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Indeed very surprising
All the bad critics made me doubt. Must be some "gandu" white house junkies that has reviewed. See it and believe it. It's awesome None of the heroic crap..oh Mr president we are out of pilots. Can u fly a F16 into the aliens ass (Independence day crap).

For the dummy's .. The light does some kind of mutation. However the main character is also exposed for a little time and the interruption must cause his human body to develops an antibodies.

Excellent ending, that was a surprise. In fact it's very unique.

You can't really compare this to anything else. There is really no film that comes to my mind Probably the closest film you have ever seen to show us the possible reality that could happen if we are ever invaded

The CGI effects are good and we do see a lot of the aliens.

I can't wait for a sequel

Kaena: La prophétie

Beautiful & Amazing
This is really something, lots of soul and typically french. Scenes and surroundings in the movie will never be produced by USA, cause they don't have it. The story could have been a little better at the ending about the Gods (What happens to them) even though they are very interesting.

I would really like to see a prequel to this. How it all started.

The colors and characters are unique (maybe not kaena, but she had to look human and be sexy so no matter what u would be able to compare her with others, thats how it is - admit it).

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