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Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

In my top 5 list of my favorite joke
I had wanted to see this film badly so when I walked in the theater I was already very excited..but nothing could prepare me for HOW GOOD IT IS!....Hands down to Disney who FINALLY make a stupendousely entertaining movie..good move on their part.You walk out of the theater in utter refreshment...and Pirates..will leave you satisfied and worth your 6 bucks, definatley the best movie of the summer no competition. You got it all in one movie..comedy,action,drama,romance...and each genre is pulled off with magnificence. Orlando Bloom is the heroic hottie that proved that he can play more than a blonde elf, and of course I think he's hot property for young Hollywood. The same goes for Miss Kiera Knightly, who is stunningly beautiful and Im looking forward for more of her. Geoffery Rush is of course the perfect bad guy who manages to reach into your heart. HOWEVER HATS OFF TO JOHNNY DEPP! As I've read on here everyone is saying the smae thing Mr. Depp steals the show. Before this movie Depp was OK for me I didn't love but I didn't hate him, however after watching this movie I've grown to idolize the guy. He's ASTOUNDING as Cpt. Jack Sparrow, the eccentric good-guy pirate. He also has these really funny one liners throughout the whole movie that are worth your money just to see him act out. I BOW DOWN TO JOHHNY DEPP for without a doubt providing the best performance of the summer or if I dare say so far this year! Go JOHNNY! GO SEE THIS MOVIE! I have yet to see a bad review on here and believe me if you don't enjoy this movie somethiings the matter with you..:) SCORE:8.5 out of 10

The Mists of Avalon

"Love" isnt the word......
Alright from what Ive read on here there has been a bunch of mixed reviews. Let me just say that this has to be one of my top 5 favorite movies. Its the type of movie that stays with you.. and you keep thinking about it days after you've watched it. I rented this at blockbuster because Im obsessed with Arthurian Legend so I was anxious to see this. Well after I saw this I had to go out and buy it a week later because I just kept thinking about it. The acting couldn't have been better(not to mention Michael Vartan and Edward Atterton are easy on the eyes as Arthur and Lancelot:) Well, after seeing the movie I ran to Barnes and Nobles and got the book..and am anxious to start reading it. And I must add that out of every Camelot movie I've ever seen(and believe me I've seen every one under the sun :) This is by far one of the best, if not the best. It also has a killer soundtrack that Im hoping to buy So, basically any fan of Camelot legend, more than likely will enjoy it, even if you arent familiar with the legend this is probably the best movie to learn about it(personally its a bit more realistic and true to the tale than Merlin was)SO GO RENT IT! YOU"LL LIKE IT! lol

Clone High

This is exactly the type of show I've been waiting for! What else makes better television then having Abe Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ghandi, Cleopatra, and Joan of Arc, among guest *stars* like Van Gogh, Paul Revere and Marie Antoinette; than having them all attend high school together! Being a HUGE history person I immediately tuned in for the premiere episode and loved it! While I agree its no Daria its definately worth your while, especially if you like history and want a good laugh and see Joan of Arc having a crush on Abe Lincoln. I love how the characters try and represent their *clones* by adding a twist and modern day touch to what some of the greatest people in the world would act like and do in High School nowadays. So's probably one of those shows you either love or hate..but I think its ingenius and its a great breath of fresh air!

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