining but nothing was explained
I do not think Beyonce would have done this movie if she did it today. She's too good for this. She plays the wife of Idris Elba and is pretty much in the background of this movie other then the ending and once things escalate. Idris Elba is an executive at a firm and catches the eye of Ali Larter who is temping at his agency. When she comes on to him and he dimisses her advances, she ups her game even more as she is convinced he is in love with her. This results in a shattered home life for Idris Elba as his wife (Beyonce) is convinced something happened between them. The final scene where everything comes to a head with an entertaining fight between Ali Larter and Beyonce which is the highlight of the film. The problem with this movie is that there is no explanation as to why Ali Larter is so infatuated with Idris Elba. Other then talking to her there is no indication there is interest from him. If the movie looked more into her reasonings as well as the fact it would be an interracial relationship it would have been better

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