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127 Hours

An empty guy falls into a hole, spends a lot of time in there looking for ways out and into himself, finding that his life was empty. He then cuts his arm and liberates himself. Period. That's the plot. What was good: music, some scenes with his camcorder. What was bad: shaky camera work, lack of any food for thought. I could not detect any character development, although some of the reviewers were exulting about the human spirit etc. What I saw was a reckless alpha-male, who even in that terrible situation kept thinking about females and even attempted to masturbate. Unless you are into one-man-horror movies, skip this one. A 6 out of 10 is a very generous vote here - this work is very mediocre.

Devrim Arabalari

Avoid this movie
Come on, this movie is way too overrated! OK, it is shot well, acting is OK( although it is overacted at times), the plot moves along smoothly. Overall, it feels a lot like a very long advertisement, promoting Turkish automobile industry which would not disturb those viewers who are particularly interested in cars, for instance, or advertisements. After the actor ends his long speech with a climactic voice, what is lacking is not more than a sound at the background uttering the name of the brand.

Even this wouldn't be too disturbing had the movie not condoned the 1960 coup d'etat. The cars in question are ordered by Cemal pasha so he overcomes his inferiority complex that Turks cannot even make a needle. The car is branded Revolution, just as the coup was euphemistically called in those days (and even today), but not appreciated by the general public, who simply do not understand what is bestowed upon them.

The best engineers of the country come together to finish the business while we are supposed to be thrilled as we watch the countdown to the deadline for the production of the car. The message delivered in the movie is simply too disturbing for anyone in their right mind: don't criticize and don't argue - just obey the orders and make sacrifices to achieve the goals set by the Leader. Even a smile from the Leader provokes waves of happiness, while letting him down would amount to betraying the country.

To summarize: the artistic value of the move is low (very much like a TV soap opera), and the political message is repulsive. If you want a good Turkish movie, do yourself a favor and watch Uc Maymun by Nur Bilge Ceyhan or Bes valid by Reha Erdem. Don't waste your time with this one as I unfortunately did.


An awful movie!
This movie is bad. Not annoying bad because I watched it till the end.Just bad.

The main idea is curious - enough for a short story - but nothing more. On top of that, the plot lacks consistency - how is it that you get so many zero-lovers (?) in the same district of some far-away American village. But perhaps it is not supposed to be consistent.

The acting is OK, although it is very amateurish at times. It is a bit weird how Hollywood or its offspring produces the clones of famous actors. Is it to make a low budget movie more attractive?

And it's not funny. Didn't quite understand why it gets the credit for being a comedy here and even a good one! So if you are out to get a comedy that actually makes you laugh, go look for something else.

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