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Down a Dark Hall

Too Dark to make out anything
Seriously, I kit you not. %80 of the movie is filmed in almost complete darkness to the point I could hardly see what the hell was going on. Must have bean dead cheap to make if nothing could be seen.

Film is OKish, nothing that wasn't done before but the freaking darkness just annoyed me.


Slow, boring, excellent example of English mediocre TV
Do not waste your time with this. I am starting to learn that %90 of English TV is absolutely rubbish... speaking from England. I have stopped watching UK TV due to poor quality.

This movie is too long, too slow, too painful to watch and just completely forgettable.

I guess if you are English you will give it 10 starts. If you want a film to entertain you, excite you and keep you wanting more then this is NOT it.

Avengers: Infinity War

Going to keep this short. Probably the best action movie of the year, if not ever. Has all of the Marvel Superheroes mashed up just like the comics do when massive scale events happen. This last statement takes me to all the negative reviews. Why oh why?? You guys do realise it is Part 1 of 2 right??

Before you give it a 1 star because, oh well you have no idea about the actual MU and MCU. I suggest you at least google "Infinity Gauntlet" which is the original story of Thanos, also the actual Infinity War from the comics.

I am not providing any spoilers here since what I have mentioned can be seen in the trailers and synopsis, what I did mention was based on Marvel Universe knowledge. No idea which route the directors will take but please bear with the 2nd part before you tell people not to "waste" their time, that this is the last marvel movie or by giving it a score under 5 stars.

Here are the main reason why this movie doesn't deserve the under 7 reviews it got:

1) It is a 2 part movie so bear with it until you actually watch the second part? 2.a) Huge, massive scale event in the Marvel Universe. Due to Thano's goal every being in the known/unknown Universe WILL come to take him down. Frankly the movie didn't have every Superhero Character in existence, for example the X-Men and Fantastic 4. 2.b) The supreme beings of the Marvel Universe; an all-star lineup including Galactus, Kronos, Epoch, the Living Tribunal, and a bunch of others like the personifications of concepts like Chaos and Order come after him. 3) Many many people and superheroes would have not realised what Thanos did until after he snapped his fingers. So don't go crying that it is the end of the world. 4) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 - End Credits - Hint hint Adam Warlock. Even though he may not make an appearance in the 2nd part. 5) One of the most powerful superheroes in existence and not quite as known should make an appearance in the 2nd part to help out. End credits, Carol Danvers. 6) Following point 3 (for all the whiners), anyone can put the gauntlet on and snap their fingers one more time... and... wait for it, wait for it... undo what has been done.

I hope you enjoy this amazing movie.

The Titan

Never again Netflix
Will never watch another Netflix movie without first reading a few reviews on imdb.

What a waste of time, could have sat on a hot iron poke instead:(

War for the Planet of the Apes

Where is the WAR? More like snoozefest of the Apes:(
I loved the first two films, Rise and Dawn, however this film had no story whatsoever. Why is it called War for the Planet of the Apes? The first film had a lot more action than this one, the second one had 100 times more action than this one.

Pretty insulting that it took them three years to follow Dawn and they gave us absolutely nothing. Just a very basic extension of the Dawn which could have been summed up in about 30 minutes max.

I was falling asleep, my wife fell asleep half way, I did not see the need to give her a bump so she wakes up as there was nothing to see. At the end I almost jumped up and though wait, this is going to be good, there is an army of Monkeys coming down fighting for supremacy, this will make complete sense for the next film... (almost felt like the whole non existent plot and BS was worth the 2 hours wait)... but I guess it was just me falling asleep trying to make the film more exciting. No Ape army, no Ape action, no Ape of anything... plenty of Ape Drama though.

I could sum up this whole film in 2 3 words but can't give any spoilers.

Sure the Ape CGI is amazing as are the emotions from the Apes, Bad Ape was great but everything else was a huge MEH. They should have just called it "Drama of the Planet of the Apes", or "What happens to monkeys whilst war breaks out around them", you could easily see that on the History Channel or even today in different parts of the world.

I was expecting so much more, considering the first and second films. What a huge disappointment.The film is beautiful, don't get me wrong... for Drama students, an Oscar nomination or something you would expect at a films festival where it would get 100 different awards but none for the story. At this rate we are going to see another 5 or 10 films before we get to the Ape society which the originals were showing.

In the first and second films I actually did not know who I would sympathise with.

I guess we could go via this route: Humans Very Bad, Apes Good, Humans Bad, Apes Good, Apes Bad, Humans mostly Good, Apes Good, Human Very Bad, Apes Very Good, Human Very Very Bad, Apes still Good. Going forward we will need: Apes Good, Humans Good, Apes Bad, Humans Good, Apes Very Very Bad, Humans Very Very Good, Apes Good and Humans Good everyone happy.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Worst Marvel film so far (worst Spider-Man)
I am a huge Marvel and DC fan, not crazy about the accuracy of things as long as the overall story is told.

I actually loved the original Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire and even though there was no need for a reboot the ones with Andrew Garfield were pretty great too. Both versions had Gwen Stacy (first love) and Mary Jane (2nd love) and both versions had the Spider-Man origin, which more or less stuck to the actual comics.

Spider-Man Homecoming takes everything everyone knows about Spider-Man and throws it out the window. As others have commented no idea how Stan Lee accepted this... if he had any choice at all.

Bear in mind that the Marvel hero rights is a complicated matter, they belong to different groups and they could have the last say. Spider-Man belongs to SONY Pictures and not to Marvel Studios, obviously this latest film was a collaboration of the studios. Most of the X-Men stuff and fantastic 4 belonging to 20th Century Fox. Seeing an Avengers/X-Men/Fantastic 4 movie crossover is highly unlikely... shame as the comics did it.

Going back to this movie, they simply bastardised Spider-Man, everything that made him special is gone, his back-story and origin is gone. If you have no idea who Spider-Man is, if you did not watch any of the earlier movies then you will love it as there is nothing wrong with the film besides Spider-Man's non existent sense of responsibility towards anyone or anything. Destroy that family's house, sure who cares; blow 100 cars up, yeah why not; almost killing 100's of people go ahead Spidey that's what makes a hero. Everyone finding out your secret identity hell why not... As an added bonus and insult, Spider-Man now has an approved Stark suit on, just remember never to enable KILL MODE!!! No idea what would happen if you do, would love to see it though:) OH and of course as many other reviewers have said, throw in the politically correctness, use every race and mix it all up (Red Heads, Blondes and big white jocks... make them all clever, Mixed Race, African-American and Asian-Indian).

They could have just simply done a Spider-Man Origins movie... AGAIN and then crossed over with the Avengers. They could have used either Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield without upsetting the fans. Simple, Iron man needed help during the Civil War and Spider-Man was a Pro-Registration or whatever. The Civil War was a lot more complicated than the previous Captain America film with a lot more heroes including Fantastic 4 and the Spider-Man group but hey at least that was more or less on point.

P.S. Two of the people I was watching the movie with fell asleep:)))


The Perfect Storm
Please save yourself almost 2 hours of your life. The movie has an interesting concept however the main characters which you get to watch throughout the film and get somewhat attached to die in the end... that's it.

If you are happy with that then watch the movie, I won't go into what is happening, will not spoil the actual story but I did wish that I new that the ending is just like really really bad sex where you don't get to finish.

12 Feet Deep

Based on extreme stupidity
Oh boy where do I start, the whole film is based on extreme human stupidity.

The actual film is OKish, nothing we haven't seen before where people get stuck in a box and the whole film is about discovering the characters, finally them getting out or dying, however this film relies heavily around the main characters behaving like little children.

Without going into too much detail there isn't really anything to say besides what you see on the cover, the story is just non existent, seems more like a demo for the producer.Budget wise it doesn't look cheap but surely it didn't cost more than $50k to make.

The hero of this film was the guy that lost his pants in the pool... literally, I am not even kidding.

Power Rangers

It is a Kids movie, origin story, so please calm down
Anyone that was a child when the Power Rangers was on TV will be early 30's to late early 40's. Writing a review based on your memories stating that this movie destroyed the Power Rangers of old time is just sad.

I actually liked it and yes I am one of those kids. The movie is very simple. They are building up the characters, each being a misfit, they are teenagers so YES you will get a lot of the teenager drama that comes along with being a teenager. It is pretty much an Origin Superhero movie, slow at start but ending with a Bang when the heroes discover their full potential.

Why would anyone compare this to the Transformers? It is filmed the same way, the special effects are pretty much the same but this is because at the end of the day they have similarities (robots, transforming) and they can only show them one way. Bear in mind that Power Rangers type of series have been around since the 70s and 80s especially in Japan and China. So NO they did not copy Transformers and the first Power Ranger movie was actually done before any of the Transformers movies. Unfortunately any movie that shows big robots and morphings will be compared to the Transformers.

The movie does keep true to the original series and I have enjoyed it. I also liked seeing some of the original rangers in the crowd.

Does it deserve a 10? Probably not but neither does a 1 nor do other waste of time movies/series deserve a 10. Your kids will enjoy it and so will you.

Dead Awake

Mediocre at best
The movie is nothing new, nothing you haven't seen before. I could name about 3 4 just last year.

I am not familiar with the actual "sleep paralyses" problem but it must be terrifying. This film is obviously using it and mixing it up with "The Ring" and the many other similar horror movies.

I honestly got bored and even started to make jokes as some of the things happening were just plain silly. Very Blah movie. Would not recommend it to anyone looking for a good horror film or a good scare. Not going to get any with this one.... Sorry, I did jump once, the first time I saw the "entity" appear. Then it was all fun and giggles.

Top Gear

For NEW Show
I am sorry to say but I LOVE the new show, especially after Chris Evans has left. For whatever reason Matt, Chris and Rory make it work. I was never a huge fan of Top Gear, watched whenever I could and mainly the special episodes. I could be that I loved Friends and Matt is just Joey on Top Gear. Whatever the reason I think it is great. Sure it might have lost some of the Clarkson & Co. fans but they will get new ones.

I have been watching the new series when I have the time and for the first time ever my wife sat down and watched it with me... first time. No idea why, could be Matt, but she said the show was funny and pretty cool. As I said, losing some of the old watchers but gaining new ones.

The show is still about the cars with funny witty repertoire between the presenters without hearing "blundering idiot" every 5 minutes.

Miles better than the rubbish that Grand Touring is.

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

Just WOW!!!!
The WOW is not how good the movie is but how stupid it was. I imagine it was made for kids or teenagers however Vin is no longer a young actor so seeing him parading with kids which he could father was just silly, especially all the 15 year old girls (OK not 15 but very young women). Most of the actors in the movie (%95) would have not been alive when the first one was made.

I was falling asleep, there was nothing keeping me interested. I only watched it because I was hoping it would be like the first one where 007 meets The Punisher:) It is one of those movies made for the sake of being made, boring story, cliché characters, mindless action, things done just for the sake of being done. Sure watch it with a bunch of friends and have a laugh at how bad it is.


Too boring, nothing to take from the film, waste of time
The film is based on the 2002 accident: Überlingen mid-air collision over Switzerland, plane flying from Russia to Spain (71 deaths including cargo plane involved). The main issue is that the film is focused on the tower controller and someone that has lost their family in the accident. The film does not cover the whole accident. Arnold is getting way to old for any action films so he is trying to create a portfolio of drama films.

The film is extremely boring and dark, you keep waiting and waiting, hoping something would happen and nothing does. The whole problem with the accident was around the TCAS and ATC processes/systems. Considering this, they should have made a film based on the Japanese passenger flights that have missed each other by 100 meters thanks to both pilots taking evasive actions due to the same reason. However the film doesn't shed any light on this nor what did the airlines learned from what happened, what was changed to avoid such accidents in the future?

In all honesty after watching this I feel like I really should be avoiding flying at all costs. You also learn that Russians prefer to punch first then ask question later (based on the actual history not the film).

Sure, watch the film if you are interested in casting Arnold. Especially if you are directing some kind of drama film and Arnold seems interested, otherwise stay away, booooooring without any kind of story or culmination.

The whole film is just a 90 minutes CV showing that Arnold can do Drama.

Stranded with a Million Dollars

So stupid it is too funny, seems like fake reality TV
We have watched a number of reality surviving game TV shows, some to name Naked and Afraid, Hunted, Survivor etc.

This show is nothing like the others because there is no sense of danger, no bad choice besides using up money to buy stuff or voting against buying to screw over other people. All of the contestants are young pretty shallow stupid people (oldest is 24 I believe). Idiocy at its best. The only reason we are watching it is to see what stupid stuff they do next, to see them all fail. Honestly we are not rooting for anyone, we just want to see all of the contestants fail miserably, hoping they all get food poisoning (hardly an issue when they can order food dropped in).

It is so bad, its like watching a slasher moving and actually wanting to see the killer take all of the actors out. In this case mother nature is the serial killer yet she has a hard time beating them when they have 1 million dollars to throw around on items. I won't even mention the fact that their though process is extremely idiotic, it makes no sense for people in their circumstances to behave like that unless it was all for the show.

A lot of people watch extremely stupid shows so they keep making them.

The idea is intriguing but the producers should have though out the rules of the game in much more detail. It also feels too scripted, why would you do that when having any kind of common sense you clearly could do this instead and be better off? Like I said, the other shows actually seem more natural (if they are or not), this seem fake.

Chicago Fire

Excellent clever series
I have recently started watching Chicago Fire, PD and very recently Justice (only because it was introduced as part of the Chicago Fire S05E15/Chicago PD S04E16/Chicago Justice S01E01 episodes).

I am unsure as to why people said this is unrealistic, having someone in the family that worked with a fire prevention unit and fire fighters they seem quite happy with how close to reality it is and actually brings back good memories for them.

There aren't that many series that I can watch front to back and not get bored. We went through all episodes and are up to date. Great series, plenty of action, clever plots.

I have seen a few people giving the Chicago series ratings of 1 star... no idea why. I am here just to state that you won't be disappointed if you watch them.

I do not watch Chicago Med as I am not into the medical drama series. I believe only one or two episodes crossed over from Fire and PD which I did watch.

Chicago Justice

Great first episode
I have very recently watched Chicago Justice (only because it was introduced as part of the Chicago Fire S05E15/Chicago PD S04E16/Chicago Justice S01E01 episodes).

There aren't that many series that I can watch front to back and not get bored. We went through all episodes for Fire and PD and are up to date. Great series, plenty of action, clever plots.

I have seen a few people giving the Chicago series ratings of 1 star... no idea why. I am here just to state that you won't be disappointed if you watch them.

I do not watch Chicago Med as I am not into the medical drama series. I believe only one or two episodes crossed over from Fire and PD which I did watch.

Justice was great for us as it linked the story and characters we already know and love from Fire/PD. The crossover episodes makes these series great. The only other legal series we watch is HTGAWM which is a completely different thing. I have not watched the other US Legal series hence why we are not bored of the genre.

We'll see what the future brings but we will watch this new addition to the Chicago family.

The Love Witch

What the hell have I just watched?
I have no idea what I just watched besides wasting 2 hours of my life. The film is pure acid trip. I will not go into too much detail as it is not worth it, I am just trying to save you 2 hours of your life. I have no idea what the movie was trying to show or do. In all honesty it felt like it was quite disrespectful towards women in general. I did break a laugh here and there but of awkwardness...

However one thing to realise is that the movie is set in modern times, it isn't the 1970's. For whatever reason the people in the movie behave like they are in the 1970's alongside people that are not, including mobile phones and latest modern cars. This means that no you won't see 1970's bushes as someone pointed out. Any bushes you see are 2016 bushes:)) Anyhow, don't bother with this film unless you have 2 hours to spare and nothing else to watch, no need to think, just take a trip on the bonkers lane.

The Grand Tour

So so, new Top Gear is better
I was never a huge TG fan but I did enjoyed it, especially the special episodes. Some of the first episodes of TGT were OKish however the majority were completely boring, more focused around what the trio feel like doing eg: blow crap up because that is fun and always attracts people:( Conversation Street seems forced, the Celebrity Braincrash.... WTF is that? Please, please, please just remove it from the show it isn't funny at all.

The show is less about the cars and more about the presenters and what crazy stuff they can get up to. As I have watched and enjoyed the NEW Top gear, all of the cars in GT were better reviewed there so I wasn't too bothered with the lesser approach in GT.

I will still watch it but honestly I have never laughed once during the show. Even my wife that was having a nap next to me at one point said "That is not funny".

UPDATE May 2017: I have watched the whole S1 yet the last 4 episodes I felt the need to skipping through, watched them all in about 30 minutes. As someone else has mentioned, I felt the need to watch it hoping that the next one would get better, it did not get any better if not worse. I will not watch TGT again.

My wife had a nap next to me when I watched TG and she woke up and started to watch it as she found it funny and interesting. Go figure:)

Bad Moms

Why the bad reviews?
Again I am baffled by the bad reviews (too many films are receiving bad reviews for no reason). Must be the many intellectuals out there that prefer to watch documentaries instead of plain old fun and entertaining films.

The movie is not going to win any awards that's for sure but I actually laughed and found it very entertaining.

I watched this with my other half, both professionals and I would consider myself as intellectual when it counts. We both found it extremely entertaining despite the bad rep this film has received. It is a fun light-hearted comedy, feel good movie that touches on the reality of today's world. It is an accurate representation of today's life especially as a mother or stay at home mum. It also shows what men and employers think of working women or stay at home mums. To the people that rated it 1 star, why? did it actually touch a nerve?

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Intro to the FFXV game, for gamers ONLY
The film is great, amazing graphics, amazing actor rendering, amazing everything except a decent story for anyone that is not going to play the FFXV game.

I would really give it a 10 however they just left it open for the game (hence the video at the end of the credits), quite a few questions unanswered too (for example what were the demons, how were they summoned, where did they come from?). I had no idea what was happening half the time, why were they fighting, why were some characters so important. All I can say about this film is that it is a introduction to the FFXV game, if you don't own a PS4 or an Xbox One are a gamer or have no intention of purchasing FFXV then this will be just a mediocre very nice polished CGI.

I have no intention in buying the game and I feel duped, like a marketing ploy. I won't be buying a console and the game just because of a movie.

I think by making the movie an introduction to the game they are alienating anyone not playing the games (at least previous movies were stand alones). The only thing I can suggest is to start reading more on Wiki and once the game is out hunt around on Youtube to see all videos from the game to understand the story better. Obviously this is what I will be doing as they left me wanting more. I wish they would make a sequel once the game has been out to tie things together.

By all means, watch it, it is well worth it for the animation, amazing, however bear in mind that it is just an introduction to the FFXV game. If you are someone that has played the previous FF installments, loves the FF universe, pre-ordered and is looking forward to the new FFXV game then this is exactly for you and I highly recommend it. For everyone else...


Left completely dissatisfied
As the rating was over 5 I decided to watch it, I honestly wish I did not waste my time on it. Do ignore the positive reviews because there is nothing positive about this film. The concept has been done 100 times previously. If I was to compare I could say a poor man's version of Edge of Tomorrow with only 6 people.

My biggest grip is that the moment the film actually stars to get interesting and you get to understand certain things it ENDS!!!! Yep, the credits start scrolling and it ends... it felt like a huge build-up to an orgasm then abruptly ending, and you feel completely unsatisfied.

If you enjoy the kind of film that leaves you dangling at the end with no ending by all means go ahead and watch it, the actual story is not bad.


Don't waste your time
Oh God where can I start, awful European horror just like the many others they keep churning out. Reading the other reviews I honestly expected something decent however I was completely disappointed, just over one hour and a half of my life I will NEVER get back.

The only thing I can say about this film is that it was creepy. Everything else was boooooooooooring, too many things left unexplained, when the credits pop up you cannot help it but feel completely unsatisfied.

Left to watcher's interpretation my backside, all I can say is that the damn eggs were past the expiration date, bad eggs or everyone in the movie drank the wrong coolie.

Please avoid.


Amazing - Some explanation
Warcraft 2 was the game that made me buy my first PC back in '96. WOW was the game that made me waste many many days and years getting lost in the lush story and massive world however I had an on and off relation with WOW, did not play it constantly since 2004 when it came out. I was never a massive lore fan but I did look stuff up on WOW Wiki and on Nobbel87 YouTube page which has so many video on the Warcraft Lore.

If you enjoyed the movie and want to know more about the Warcraft Lore I encourage you to visit Nobbel87 YouTube channel.

The movie is well executed, the CGI alone should get awards, the Warcraft lore is massive, way bigger than anything you have seen before, bigger than the Middle Earth Lore and yet they tried to fit in as much as they could with a few things being left out and some of the lore changed however the end result is exactly the same. There is absolutely nothing I can add besides saying that the movie is well worth a watch and maybe some educating on the lore is needed to fully enjoy it. I had shivers just watching the first few minutes.

My only gripe is that they could have added an extra 30 minutes and go over the reason why certain individuals became corrupted with Fell magic and what was the reason and promises. Then again that would probably need 3 prequels.

In regards to the movie, many negative reviews mention lack of good acting, no idea where they got that from, the acting was superb as you would expect from a big budget movie. They also mention that the viewer is not able to sympathise with either the Alliance or the Horde, who is the bad guy? Well the simple answer is neither of them are the bad guys, both parties were used and corrupted by the Demons (Sargeras and his Burning Legion). The Orcs were seen as nothing more than cannon fodder by the Legion, promising Gul'dan POWER beyond his dreams only to do his bidding and destroy every world in the Universe. The Orcs were pushed to destroy their own world and every race on it then marched on to another World to do the same. Due to their aggressive warrior culture/nature most did not question this and went in blindly, hence the Fell corruption for greater power, Green orc skin and not Red/Brown original look. This is the reason why you can very well root for them.

The common enemy not shown is the Legion and their Leader with Gul'dan coming second as he was their puppet. The Orcs have a tragic past, the Humans unfortunately are in their way and neither can trust each other for various reasons (meddling from higher powers).

The Warcraft Universe is tragic, there is no happy ending, no winners, constant war, no one is safe, constant attacks from the Demons and their schemes. I think the movie tries its best to show this torment and you can root and sympathise with all parties (except the Legion).

For any newcomer it will be hard to get attached and involved especially when the story in the movie is about 5% overall. However you need to bear in mind that this story is always shifting, expanding becoming richer and richer (after all Warcraft has 26+ years of constant Lore which is still being added to with the new WOW Legion Expansion coming out in August). Can you really get sucked into the ever expanding Warcraft universe and truly enjoy this amazing movie that doesn't scratch the Warcraft lore surface? Probably not, but if 7 movies with 2 3 still planned:)) hint hint come out you might think of Warcraft as one of the greatest fantasy series ever made.


For the European Artsy crowd
The film is quite slow to start off and suddenly just as you are about to fall asleep which is about 30 minutes into the movie they throw a twist, at that point you get slightly interested as you aren't sure what just happened, you won't guess what is happening until the explanation comes along however from the 30 minute point you will slowly slowly start to drift away again until the end which is well.. blah. Nothing that hasn't been done before in so many movies and TV series, you pretty much know what will happen at the end.

If you are into European Artsy Low Budget movies then by all means go ahead, otherwise you will get extremely bored, 1 hour and 49 minutes I will never get back:( Good effort but not for everyone's taste.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

AMAZING Action Packed Movie... why so many haters?
Firstly I will not go over the movie summary, plenty of reviews have done that, I will simply try and cover some of the questions, some of the negative aspects on which other reviews have focused so that other people may understand that none of those negative reviews actually apply. I won't give away specific spoilers and name certain actions/fates/characters however I will try and help fill any holes which some may have.

I honestly do not understand why this movie have so many bad reviews? It has the same rating as Iron Man 3... almost, a movie which I decided to ignore from the Marvel Series and call it "Alternate Universe" story since it made no sense... is it supposed to link with Avengers 2? I didn't think it did, I didn't really see any references so I will go with that:) and I urge the rest to do so too, since Tony Stark is Iron Man, period!!

Now about the movie, I want my brain to have fun, relax and switch off... well not quite off, I want to gasp in awesomeness, laugh and get an eye orgasm (which for the clever people is still controlled by the brain) and this movie delivers on all of those. So yeah I loved it, can't wait for the BD version so I can watch it AGAIN!!!!

Contrary to IM3 at least Avengers 2 tries to stick to the story somewhat. Just a fun fact, the guy that creates and is Ant-Man is the daddy for Ultron:) however let's go with the facts and compare: (1) He (Ultron) hates his creator - In this case Tony. CHECK. (2) He hates all human life and he believes that he is there to replace all humans - in this case it is true he wants to eradicate all human life. CHECK. (3) He took the personality of his creator - in this case we can go with Tony's jokes. CHECK. (4) Ultron has multiple personalities because he was reborn multiple times, he can never truly die - not really related to the movie but FYI. (5) Ultron's main body was made out of adamantium - related to movie. CHECK. (6) Ultron created Vision - pretty accurate 90% so let's go with this too. CHECK.

Oh and for whoever is commenting on the Hulkbuster Iron Man Armour: As the name suggests, it was specifically designed for hand-to-hand combat with the rampaging Hulk. The armor was built as a large exoskeletal shell which fits around Iron Man's normal armor and is equipped with rocket-boosted gauntlets, capable of punching the Hulk back several miles. CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!!

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch twins (Magneto is the father), CHECK, not sure what the Hydra connection was but let's go with it, bear in mind X-Men universe doesn't seem to be connected with Avengers in the movies. Quicksilver does have a similar fate in the comics... FYI!

I won't comment on the love interest in the movie since it doesn't kill the story or makes any huge changes, besides if we really want to analyse this, it does make sense how they went with it as they both have dark pasts and are misunderstood. Enough said.

Character clashes... sorry but did people see what happens in X-Men, JLA, Fantastic 4 and so on? Of course there are clashes because they are humans and humans sadly don't always play nice. Every team out there has these conflicts and they are well "documented" in the comics and cartoons. Character development missing? Seriously... these are the Heroes of decades of history, if you want that go read their back story or watch the dedicated movies or watch the cartoons.

Too many jokes? You need to realise that this is NOT X-Men, Batman, Superman or other serious super hero movies. Avengers are more on the Fantastic 4 and Spider-Man side with jokes and not taking things too seriously, if you are going to die saving the world you might as well have fun. You don't have the same dread that you do in the other movies because you damn well know... The Avengers are so mighty that nothing can really hurt them. Hulk or Thor on its own could take down... well the Batman, X-Men and even Superman:) For anyone that understand game references (touching on the nerdy side here) Avengers is more the Diablo of games, you get 1000's of monsters yet you know your Character can take them on and it's just pure fun where if you play something like Dark Souls you have that dread. I also love the "FUSION" powers, if anyone did play the Marvel Ultimate Alliance is when 2+ heroes combine powers, you saw that in Avengers 1 once I believe but is often used in 2 which is great.

After all that my question is how are people not liking it? I leave you to be the judge as on all aspects the movie does not falls short, and sure as hell doesn't deserve anything lower than an 8.5. It does a great job sticking to the story-line. Only negative is that they did try to fit too much into the 2 hours, they should have made it 3h and give the whiners that extra development and story, build up Ultron, then again some people complained that they fell asleep during the first hour, there is no pleasing a hater.

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