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The Patriot

one of my favorites
this movie makes me proud to be an american. yes i know it DOES have historical inaccuracies but this is a movie, not a history text book. i think the subject of the american revolution is perfect for a movie. it is good to watch with all this current was histeria we're going thru. it might revive your sense of patriotism. i wish all you europeans would stop ragging on americans as a whole. if YOU do not like this movie, don't go so far as bashing an entire country for the making of a couple hollywood producers who wanted to make a few dollars. and if you don't like americans, who cares. i'm proud to be one. but as far as the movie goes, its great. mel gibson is so wonderful (as always). as far as the war scenes go, they were great. some were kind of graphic......i.e. mel slashing his tomahawk on all those well check it out. i recommend watching this movie to anyone...... 10 if not 50 stars out of 10....


great show
i have nothing but love for this show. it has great potential. i think it will last for a long time. it brings a bit of relief to some of the shows w.b. airs. some are old and past their prime but Everwood is a breath of fresh air. i hope this show lasts for a good while. 9 stars out of 10.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

good movie
i saw this in theater. it was quite good. a decent movie. pirate movies are so good. they are adventurous and you can wander back to your childhood. my mom even enjoyed it. my fried its a good change for the usual stuff hollywood throws at us. orlando bloom is very hott. johnny depp is pretty sexy himself. great acting. kudos to the writers and the whole crew. this is DEFINITELY a winner. 10 stars out of 10.

Monsters, Inc.

great movie
i love pixar movies. especially this one. it is so cute and funny. billy crystal is great. pixar also has a nack for appeasing ALL audiences. a lot of kiddy movies are too cheesy to entertain adults, but pixar avoids that. its a great way to laugh and enjoy yourself. kudos! 10 stars out of 10.

Little Women

heartwarming movie
this is a wonderful re-make. what a delightful movie. this is the type of movie you watch on a cold winter's night or for a holiday movie. it shows what family is all about. if you like family oriented movies, then i suggest that you watch this. i have watched it many times and i never grow tired of it. every casting was just absoulutely perfect. 9 stars out of 10.

The Accused

a movie with a moving message
i saw this movie not too long ago. its pretty disgusting what goes on in our society not to mention our legal system. what a terrible thing to do to a human being. i know that sarah tobias was a "questionable character" doesn't make the crime less of a crime. i mean they took advantage of her!! although i find it very stupid for her to have taken drugs though. jodie foster and kelly mcgillis make a great pair. awesome acting. good job to all the actors and actresses.

Road to Perdition

sad but good
my dad recently bought this movie on dvd. i had intended on seeing it in theaters but never got to. i watched it with my mom, but i found myself getting a little bored. its a very depressing movie. i prefer movies that are a little more "happy", but i do enjoy a good crime drama. the acting was great. if you like movies like road to perdition, watch the godfather or goodfellas. frankly, this movie isn't my type. but being an open-minded and curious person, i checked it out. if you have a better attention span than i do, than watch this movie. :) 7 stars out of 10....good drama....

Any Day Now

good show....but it seems a little far-fetched
ok i didn't grow up in the 60s. i know that there was major racial tension. but come on, do you really think a white girl and a black girl would be best friends back then? a realistic white girl would not even much less talk to a black girl. this show seems to be very liberal. i.e. every white person (except M.E. of course) is a racist creep, rene's parents being loving and accpeting to M.E. yet M.E.'s parents treat rene like a leech, and M.E. has kkk family members. it just seems to be liberal propoganda. but honestly do you think mary elizabeth's politically correct actions of "befriending a black girl" would have existed back then??? people in general just didn't think back then like we do now. for instance i am friends with minorities. as a white person, that would have been un-acceptable. and the show always mentions racism. it is not the 60s any more. our country has matured in that section. these are just some problems i have with the show. the show is very addicting. i love it. it has special values and interests. i watch it whenever its on. i know i sound very irritated with it, i just don't like the propoganda in it. someone correct me if i'm wrong about this.....the flashbacks are a good spice to the show. 7 stars out of 10.

The Osbournes

its all right
all right, i used to really hate this show. i find no point in it whatsoever. but it kind of grows on you. i find myself cracking up when i watch it. even my mom does! i enjoy seeing the dogs! i feel bad for ozzy. he looks like washed up, brain dead, and just plain weak. hey, thats what drugs do. i feel bad for him because he just looks bad. this family is beyond dysfunctional. i don't understand why they have to use the F word in every other sentence because it just isn't neccessary. this is something i watch when i have nothing better to do or there is nothing else on. i don't take it very seriously. 6 stars out of 10.

Bring It On

good movie
i like this movie. i don't take it very seriously though. kirsten dunst could do a little better on her acting. the cheers are fun. i think some of the profanity could have been cut out. i find it un-neccessary. i mean the target audience is teenagers (me included). i think it should be a better influence. its just cheesy fun. nothing more nothing less. 7 stars out of 10.

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

fun little movie
this is a classic. i really enjoy watching this movie. everything about it is so fun and creative. what child wouldn't want to tour a mystical chocolate factory? i wish a place like willy wonka's factor DID exist. every person needs to see this at least once in their child hood. hey, i'm 15 and i still adore the movie. one thing i do not like is veruca. i find myself wanting to smack her. hehe. i still find myself singing the oompa loompa song every so often. this movie will grow on you. watch it and enjoy. show it to your children. 9 stars out of 10.


good movie
i am a big fan of tom hanks. he is a wonderful actor and is a wonderful comedienne. i like original and creative movies. mermaids is one of those fairy tale things that is fun to think about. nice little romance. good cast. 8 stars out of 10.


i love this movie. it is so good. very original. steven spielberg is a wonderful director. i enjoy everything about this movie. even though the prim audience is probably children, the humor is more targeted at adults; the lawyer humor, etc. i was quite young when it first came out, i was 3, so i didn't understand everything about it of course. this was so creative. what if peter pan grew up? this is one of my favorite movies. robin williams adds some of his delightful comedy in this. watch and enjoy. 10 stars out of 10.

The Nanny

great tv show
i really enjoy this show. there are re-runs on lifetime and i stay up later just to watch them. i get a lot of laughs. fran drescher is one of a kind. her nasal voice and her queens accent is adorable. i used to watch it long before it was canceled but not religiously. i'm starting to really enjoy it. the chemistry between all the actors is wonderful. i would suggest it to anyone. 9 stars out of 10.

Toy Story 2

excellent sequel
pixar is awesome. i loved toy story and i loved toy story 2. usually sequels aren't as good as the original. but toy story 2 is just as great as the first. since it has tom hanks and tim allen in the lead roles, you can guarentee comedy. theres good dialogue, NO bores , awesome animation (as usual), and like i said....hilarious comedy (no cheesy gags). what more could one ask in a movie, not to mention a sequel? check it out. 10 stars out of 10.

Even Stevens

i love this show. i used to despise it but i've grown to adore it. louis makes me laugh because he has unique humor like none other. i'm sure there is NO family like the steven's family. kids like louis are few and far between. and ren, the "perfect"its a lot better than that crappy lizzie mcguire. here are the differences: even stevens doesn't have the paper and glue sterotypes like lizzie mcguire, the plot is ALWAYS hilarious on even stevens rather than on lizzie mcguire is just plain stupid humor if there is any at all, and it is pretty much un-predictable. i'll admit even stevens does have some mild sterotypes, but they're not as terrible as your usual sitcoms. it is beyond me why lizzie mcguire is more famous than even stevens. well enough about lizzie mcguire. most of even stevens is slap stick humor. you know, laughing at louis's dumb stunt or remarks. sure it is a little corny and cheesy at times, but we can look past that. its definitely a classic. 10 stars out of 10.

Cast Away

wonderful movie, but very sad
this is a pretty original movie. what would you do if you were stuck on an un-known south pacific island by yourself? i liked the quiet nature of it. i mean tom hanks is on his own the majority of the movie. that must be really lonely to be without human interaction for 4 years. his loneliness gets the best of him and he forms a "friendship" with with a volleyball he names wilson....get it? hehe. a lot of the elements were pretty depressing. tom hanks does add his flavorful humor though. very superior acting (its pretty much a one-man show). helen hunt did really good. its not exactly a feel good movie, but it is quite enjoyable. if you have a quiet nature and enjoy more serious dramatic movies, this is for you. i loved it. 10 stars out of 10.

You've Got Mail

cute movie
i don't remember much about this movie being that it was a long time ago that i saw it but i remember enough to comment. this movie is really cute. cute. its not like your typical romances. these two hate it eachother in the real world but love eachother on the web. very unique and original. its pretty clean from what i remember. correct me if i'm wrong. i love tom hanks. he is one of my favorite actors. check it out. enjoy! 8 stars out of 10.

Finding Nemo

loved it!
what a delightful movie. the animation is very cool, unique and definitely original. i had been wanting to see this for a long time. disney sure can make excellent movies. i haven't seen a pixar movie i didn't like. i think this company is rising. i hope i will see more classics like this in years to come. they're always original, clever, and un-predictable. heck i'm 15 years old and i still would choose this movie over most of the cheesy teen flicks. pixar always manages to put in good comedy in their movies. i laughed a lot during this movie. pixar always manages to make a movie that entertains all audiences. well i've raved enough about pixar so i'll get straight to the point. finding nemo offers a joyful time. a fun and cute little flick. check it out. very adult friendly to. my parents got a kick out of it. me and my friend absolutely adored it and we're a group over 10! 10 stars out of 10.


i love and adore this show. compelling drama and un-predictable events add to the flavor. i can't count how many times i've been shocked by some of the events or actions on this show. heck sometimes it makes me cry. by the way noah wyle is very sexy as dr. carter! dr. carter just happens to be my favorite. i don't know if all the medical talk and such are accurate on this show though. i mean it IS hollywood. thursday nights are always exciting for me. if you haven't seen this show, i do recommend you see it. be prepared for the gore though! 10 stars out of 10.............


good, freaky movie with a lesson
people get pushed to the edge. look around you. all these shootings at high schools..... kids are cruel and mean if you're the least bit different. everyone has been teased at least once in their life. it doesn't feel to good. it probably doesn't feel to hot when a bunch of people are in on it. carrie is the perfect example of a person pushed to the edge. her life isn't that easy. her neurotic mother and the kids at school pressure her. one day after P.E. carrie is in the shower. she has her period. she has no idea what is going on. you would think she would know about the "female functions" at this point in her life. the girls throw pads and tampons at her. one girl, sue, feels guilt for taking part in this mean action. her and the gym teacher are the only two people who seem to pitty carrie. sue tries to help carrie. her boyfriend tommy, the school's popular hunk, asks her to the senior prom. carrie is thrilled. this nice act backfires terribly. what she doesn't know is that kris, the school's meanest "beeeyach", is planning a prank on her. everyone is surprised by the prank. carrie goes mad. her powers go haywire. this movie shows what can happen as a result of the childish actions of a bunch of snot nose brats. if you make fun of people to boost yourself than shame on you. this movie seems to teach a good lesson here. one of stephen king's horror stories being a lesson? hmmmmm.......... the movie isn't the least bit scary. sure its a little eerie and freaky. it makes you feel sorry for people like carrie white. think twice about how you treat people. because you could push someone to the edge with your cruel mouth. 8 stars out of 10...............

Blue Crush

this movie was ok. thats all i can say is ok. the plot is cheesy. not much of a plot as it is. couldn't there have been more scenes on the beautiful hawaiian islands? i mean they could have shown a little more footage around the islands. not just the hotel. there doesn't seem to be a lot of chemistry between ann marie and her football playing lover. they could have been a little more creative. why didn't they make a team up? or even use a REAL team. the acting isn't anything to write home about. the dialog is cheesy and pointless. this could have been a really good movie. i was somewhat disappointed. i do enjoy the footage in the water however. this movie is like a simple glue/scissor project. more effort could have been put into it. i give it 6 stars out of 10. not terrible but it COULD be better.

Romeo + Juliet

this was kind of an odd movie. we watched it in my english class because we were currently studying the play. if they wanted people who aren't shakespeare scholars to understand the play, couldn't they have modernized the english? i know they wanted shakespeare "flavor" but it was just a jumbled up dramatic mess. all they did was scream at eachother and do crazy things. i was kind of looking forward to it ending. i was almost lost in a sense. leonardo and claire don't go right together. i think it was a mistake to cast claire as juliet. what is so wrong with keeping it back in the elizabethan time? just with modern english. and with swords. guns make it so wrong. i would have enjoyed it a lot more if the english was modernized. shakespeare wrote magnificent plays. i think this was a good attempt for an adaption. i just think it could have been done better. no crazy and weird scenes. i might sound closed minded and traditional but some things are just better kept original. 5 stars out of 10.

Sweet Home Alabama

cute little movie
~*~*~POTENTIAL SPOILERS~*~*~i just rented this movie on DVD. i had wanted to see it for a very long time. i am very impressed with what i saw. they made it somewhat unpredictable. "jake or andrew"? "jake or andrew"? you find the answer at the end of the movie. of course you DO know who she picks in the end. thats the whole point of the movie. melanie re-discovers her lost self and how she's not truly happy unless she's home. it might not be glamorous but its home! despite all the townspeople being white trash or slow, etc.), its still a wonderful movie. you can take a girl out of the south, but you can't take the south out of the girl! watch the movie!its really good! 9 stars out of 10..............


i love mike myers. sure he's somewhat crude but he's still funny. now i usually don't watch animated movies unless they are disney. but i wasn't close minded on this one. disney makes good movies of course. why not other companies take a stab at it? a delightful comedy intended for both children and adults. i do think a lot of the humor is more for adults though. i was surprised to hear a few cuss words. children still love it though. aside from that..its a very good movie. 8 stars out of 10...........

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