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Doc Martin and the Legend of the Cloutie

Just Incredible
This film follows Saving Grace, and it does well as a prequel. It is the second prequel and it improves on its predecessor. It has the slightly bizarre Cornish lifestyle down to a tee. It flows perfectly, the comedy aspects of the film are thrown in at just the right times and the character responses are perfect.

The acting is just brilliant, maybe not in terms of professional acting terms but their characters come off as completely believable. This is aided by great casting.

I love the scenery in all three films and I'm in awe at the landscape. It is so beautiful, the only thing unbelievable about these films is the fact there is so little rain.

What I love in a film is for the main character not to act like a main character and I believe that Martin Clunes fits in well with the less famous actors/actresses in this film. I can find little in this film to criticise and there is nothing wrong with the acting and casting.

I love the fact that the smuggling storyline is slightly hidden from the audience. Balanced with the ridiculous acting from the customs agents it is perfectly portrayed. This also leads to one of the cheapest all-thrills chase ever in a movie.

This film is without doubt one of the best films I have ever seen. 100%, 10/10, Smiley Face. A+

Meet the Parents

Cruel and Unkind
The very first thing that irritated me about this film was the appalling gag used throughout the film. The man is named Greg (Gaylord) Focker. Although his surname sounds vaguely like a swearword, this is a very thin gag which is the basis of huge chunks of the film. This is the first cruel part of this film.

The film is focused towards victimising the main character. Instead of making gags about the mistakes he makes inadvertently, he is forced to make these mistakes. It is so rigid. It seems that all acting and storylines are suspended until the next mistake happens and then the next five minutes is verbal abuse at what best can be described as accidents.

It seems that the entire family, including his girlfriend are hoping and praying for him to make a mistake so that they can get rid of him. He tries to impress and help the family. They make no attempt to apologise when they are at fault.

Many other reviews focus on the fact that you can identify with the main character, this enables you to laugh at this film. This is the entire problem with this film. The fact that you can identify with the character makes this film even harder to watch. If Ben Stiller hadn't done such a great job at portraying this character then maybe I could stand to laugh. His performance was too good. I put myself in his shoes once too often during this film and was disgusted with the way he is treated.

The character is too nice to laugh at. He is true to himself. (His job choice) He cares about other's beliefs. (Asking her father for permission) He is desperate to please and earn the respect and acceptance of his 'new' family.

The rest of the cast is exposed to be cruel and nasty at various points in the film. How can people dare to laugh at the nicest and most honest character in this film.

Ben Stiller - 8/10 (For his portrayal)

Everything else - 0/10

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