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I Am Legend

The worst movie with Will Smith i've ever seen
I am legend isn't worth watching.

The story and trailer promises a great movie but it really isn't. It's just another "virus escapes and creates zombies movie". When does the creation of this crap stop?

Will performs great as usual, but the story is thinner than one of a video game. Of course Will is immune to the virus an discovers the antidote but gets eaten at the end. He has lost his wife and kid when the virus hits, and of course the only two other survivors in the area are a woman and a kid who save his antidote, how predictable!

The flashbacks are really annoying and almost make you fall asleep when watching.

In one scene when the zombies climb up you can see the exact same scene in I-Robot. They just exchanged the robots for zombies and surroundings.

Sorry but this one is really overrated.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Could be better
Well, the story is interesting and Cate Blanchett play her role very good, but the story is stretched and at the end when Spain attacks with its armada is quickly finishes end the attack scene is really short.

They could have made this a spectacular movie, nice story, great costumes. But after the first 45 minutes it get boring and you ask yourself why. Then towards the end i hoped to see a great battle at sea, but it didn't happen.

The movie is watchable but don't expect too much.

It might be wiser to rent this one on DVD instead of going to the movies.

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