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Hammer of the Gods

Best Bad Movie in YEARS!
My wife, two daughters (29 and 31) and a friend sat down with me to see the Sci-fi Channel original "Thor: Hammer of the Gods" last night. It might be the best unintentionally funny movie of all times.

The acting was atrocious, at best. The dialog was stilted, with pauses between clauses you could drive a long-ship through, the fighting was mechanical, the editing was jerkily effective (in order to cover up lack of effects and expertise and the costumes were just a hoot, with machine stitching, jean material and sateen borders on "capes". Gold fillings being evident, I was a bit surprised there were no watches in evidence.

The part that WAS a surprise was the evident attention to over all production values. Lighting was really good, quality of picture was right up there with any I have seen lately.

All in all, a good time was had by all. I might even watch it again, soon!

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