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The Stepford Wives

GREAT COMEDY- just don't' take it seriously POSSIBLE SPOILERS
Too many people reviewing this take the film too seriously- or they went in expecting far too much. I loved the film, however in saying that, it had potential to be a whole lot better.

Nicole Kidman's role is pretty bland though, and there's not much she could do with it. Bette Midler is the standout in the film- back in top shape as far as comedy is concerned. Roger Bart is a real discovery in this film- and hopefully he'll be in more comedies in the future. It's nice to see a stereotype in a film after so much political correctness.

Having also seen a test screening of the film though, I can reveal Frank oz's original cut was a hell of a lot better than the final cut. There's a thread on the IMDb messageboards were I go into detail on the changes that have been made.

The comedy is very Will And Grace, current-events sort of sitcom comedy-a rarity on the big screen. There are some really great jokes (things you can do with a pinecone), parts that amuse (the opening sequence and the reality show satire), and some interesting special effects. However, the new 'Larry King' ending confuses people a lot- as well as the Cartoon bit. These were added after the test screenings, and shouldn't have been. The original ending had the women inside robotic bodies, but there human brains intact. The ending scene has Joanna leaving Stepford, and Bobbie malfunctioning (the 'Goodbye, seeya' bit in the trailer)- and means that there aren't any plot holes in the film.

The editing leaves some slow parts in the film, and the movie should have been longer. Frank Oz left out a scene (that will be on the DVD almost definitely), that he'll regret leaving out- and would've livened up the movie so much. In it, Joanna stabs Bobbie (a bit of tension for those who complained the movie wasn't dark enough), she malfunctions and displays her functions- including built in fridge, speakers (head flies off and spins around to demonstrate orgasm), whisk, and lawnmower.

All in all though, I thought the movie was great. It had some biting satire, hilarious jokes. I think people are too used to either incredibly witty banter in movies (sort of a cross between Neil Simon, Quentin Tarantino and Jerry Seinfeld) or incredibly stupid gross-out movies- and that's why they couldn't accept this movie.

See the Stepford Wives for a good cinema-going experience.

Revenge of the Stepford Wives

I just saw this film today and thought it was entertaining. I've seen the original Stepford Wives and read the book- and I'm a big fan, but I don't really take this film seriously. Some of the acting is bad- the Stepford Wives are nowhere near as great in this one than in the original- in this one the robotic acting isn't that good. But I still like the plot- and it's very entertaining, and unintenionally funny. I knew I recognised Julie Kavners voice- i checked IMDB and she sounds excatly like Selma from the simpsons in real life! Anyway- I wouldn't say it was a really bad film- and the ending was great!

Parent Trap III

not good
This film right now is on tv in the UK. The film is very vague and the whole 'Parent Trap' plot and title used to gain the movie some respect. Hayley Mills characters only begin appearing alot after 45 minutes of the movie and eventually the whole triplets/parent trap gimmick becomes tiresome.

The Golden Palace

Great Show
This show is currently playing in Living TV in the UK, i've been taping. Anyway this show is very good and very funny. Maybe it was ended as a combination that Bea Arthur was right- that THe Golden Girls outstayed it's welcome. But Dorothy is a noticeable absence. There are still 3 girls- But Sophia strictly wouldn't be counted as a golden girl- she's a main character but the other three are the ones always still dating and fighting- Sohia's just pure comedy, Anyway- no one else can be sarcastic to Rose as Dorothy can- which is noticeably misses- but this show is just as funny- and may as well just be thought of as another season of the Golden Girls- tohugh the tune and title chagned- between scenes it plays those little melodies and all still. They should someday have either a reunion golden girls episode- or a full theatrical Movie or something

This show is great.

The Ellen Show

This show should've been given a chance.
Everyone should've gave this show a chance. I think if the networks kept it on for another season it might've took off. When 'Ellen' ended it was because in her last season she focused far too much about her opinions and of being a lesbian than anything else. Now there's hardly a mention, people probably wanted a tiny bit more of it, after all 4 years (from the time 'Ellen was cancelled) means things have changed, Will and Grace is out and everyone wants more of that humour. The networks probably cancelled it because the show was trying to become a Mary Tyler Moore reunion show, it was ok Mary playing her aunt, and Cloris her mum, but Betty White and Ed Asner, I think the show would've went right through Mary Tyler Moores cast list. But still, this show was very funny with a good cast, the next time ellen gets a show, keep it!


This show is over rated and no good.
The only reason that this show is still popular is because it was the first sitcom to use the whole storyline and plot. It was the original, out a while longer than the rest. so as soon as Ellen and Drew Carey and all came out (not long after) Friends already had an audience, everyone thought these other shows were clones and friends was the best. It survives now only because the characters are very over the top, extreme and daft, not to mention dumb. They seem to try to hard to make you laugh, I think the directors just want to see what they can get away with. It has been announced another season of friends to be made, I'm gonna watch the last two eps, praying there'll be a really, sad ending, that'll finally kill the show.

The World According to Garp

Alot of Funny Parts, but didn't get it first time.
I've just watched the World According to Garp, and I didn't really get some of the movie, it moved so fast sometimes. It did have alot of funny parts, most with Roberta. I think Roberta should have more scenes than she had. Now I've watched it I'm gonna buy the book to understand this more, and of course watch this film again.

Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy

First, I'd like to say, this movie wasn't that good. The only good part was the tense excitement of when the Mummy kills someone, the killings are quick except for Morris, which was a bit stupid and funny that one. But the killings were expected. The Aztec costume worn by Norman (thank god he has never been in another movie, if someone stared at you with eyes rolling in their head, would you stand there? Well in this the rest of them do) looks like something rejected from those old B-Movies. and another thing, the mummy is kind of a stereotype, he walks like both legs are in plaster, like he's been stabbed and is weakening, he walks slowly as though he was absolutely dumb. The Mummy looks like the took a real big gorrila, took a freeze frame of Mr.Ed's face, glued it on to him and put on bandages. And as in all these dumb remakes made for no reason, when someone talks about an ancient civilisation they talk too drammatically, with too much passion, and most of all, they talk crap- that's what Norman does. Only watch if you enjoy murder scenes (which aren't very good, they're killed with a sickle shaped knife, you hardly see blood, except a few shots way into the film of the three dead bodies there from earlier. This movie could've been made by anyone, with no effects needed at all.


Shock Treatment

Catchy Good Movie
Everybody that watches this movie shouldn't compare it to Rocky Horror Picture Show. O'Brien said this is an equal not a sequel to rocky horror. However if it were to be compared as two normal movies Rocky Horror would be better, but this would come close. Cliff DeYoungs Performance as Brad is what spoiled the movie. Jessica Harper was acceptable as Janet Majors, after all Susan Sarandon was looking $1 Million whilst RHPS only cost about $2.5 Million, and Barry Bostwick was busy on other projects. Bostwick or anyone else for that matter could have played Brad, but not DeYoung. After watching 3 times you understand the movie, and get hooked on the songs. All in all a catchy good Movie, 7.5/10

A Twist of the Knife

A great Murder Mystery
This movie, one which is part of The Diagnosis Murder series, is a well acted murder mystery. Unlike some episodes of Diagnosis Murder,It doesnt show the viewers who the Murderer is and then show how the Doctors solve the murder, it is writeen so we're just as puzzled as the characters, meaning everyone is always trying to think who it might be. A great movie, I give it 8 out of Ten.

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