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Old School

The funniest movie I have ever seen.
This movie rocks big time. I laughed so hard I nearly had to stop the movie, cause it hurt in my stomach! Every time Will Ferrell was in a scene, it was impossible to not laugh. Seann William Scott has a small but very funny role in the movie. If you want a big laugh, then watch the funniest movie ever made, and Old School is that movie.

You Stupid Man

Great little love story.
This movie is a good movie to watch with your girl/boy-friend. It's a feel good movie, wich leaves you happy and glad. Milla Jovovich and David Krumholtz, are great in this movie. So I would say to everybody that wants to see a little nice movie, watch this one. It's great!

Donnie Darko

Dark, brilliant and unforgetable.
This movie is so great, if you like Memento and Reqiuem for a Dream, you will like this one. The acting, the locations, the music is all superb. This is a must se 10 out of 10!! Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie) and Jena Malone (Gretchen) both great young actors with very promising careers in front of them. So just one thing to do, go see this great picture.

National Lampoon's Van Wilder

I Loved this Movie.
This movie was so fun. If you love movies like American Pie (1 & 2) and Roadtrip. So if your are to does kind of movies, this one is a must see. It's has all a great highschool/college movie should have, the hero, the villain, practical jokes, beer, sex and all the nice girls (Tara Reid)!!!

Requiem for a Dream

The most intense movies I ever seen.
This movie is a much see for everybody over 15! The movie is briliantly filmes and directed and the cast does a great job. The way the lives of the carecters follow the flow of the seasons, sommer everything is great, winter lives sucks!! Beware of a intense rollercoaster of emotions, and personal disasters. Not for the light hearted.

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