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The Call of the Wild

CGI should BANNED from the Oscars
There just isn't any reason to watch these "fabricated movies" anymore. If want CGI I'd watch a comic-book cartoon which is what this really is and that's a shame. Gone are the days where it took real actors and animals had to interact with each other and then you saw the magic between them. The Oscars should ban any movie that has CGI fakery or have a special category for them that is "special manufactured characters/animals" and not be eligible for best movie. I see a bleak future where ALL movie characters are fake and the human beings and animals are no longer part of the Hollywood magic, only computer nerds and fake reality will exist. Thank god for books and digital copies lol.

The Irishman

The WAY "over the hill gang" strikes again in PHOTOSHOP fakery
I thought Instagram was was the photoshop app to make OLD people look younger, but NOOOO I was wrong! Hollywood CGI tries to keep these OLD HACK actors relevant and employed. This movie is so long and boring that I dozed off in theater. I have no doubt that FAKE Hollywood Oscar voting with give all the awards to this filmbecause they feel sorry for the burned out hacks. Any industry that GIVES Oscars to the lousy actors like DeCaprio, McConaughey, or Penn surely will give oodles of Oscars to this low interest film.

The Mummy

Proof Tom Cruise can't act once again!
I lasted about 20 minutes into this disastrous remake and I had shut it off. Tom "The Joke" Cruise proved without a doubt he can't carry a movie, a movie has to carry him and this one stalled out the gate.The movie starts with a princess supposedly in Cairo near the great pyramids, anyone who did any research knows that the desert they are shown surrounded by was in fact a lush green fertile plain at the time (5,000 years ago) due to Nile river flooding. No character development just a couple of loud mouthed military wannabes who are clueless in the profession of arms. Then magically they find a tomb and have an archaeologist who couldn't make in through my 3rd grade science class much less a believable professional archaeologist. Shaking my head in disgust at this point. Total waste of time!

The Revenant

Man in the Wilderness RIPOFF
The movie is nothing more than a Hollywood ripoff. See "Man in the Wilderness". (1971). Starring Richard Harris and John Huston. This includes the bear attack and left for dead. An Absolute RIPOFF. Sorry this is a joke just like Leo for doing such a sham! The same can be said of Will Smith's I am Legend. A Hollywood Ripoff of the Omega Man. (1971). Starring Charlton Heston Anthony Zerbe. Right down to the zombies and his blood cure.

When will Hollywood get through their heads that just changing the title and actors doesn't make this a different film. This is a ripoff of a classic film.

Leo should be embarrassed!

Hangar 1: The UFO Files

Absolutely BOGUS!
I though this series would at least try to be realistic, not happening. Reverse engineered technology from ALIENS is not only ludicrous, but un-provable and a fraud. There is not one shred of evidence that ANY of this is more than pure nonsense. FACT: the drone lost over Iran in 2011 had lost its data signal for control and guidance. Fact: the drone is DESIGNED to spiral in for a crash free landing. Alien flying saucers or tractor beams are PURE Science Fiction as is this entire series! Do not waste your time watching this bogus series as I have. I am VERY disappointed this kind of Sci-Fi is passed off as more than a Gene Roddenberry rip-off.


Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Meets Cowboys and Aliens
Awful acting Awful Plot (soooo predictable) Let me see if I can even explain:

Scientist (actors) who have no clue about procedures or protocols Unprotected sex automatically leads to impregnation Scientists take helmets off in an alien environment Android commits murder Wow the ones we went to find are evil Aliens are stronger than humans, but we always win Suicide is so easy for these cowboys New Alien pops out of old alien, mutated for some reason

Glad I waited until this was on HBO before I saw it! Never watching it again, nor the sequel.

Safe House

The Sound Quality was AWFUL!
To put in a one word AWFUL! I just watched this twice on HBO (two different satellite stations) and I could not hear the actors over the background noise. I turned the sound all the way up on my Sharp Aquos. I adjusted very sound setting I could find and still no help. I thought maybe my TV was going bad or the satellite signal was weak. I ended up watching it with closed captioning turned on which ruined the movie! Maybe the movie is good,(it sure looked like it), but from overall entertainment experience it was dreadful. I did follow up with a friend of mine and said exactly the same thing: very poor sound quality that ruined the movie. So why am I writing this review? I wanted to ensure that all aspects of the movie are reviewed, not just the film itself, but the whole experience.


Absolute Worst Movie I have Seen!
So much hype and promise, but this movie falls very short. The Characters are not believable. The dialogue is impossible to follow. The plot is under developed and chaotic. Hanna's journey is disjointed and implausible. The manhole to hummer scene is impossible. The family of gypsy's is a rip-off of a 60's wannabe perfect family unit, without the drugs. Tracking people without so much as a minor clue is just a fabrication of cluelessness. The audience is left more dazed and confused than entertained. The teeth cleaning scene and tools leaves one wondering maybe Marissa just needs to go to the dentist to rid her of her mean streak. I have always like Cate Blanchett, but this one is not one to be proud of or repeated. Glad I did not waste money at a theater to see this one!

Apollo 18

Two non-American Astronauts on a 70's top secret mission?
Some movies are doomed before they are ever made. In this case, it is casting two non-Americans as Astronauts during a time (1970s) when the US was suspicious of ever country. Therefore, with a total lack of regard for this tiny, but historically significant fact the Casting blows this movie from the start. Why on earth (or in space for that matter) would you cast Irish and Canadian born actors as the US military leads on a top-secret mission? Believability has to be factored in and in this case, the movie has no chance of being seemingly realistic. This has nothing to do with race or heritage, but with a simple fact of casting the right type of people for the characters you want portrayed in the movie. (Like casting Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, it does not work). Please do not get me wrong Christie and Robbins do a creditable job, but to believe in a quasi-documentary style movie the characters have to believable. My point being that the Space programs belonged to US and Russia at the time and lead characters needed to be strong US type, not actors trying to be American. The Space program of the 1960s and 70s was about national pride and military strength. To that end, Apollo 18 falls amazingly short.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

WTFO? What a useless meaningless movie
Why would anyone watch this movie more than once? I wanted to turn it off after the first 30 minutes. I thought it would get better knowing that Ewen McGregor and George Clooney were the main characters, I was wrong. I should have know better when I found out Kevin "No Talent" Spacey was part of the cast. Jeff Bridges did nothing to disprove he is past his prime and has nothing further to offer moviegoers. There was significant character building, but no real use of the building throughout the movie. Characters flew into the plot for no apparent reason and then add nothing to provide clarity to a confusing and direction-less scenes. Sorry, but this is one of the worst movies I have seen in quite some time.

Fool's Gold

What a waste of a good actors!
Another dud with Matthew McConaughey in the lead role. He proves once again he cannot act! Absolutely no plot and no suspense, just imagine swimming up to the beach and find the bell from a ship. The comedy is hit and miss, but mostly miss. Trying to pass Ewen Bremner off as a Ukrainin is a poor role choice for a Scot. Kate Hudson never finds herself in this movie. Alexis Dziena does an admirable jobs as a bimbo and is actually believable. Donald Sutherland should have known better than to get involved with a movie featuring McConaughey. This a pretty boy, pretty girl find the treasure on the beach movie. This movie misses all the marks and needs to be washed out to sea and lost for the ages.

The Last Broadcast

Total Ripoff of Blair Witch Project!
Just watched it...a Blair Witch Project ripoff...How could anyone believe that modern video equipment would produce such poor shoving a guy and the video goes bananas...carrying a monitor around the woods, what a joke, these guys could not carry a monitor across the room...ATF investigating, not a chance in the real world. Even the actors cannot keep a straight face in most of the shots. Blair Which Project built characters from the ground up, this backyard quality movie doesn't even have characters. The title of the movie has it right, the producers, writers, editors, and actors should have seen their last broadcast. I would never pay to see anything of this poor quality.


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