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Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry

Tom & Jerry: The Fast & The Furry
I watched this on the Cartoon Network. The movie was spectacular and superb. When they had the big race I liked it when it was being continued from The Amazon then all over the world and back to Hollywood. The races were crazy when every time they stopped for a break the next round they would change the racing style to underwater, on land, sailing or flying on nuclear powered jet planes. I liked the animation, the computer effects and the sounds. I liked the slapstick comedy, especially the bit with the penguins and when Tom had to wait for them to walk and it took about 5 minutes for Tom to race again so Jerry was miles away! I loved the movie and I think that 70% of the people on Earth would like this movie too.


Spartacus is the story of a slave who became a great gladiator then broke out of the mess hall with the other gladiators and killed the guards and ran out of the town and busted out slaves from farms and slave markets. Spartacus started with a hand full of men and ended up with about 40,000 men and he made a rebel army out of the men. The story is true but not much is known about Spartacus himself. The movie was made without computer effects so the whole movie was filmed with stunt men and extras. The movie would have taken a couple of years to make and the director was perfectionist and he would make everyone do it again and again. The last battle was an amazing inventive spectacle with the burning rolls and the Roman formation. I watched the movie and thought it was fine but too long ( 3 hours punk! ).

The List

hidden agenda
Hidden from initial view .......................................

But soon you'll realize..........................................!!! This is not so much a mediocre mystery flick....................!!!! It is in fact a 100 minute advertisement for Christianity!!!!!!!! The plot started with an interesting premise, that of the disinherited son.

Then there was the shady secret society of southern segregationists which peaked my interest for a while.

But then the plot twisted and the god bothering started.

Poor old Malcom McDowell he really should be in better than this.

Please keep your preaching to the pulpit and out of the picture house.

Cassandra's Dream

How much further can he fall?
I have just finished watching "Cassandra's Dream" and it's truly awful. It's hard to believe this turgid , condescending stinker was made by the same man who gave us so many great movies earlier in his career. It begs the question ... has Woody had a stroke nobody noticed! Let me list my criticism:-

1. The casting Farrell and McGregor as 2 Londoners why? There accents were laughable, on par with Dick Van Dyke in "Mary Poppins". 2.The dialogue was inane the English just don't talk like that. 3.The condescending view of the UK it's all leafy suburbs and summer dinner parties . For gods sake even threw a Lord in to the mix for no apparent reason. 4.the ending glad though I was when it came was totally unsatisfactory. Thats the main flaws The cinematography as always was good , the supporting cast out shone the hapless Farrel & McGregor in every scene Wilkinson and Davis especially. But please Woody retire now don't damage your legacy any further.

Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma

Homo-erotic art house trash
After a few days researching notorious movies I happened upon Salo. It has a fearsome reputation as a shocker and stomach churner. What I found was homo-erotic nonsense which was poorly acted , badly lit and had unimaginative cinematography. The plot could have worked 4 high ranking fascist wallowing in their own crapulence, But it's all done so badly it's impossible to suspend disbelief. The victims are so timid waiting to be abused, fearful of punishment . But no violence is shown until the final act. If your a fan of Derek Jarman you may get in to this movie if not don't bother. In summary neither shocking or entertaining.


Hooligans are not heroes
This movie misses the mark by along way, there's nothing valiant about kicking someone in the head because you "support" another football team. Enough about the premise the plot itself is fairly laughable too.The whole F.A cup draw with Millwall lifted from "Football Factory"

The idea that "the General" had killed the Millwall bosses son but he had to wait until he was back down the pub to avenge this crime was preposterous. Elijah Woods looks like a Burrberry clad Hobbit . The dialog is really poor too "our team is mediocre" I've never heard a football fan admit that. There are far better films on this subject I recommend "the Firm" or "I.D"

The Young Americans

Utter rubbish
The whole plot for this movie is flawed. Drugs are being imported in to the UK via America which is clearly ridiculous. One of the pivotal scenes in the film shows total ignorance of the subject matter .In explanation the "hero" buys drugs from a "friend" it's a set up the friend doesn't want any money . the "hero" repeats "take the money" forcing the cash in to his hand. Anyone with any knowledge of the UK police and/or drug culture will know it is irrelevant if money changes hands all they need to know is that drugs were supplied. The director is obviously enthralled with the U.S.A . Which is why he's there making C.S.I. I hate this film .

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