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American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

worth watching
American Ninja 2: The Confrontation was a fairly good B film. The action was non-stop but far-fetched and the choreography was sometimes quite unrealistic. Michael Dudkioff and Steve James played pretty good roles and their acting was substantial. One cool aspect of the film was where the fightings took place,for example, at the beach and in the bar. The ring scene was also interesting but the choreography somewhat ruined these scenes. The choreography was only good in about the first-half of the film. The plot was also very plain which also brings the film status down a little bit. Basically the fight scenes were unrealistic for the fact that the Ninjas were just plain stupid. Also in the bar scene,Steve James has about twelve or thirteen guys on top of him and he throws them all off with one single burst of power. In my opinion this movie is worth watching even though some of it was a little phony. The acting was fair and the fight scenes for the most part were pretty good. On a scale of 1-10 I would rank this film about a 5 just for the effort. As for my advice I would rent this film whenever you get the chance because you just might enjoy it. Thank you.

American Ninja

semi-decent film
This movie was pretty phony and the choreogprahy was also quite corny. The acting and storyline keeps the movie semi-interesting considering the fact that this was one of Dudikoff's first action films. I would not see this movie more then once unless I had a friend that wanted to see it. The film in itself is worth watching if you can stand some impossible martial arts choreography, for example, in one scene Michael Dudikoff is being shot at with bows and arrows and he just happens to catch one. The sound effects are also very poor, however, the filming and acting help to keep the movie interesting. The camera work is pretty good but the choreography just ruins the film. If there was good martial arts sequences in this film then it would be very good. On a scale of 1-10 I rank this about a 5 just for the good filming and acting. If you get a chance check this movie out sometime just to say you've seen it. Thank you.


a true classic
Scanners is a classic horror film with substantial graphics for the time period. The movie starts off a little bit slow but eventually picks up. The movie turns out to be action-packed with plenty of gore and suspense. The best scene in the film was when the commissioner of the science company gets his head blown up. The gore was extreme and interesting. The acting was mediocre but the action tends to keep the audiences interest.

The movie is a beginning to an excellent series of films. The other "Scanners" movies are all pretty good except for the third one. All of these movies have gore and action which is very entertaining.

Overall I would have to say that this was a fair film and rent it if you ever get the chance. Thank you.


a mediocre classic
Mausoleum is a strange and somewhat interesting film about demonic possession. The special effects for the gore were exceptional, however, the special effects for other aspects were quite poor and low budget. The acting is fair and the storyline is a little far-fetched but the movie itself is pretty good. The movie has its creepy moments and it has a tendency to keep your interest. This is a fairly good B film and if you get a chance check it out.

Descanse en piezas

a late night pleasure
Rest In Pieces was actually a fairly good film. The film itself adds much late night cheer considering the fact that it was so low budget. The film starts off to be a little slow moving but it eventually picks up and turns out to be quite enjoyable. The movie does get a few good laughs, however, the violence and nudity keeps the audience alert and interested.

The film itself is basically about a young woman and her greedy husband inheriting her deranged aunt's estate. The neighbors treat the newcomers rather unorthodox. You come to find out that the neighbors are actually dead and they just want to convince the main character to commit suicide under the rule of her "dead" aunt. The end of the movie is quite disappointing because no explanation is given. I am not trying to spoil the movie for you but I am warning you. This movie is not for anyone who doesn't enjoy low budget films. In my opinion this movie was very entertaining and you should rent it yourself. Thanks for listening!

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