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Neko zamurai

What started as an amusing jidaigeki ended like a cat person's vanity-project to show the World how cuddly a cat is and how the characters go crazy over them. Sigh...

Terminator Salvation

Ok, sure as hell better than what's come recently
Could've been better without Sam, Moon, Common and Michael. Guess that why Christian lost his mind.

The Foreigner

Jackie Chan IS the Moronic Bad Guy in this.
He keeps on attacking Brosnan's character like a moron. Just because he had past connections with the IRA. With all the skills he had, he couldn't at the very least find someone more current. SMDH

All the drama was wasted after that. I couldn't care less what happened to his daughter, because he's an equally awful person.

Batman: Hush

I didn't like the new(?) style. Wish it was the usual one.

Sandy Wexler

Jennifer Hudson
If there's anything this movie succeeded in the most, is it puts you in Sandy's shoes and make you fall madly in love with Courtney.

Kudos to everyone that framed that so beautifully.

Kakushi toride no san akunin

Too cliched and corny for a jidaigeki fan.

Watch the original if you want samurai drama without the corny love angles and whatnot.


The sword fights were terrible. Yuki Meguro's efforts aside. Which is a shame because the cinematography is breathtaking.

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