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Scream 2

A sequel that lives up to the original
I have always loved scream and believe that it is one of the greatest movies i will watch for a while.

Scream 2 is another death in the beginning and guess throughout, while others have died there are more people around Sidney this time which leaves even more suspects for Sid and us to suspect and wonder just how save she really is.

I found the acting on this one to be well above average and i can't really fault anyone's acting and i have to admit that i really do like Sarah Michelle gellar and i found her to be an amazing little actress in this one as well.

The plot hasn't run thin even though there isn't the largest revelations in the world, there certainly is a few twists which result in one hell of a movie somehow linking itself to the first scream ever so well without just delving into the roots to make a stupid cop-out sequel just for money.

The death scenes aren't the largest amount of blood you will ever see but it does have more than the first one so you have been warned, of course this film tries to pull on heart strings so depending on who you take a liking to you might just find yourself upset with the result of your favourite cause i know i was.

Overall, this film is a great sequel that can't be ignored so ignore the low star rating, watch it yourself and i'm sure you'll find yourself pleasantly surprised that you have.

Black Christmas

Greatest slasher of all time
This movie is one of the most strangest, darkest and creepiest thing i have ever seen. To start off with you have the setup with a bunch of sorority girls in a sorority house (kinda obvious). But while they have a little party our unseen killer climbs up into the attic something which at that time would have still been original and i strangely found myself freaked out by this even though it's been done before.

Then we have the disturbing phone call by one that the girls have called the moaner, and the call is disturbing and extremely obscene. Then we see the first house girl die and i still don't know who made the noises.

Then we have searching for the missing girl when she doesn't show up to meet her father which is worse when we already know she is dead. You then have the usual and some more depressing scenes and death of another.

Another depressing thing is when Barb is killed i felt so depressed, i mean Jess is downstairs and if it weren't for the fact that she was listening to carol singers then she would have known sooner to get out of there sooner and also worn Phyllis (not sure of spelling).

And when at the end she is told to get out of the house as the calls are coming inside, and she does the exact opposite and goes up the stairs, I just immediately thought that that's it for her, she is going to die. The eye scene had me freaked but not as much as the ending, I just thought so sad for her and what is even worse that the killer still being in the attic, i just didn't sleep for the next two days.

This is the greatest movie ever in my opinion and if you haven't seen it and like scary, intense movies then this is perfect.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Love the film but still not as good as number 1
This film ignores the elm street 2 and continues 6 years where the 1st left off. Now Nancy (Heather Langenkamp) returns as an intern for sleep patterns etc. At first she is unaware that the kids are being tormented in their dreams by the legendary Fred Kruegar, but soon she runs into Freddy in dreamland and Freddy easily recognises her and this is where the movie can become more interesting.

Some downsides is this is where Freddy begins to become comedic but not to bad effect in this movie and it's not too over the top. I personally think that this film has some inventive death scenes and the puppet scene always freaks me out though i'm not quite sure why and seeing as I watch much T.V I must personally say that I think I'll give up the T.V or i just might die that way.

There are quite a few memorable scenes and I honestly believe that Nancy was perfect in this movie, and the idea of dream powers was a good idea but this idea wasn't used fully or this movie could have been better but it gave the basis for what it needed to show that just because you have dream powers it doesn't mean that you have no fears and this can be shown quite well although mainly in my opinion in one scene.

I believe the acting was brilliant as i have already mentioned Heather Langenkamp and others such as Petricia Arquette and John Saxon and of course the wonderful Robert Englund who portrays once again the fearsome Freddy and he does it so well that It deserves such mention as some people don't respect him in such a way and it's a shame as he is very talented.

So in my words of wisdom if you've watched the 1st nightmare on elm street then should definitely watch this if you haven't already and if you haven't seen any of them then this is a great one although you may appreciate it more if you watch the 1st one before this one.

Black Christmas

Good but not as good as the original
This film has its moments but to start off with you don't get any decent suspense which is fine by me because I don't always need suspense to get a movie rolling for me. In my opinion it had a lot of likable characters and though it may only be me I did care for most of the lovely ladies that die.

On slasher flicks, i would have to say that there is a standard amount of gore in this and it gives a back story which is something that the original didn't do but it is entirely up to you on whether this is a good thing or not.

To be positive the movie hosts some lovely death scenes such as eyes being ripped out and eaten and being stabbed in the eye. I believe that near the end the movie seems to reach it's peak and though not give the greatest climax it certainly delivers an interesting ending depending on which version you watch version u.k or u.s.

A back story is an interesting move and personally i liked it as did my friends but the original didn't introduce a back story which therefore made the movie much more intense and creepy but i preferred the idea of a back story but once again this is my opinion.

If you're into a little hack and slash then this movie would be perfect for you, if you're looking for dark, creepy and less gory then look into the original.

This film is one of the ultimate slay rides.

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