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TC 2000

Fun, No brainer...
I enjoyed this movie for what it is...A martial arts,futuristic fight movie. I also personally find it to be a classic as it was Bobbie Phillips'(Chameleon) first martial arts movie. She was always beautiful, but her martial arts and acting have come a long way. It's fun to go back to the beginning. The chemistry between Billy Blanks and Bobbie was fun to watch. It seemed like they were friends off screen which makes it fun to watch them in scenes together. I give it an 8 out of 10 judging it for what it is...I enjoyed it.

Chameleon 3: Dark Angel

Action Star Bobbie Phillips!
I LOVED this movie because Bobbie Phillips can REALLY FIGHT! I always hate when actors are not believable in action parts. It was great to see, no offense, but a WOMAN who can skillfully perform martial arts and fighting. If you compare this with most action movies with females you will DEFINITELY see what I mean. They don't have to cut up the shots with someone that can fight and it flows better. I was VERY impressed. I hope there's more!

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