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Sikeurit Butikeu

Messy Plot
Honestly speaking when watching this drama on s-one (ep1-3) I expected nice thrilling revenge drama with powerful plot since first episodes looked so promising, but then the story became non sense and wishing to add suspense on what supposed to be an easy plot. I could understand the main objective of the story but suddenly the revelation and the climax of the whole 16-ep is basically on ep 16. So instead of watching ep 1-16 I will give the audiences option to watch ep 1-4 then 15-16 instead of wasting time to watch unnecessary scenes and unwanted scenes of supporting characters. Lack of love story is also the main point why this drama is boring.

The acting of the actors are not bad but still it could not save this drama from the tragic rating. The script writer is really awfully bad when writing this story and it reminds me of one Korean senior writer (Life is beautiful) who said "scripts nowadays are like writing by high school students" but hey don't insult high school students even a high schooler could write better than this.

Hwanghooui Poomkyeok

Not Really Good
At first I was interested to watch this drama because of the casts. Jang Nara and Shin Shung Rok, then while watching this drama I realised being a king doesn't always making you as a good and wise person. This drama is telling stories about the royal families of modern-Korea, the opening story was telling cinderella-version between a maid-a king and the king-musical actress because the king is an alcoholic depressed womaniser. Then who can blame the king's weak character when he had unbearring-pshycotic mom and father who used violence to discipline his son. The plot is too complicated and not really into my liking.

The acting of the actors are good especially Jang Nara whom has a baby-faced since she was young, Shin Sungrok whom can be bad, childish at the same time. However Choi Jinhuk as the second male lead not truly showing his good acting since I can only remember his sometime silly expression and his big-build body only. The actress who was acting as an empress dowager is perfect for acting as a lunatic also her botox prevented her for showing her best expressions.

I will not recommend this drama to anyone who hate complicated and romance story since this is not a make sense and not worth drama to watch.

Dakteo Peurijeuneo

Good Acting With Unusual Hero
Opened this drama with a scene that happened in 2019 we are Introduced with an extra-ordinary genius doctor who helped a rich female convict to get out of jail with creating irregular disease to avoid her jail time while she could stay in the hospital instead to get treatment, while the story goes on the pasts were uncovered in each episode. Reviewing the story it is not a typical doctor-conflict regarding power struggle in the hospital but it tells stories about internal rich-family struggle, rich-people playing on people's live, insurance scheme, hospital-jail scheme and more intrigues. However I cannot say that the script-writer already did his best since even though I can comprehend the back-stabbing scenes that occurred many time the conflicts are not fully resolved while the crimes not fully punished until the end which is quite a disappointment. The plot tend to become too dragging over a character, like when the hero took down his enemy turns out his enemy prepared another way out and so on since this case happened not twice making it somehow the characters forced being ended-up together. The good things are no annoying love-story and the main character true to his character since the hero never lose.

The acting of the actors are good especially Nam Gong Min and the villains which I unfortunately forget their names. Nam Gong Min is not an ordinary actor, despite his slow-talk and calm-lazy appearance his acting is what giving life to this drama. I am not really a fan of him but he is good on this drama. While without the supporting actors and the villains' good acting this drama won't be good either. Watch this drama but gotta warn you this drama comes with heavy conflicts.

Naui Ajusshi

A really Good Drama
This drama opened slowly but each episode has each meaning. Instead of going fast-speed with not meaningful story or cheap romance-relationship this drama shows us that even South Korean could make fact-story with comprehensive meaningful of life serial.

Like the synopsis tell the 21-year-old girl with dark background who prepared herself to do anything for money met a kind-hearted manager 40-year-old guy who was being disliked at work by the ceo. This girl felt this guy was pity since his wife cheating at him with his boss and the boss schemed to getting rid of him from his job since the boss was his junior in college. However this girl who had faces the hardness of life since she was born was being helped by the manager hence changed her mind to scheme him she instead chose to help him in silent never expect anything in return even though she gradually loves him. The manager also felt for her but he couldn't accept her because of his age and his surroundings doesn't allow that kind of relationship between much older guy with a young girl.

The drama wrapped in a good but cliffhanger ending. The soundtracks are enjoyable and the editing for each scene is perfect. The story showing us the real-life story condition in today's life which is good.

The director and the script writer are really good collaborating together creating this wonderful drama series. Never expect kdrama to have this good drama (no fantasy).

Good Doctor

Impressive For A Remake
Good Doctor is originally a drama from South Korea (cast. Joo Won, Moon Chae Won), the story like the synopsis tells there are no significant different between Korean and Japanese version only the Japanese version makes it shorter and get direct to the point as always like other Japanese dramas which I think is good. The difference is I still remember I was crying hard when I was watching Joo Won's character struggle with his life as a doctor and autistic person while on the Japanese version I tend to cry while watching the patients' case, It shows the acting of the Korean actor (Joo Won ) is better than the Japanese actor, still the supporting actors like Ueno Juri and Fujiki Naohito whom are senior actors are truly giving life to this drama. It's a happy-ending drama and the medical case/the conflict mainly over for each episode so the story is not dragging even though the original version tend to give deeper feelings for each case but yeah Korean tend to drag the story as not really focusing enough to the main problem.

Crazy Rich Asians

Too Exaggerating Of a Movie
What the heck is my first impression when I was watching the beginning of the movie. The movie opened where a Chinese families consist of a young boy and girl with their moms entering a private reserve hotel turned out their staffs are racist and didn't allow the Chinese families to go to their reservation room including using their phone, when Michelle Yeoh's character calling her hubby to tell-tale the incident hmmmm not longer than 10 minutes the Chinese families became the owner of the hotel. That is only the beginning of the movie, throughout the scenes audiences will be treated with the life-style of the riches not to mention how they behave in front and back from the eye of public. The characters that the actors were trying to bring out are weak except for the actress who was acting as "Astrid" and Michelle Yeoh. As for the main couple they are showing me weak acting which I feel that are they really actors??? Anyway the plot is weak and the story is nothing special its a Cinderella fairy tale but of course in modern time well if you compare to Selena Gomez's Cinderella story I'd choose the later one.

To sum up when people and media keep mentioning how good the movie is it turns out to be an exaggeration and this movie is just promoting Singapore to the core.

Pasión y poder

Just Watching Fernando Colunga
This telenovela basically is the same like other novelas dragging story, boring side stories, triangle/square love-story, and suave Fernando Colunga as a plus add-on.

The boring story started with the middle-age characters the heroine is Julia whom is weak-minded but kind-hearted, her husband Eladio is the ruthless business man whom loving his families a lot, the ex-boyfriend of Julia is the manipulator two-faced man Arturo with his money-lover wife Nina. Julia was not happily married with Eladio since she was still in love with Arturo whom betraying their love and impregnated other girl when they were still young resulted Arturo had to marry that girl and Julia marrying Eladio. Eladio knew of his wife's feeling that his wife never loved him hence he often slept with other women. Their child David whom overly loved by Julia fell in love with Regina Arturo's and Nina's child, David was being raised by his ruthless father for his own good but as usual melodramatic queen named Julia didn't like it and felt Eladio is darn cruel and overly possessive to her and David. To further ado the very dragging plot Eladio and Julia could fix their whole marriage-deal and found new love on their marriage life but because Eladio lied to Julia about his illegitimate son Franco whom brought by Eladio in his house as his god-son Julia felt upset after finding out the truth of course with the help of her evil dad and Arturo moreover the bastard-son's mom also working in Eladio's place made Julia divorced Eladio.

The characters' development of this drama is surprisingly sucks. Julia at first known to be a good tophy wife, a loving mother but after the divorce she get back with her son's girlfriend father resulted her son losing his only true-love but her overly stupid and weak-minded mind were all still there and her self-righteous act is a hypocrite way of showing no one can act wrong to her but if she made mistakes then it's ok everyone will forgive her since she is soooo right. Eladio is my favourite character at first he was ruthless, cunning, womaniser but then I realised that he acted that way because he was starting from the scratch building his business unlike Julia and Arturo who born from rich parents hence he knew big deal of being at the bottom of the world without anyone can helping you and his possessive way to his wife an act of showing his love since he knew his wife never loved him. After he became a real-couple with Julia he became stupid too and dense because he wanted to show to his ex-wife Julia that he also can act like a decent human-being but still Julia took revenge by getting back with Arturo leaving him heart-broken. Arturo the manipulator of many people' lives including his wife and children directly divorcing Nina when he knew Julia is going to get divorce.

If I am to typing the complicated story it will take up until pages so this telenovela basically comes alive because of Fernando's handsome and charismatic acting, i will not watch it if Colunga didn't act as the main actor here. The end.

Wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng

A Decent Movie
At first I was sceptical while looking at the poster of the movie my first thought was "can this movie be good?" However this movie proves me wrong the story turns out to be decent and romantic, the actress Angela baby and the actor Jing Bo Ran give life to this movie even though the plot is ordinary. I was laughing hard while watching Angela's embarrass moment and having quick heartbeat while watching Jing Bo Ran giving romantic gaze and gesture toward the female lead. In honesty even the game scenes turn out to be enjoyable and fun while the background song is really annoying. This movie is good to watch one time only since when I watch it a second time I cannot feel the excitement like when watching for the first time.

Eiffel I'm in Love 2

More Mature and More Make Sense
After the whole 15 years finally this movie has the sequel. Watching this story reminds me of my teenage's memory where I believe this sweet-long distance romance can exist but hey since it's a movie so everything can happen.

Following the romance of these 2 humans where the woman is in Jakarta, Indonesia while the man is in Paris, France the long-distance relationship lasting for 15 freaking years and here the insecurity comes out. The big question of When are you getting married? Why aren't you getting marry? blablabla is really annoying. At the end this movie showing more mature sides of this lovely couple which we seldom find in a real life. The acting is not bad, the scenery is still in Paris, while the story is ok.

My condolence for one of the senior actor who died before he could act on the sequel.


The very best drama for 2017-2018
Lives to the name the Hong sisters didn't disappoint us after failure of Warm and cozy drama. The romantic-supernatural beings is the main focus for this drama like their dramas before My girlfriend is a Gumiho and Master's sun. Once again the main casts including Cha Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi are the most important actors that breathing life to this funny yet memorable drama, while the heroine Oh Yeon Seo's acting is not bad.

The story itself is modernization of "The journey to the west" that I had watched like literally forever since they always remake this serial almost once every 2/3 years since I was little but none are like this where supernatural-beings live in modern time while the monk/sam-jang is portrayed as a girl. The great acting and the interesting plot that stays true to Sun Wo Gong's character are the main point why this drama receives high rating after Goblin, still the ending and the actress are much preferable than Goblin.

I even like the closing song which seldom happened to me.

Shang Yin

Ridiculous For Banning Season 2
First time I heard of this Addicted series I couldn't care less about it much hoping that it will give me a new vibe of watching gay-drama (not bias but usually gay-drama shot on unfavorably plot, setting, actors). Still many netizens commented that Addicted is one of gay web-drama that worth to watch after Counterattack/Falling in love with the rival hence I reliant and tried to watch 1st episode. Dang 1st episode even though started slow but emphasize the problems of the main characters, starting 2nd-last episode I could barely stop myself from continuing watching it since the series turn out to be interesting, not mellow, masculine in a way, make sense, and the acting of the main actors is great.

From the synopsis it's already telling much of what was happening inside this drama but when I read the translated novel written by the famous Chen Jidan (known for her boy's love novels) I'm getting more excited since it can brush up my curiosity of what happen when season l left off. The acting of the actors mainly Jhonny Huang as Gu Hai really interest me to further looking of the next episodes while watching this drama, Wen Chen as Yang Meng is also not bad because he was portraying as a stiff character here.

To sum up everything is OK but still China's government banned this drama hence season 2 is cancel and the main actors cannot publicly seen together if not they will be banned too, but others are not ban and I hope will not be banned. Supposedly the reason of the banning is because China's government doesn't want the young people influenced by the bad things from this drama then it make sense since in here you can see a high school student bullying other kid then being beat off but the culprit was left for free, a high school kid whom dad was a powerful man ordered his thugs to kidnap his friend, etc but if the reason of the banning is because of the homosexual issue then I've got nothing else to write.

Uncontrolled Love

One Of The Best Gay-Theme Movie For The Past 10 Years
At first I didn't think much about this movie when I was watching part 1 (the movie consists of 2-part) then goes to 2nd part still I felt this movie is OK but not that memorable. After almost a year when I was repeating watching this movie again starting part 2 continue reverse suddenly I can feel the tremendous feelings that the actors gave for this film, each scenes which carefully planned like the real-live action (the production house surely didn't give cheap settings like the usual gay-movie), the plot which is as a matter of fact close to reality, the soundtracks which sang by the main actors turned out to be good since both really can sing, and the last for the director and the crew whom together could give this wonderful feeling of gay-theme movie for me. It seldom to find good, melancholy gay movie especially from China after Lan Yu (2001).

The story itself is more focused on how the young-master Xie Yan realizing his feelings for his long-time companion Shu Nian that turned out as a lustful-attraction not as a brother/friend/employer in part 1. While in part 2 Shu Nian tried to tell his Xie Yan that to be a lover they have to be at least equal and more both facing hardship as a couple since as the rich heir Xie Yan should marry a girl not a boy while Shu Nian have to learn to trust Xie Yan that he is the only one for him. Interesting is there are 2 endings of this movie, 1 is sad the other is happy of course I prefer the happy-ending one at least Shu Nian survived the car-accident in the happy ending one and they got to live happily ever after. Will not reveal spoiler about the sad-ending just to know that Mengrui acted really well on it.

Well done movie overall not only gives sad and happy feelings but also gives hope for those who believes in love can conquer everything.

Chi xin de wo

Bittersweet Teenager's Romance
Frankly it's been quite long since the last time i was watching any Hong Kong oldies movies but then I felt quite OK to watching this monkey-love teenager romance movie while remembering this actors who are older now. The story like its told by the summary following the story of a rich-spoil girl and poor-hard girl both were coupling with the still funny-face Jacky Cheung and the younger-handsome Michael Wong. The story is OK since it's predictable that l both couple won't be ended up together but it's entertaining since both girls finally had experiencing life. To sum up this movie is not bad even though the ending is too short.

Chu Qiao zhuan

Full of Disappointment (Don't Be Fooled with The Casts)
At the beginning I felt surprised of how intense this drama really feels, the slave-girls being chased around by wild wolves as a game made by the powerful young master Yuwen Hai (very evil person) for his friends including the princes and other spoil sons from rich families, one girl Xinger/Chuqiao (the heroine) showed magnificent skill by killing 3 wolves and being a sole-survivor getting attention from Yebei Prince Yan Xun (her interest) and the cold-hearted Yuwen Xue (her teacher and also her other interest). Basically it's a triangle love story between those three, of course I heart for Yuwen Xue. To spill in some plot prince of Yan turned to become cunning and bad made sworn-enemy with Yuwen Xue and Wei kingdom.

The great weaknesses of this drama are definitely the dragging plot, the development of the characters' turned outta be somehow unrealistic especially the heroine's character development felt so unreal looking at her to be that dummy and slow killing my interest of her (well I supposed as the strong main character of this drama she was supposed to have brain but very seldom i found it here instead in trouble-times she often being helped by the men who loved her (men OK not man)), the sucks cliff-hanger ending, yes true too many unnecessary stories focusing on the supporting characters made this drama becomes boring so I have to skip watching many eps since they are all irrelevant for the main plot.

The acting of the actors are OK and not bothersome. I like Lin Gengxing who was before acting as the 14th prince from Bu Bu Jing Xin (startling by each step) acted as a serious, calculating, meticulous, but also gives in to his heart sometimes. Zannila Zhao's tried to give in her best as a cold-cruel woman and it's not bad to see this side of her, as for others they are not bad since I tend to focus on those two whom give the life for this dragging drama. The soundtracks are not really good. The scenery is real at least they didn't give us fake-scenes like General and I, but gotta admit that Lost Love in Times and General & I are having much better plot and actors compare to this forceful drama. Feel disappointed so much with this drama even I am not hoping much from season 2 if the maker gonna make it as boring as the predecessor.

General and I

Great Acting with Wonderful Plot Story
This Chinese drama has 62 episodes and can't believe it I was waiting for 2 episodes broadcast everyday in the original country, I can understand Chinese little bit so listening easy words is not a problem for me. This drama is excellent because the acting of the actors mainly Angela baby and Wallace Chung, those two only need to act with their eyes and we will understand of their emotions pretty well. Since this drama was taken from a novel so it was following the original plot even though there were some changes but it still acceptable because it's making the live action becomes more interesting. The director is not bad.

What I feel disappointed is only the fake scenery, the audiences really know that the actors were not in the original places they mainly were in a studio with a fake background which look so unreal and it seldom happened in cdrama actually which gives me quite a disappointment. The focus is suppose to be to the main couple but the dragging and boring plot continuing about the supporting characters/the villains took long scene time is barely acceptable.

The only soundtrack that I found good from this drama is the opening song by Henry Luo, the music fill in with flute giving perfect sense of ancient feeling.

It is a short-happy ending drama so those who haven't watched readying yourself to see it.

Sseulsseulhago Chalranhashin: Dokkaebi

Unlike Ordinary Goblin's Myth
Goblin is maybe will be known as the best mystic Korean drama in 2017. At the beginning of the story we were shown the magnificent strength and the humorist side of the usually ugly-known creature instead here showing the handsome and masculine creature and the dorky yet melancholic grim reaper. What makes this drama interesting is not because of the love story, the good plot or the beautiful scenery and the good shot of scenes but solely because the chemistry love-hate relationship between the grim reaper and the goblin which I found refreshing in kdramas. Find this kind of relationship often happening in jdrama but never in usual melodramatic triangle-love-story kdrama, also sharing screen between 2 big actors whom usually acting as the main lead in their drama is very seldom.

Kim Go Eun's acting felt good at first then got me boring since she has no improvement of her character's growing phase, even her sadness couldn't effect me since the emotion that she was showing just like what she would usually show in her other dramas notably "cheese in the trap".

Gong Yoo this guy never fails to impress me when acting in romance-comedy drama, while Goblin taken as a suspense-romance drama. Gong Yoo gave the vibe feeling of the lonely and kind god resurrecting his character as the most favorite character of this drama. Lee Dong Wook's acting first is OK but when he was being sad I couldn't sympathize enough with his character since I have watched too many dramas so it takes tons to get me feeling sorry for the actors' acting, can't say he is acting bad though. Yo In Na doing nothing special here except her character just fill in to make the show more interesting. Others are decent actors.

For the plot I like how it steadily following the story opening the background and past each character but following the ending the story became too touchy and not really appealing into me anymore. Seems the producer and the writer losing their touch with the beginning of the superb episodes then got lost on how to finish the story with great ending which they fail to do so. Hence vague open-ending presentable for the once-good drama.

English songs are OK perfect for the thrill of this drama but the Korean songs are horrible and irritating me with the deaf-tone singers. The Korean songs are just not perfect for this drama or perhaps they could wisely choose better singers since this drama is suspense-romance not melancholic dramatic romance.

La piel que habito

Wonderful and Tragic
Nothing much to say about this movie the reviewers already reviewing nicely about which is the truth. One of a top movie not only I regard it with a good twist of plot but also the acting of the actors are really superb. The magical acting to all of the actors especially Banderas really making me enjoying this movie more and addicted to it, Banderas showing his charismatic appeal yet cruel and weak appearance at the same time while the main actress whom I never heard of before since I never watched any Spanish movie Elena Anaya is an intelligent actress whom showing perfect struggling emotion of what had become her, the other actors are acting nice too. The great brave sex scenes doesn't feel like morally wrong even though it's not suppose to be (I am talking about Banderas and Anaya almost-sex scenes not the rapist Zeca one) and both of them showing physically different passion of what suppose to be the rule of making love which can be comprehended very well by the audiences.

Twist plot with good sequences, I seldom found a director that can bring this much sense into a movie but this director Pedro Almodóvar amazes me with his brilliant work. Keep doing this and I'll become his biggest fan. Still cannot give 10 out of 10 since I am a lover of happy-ending movies so this is the best 9 that I can give to value this movie.

Appreciate this brilliant movie a lot.

Surplus Princess

An Ugly Drama
I cannot even comprehend why they even bothered to making this very terrible drama. The story line is awfully written, the acting of the actors are just not up to what you call pretending to be other people they are not acting more like they are trying to be themselves so the characters in the drama cannot be understood at all, really plastic- faces everywhere (call me racist or whatever the only person in this drama who might not be doing plastic surgery is the only 3-rd female lead the good friend of the mermaid), low-standard and cheap script, bad background music, etc. Call me whatever you want but I prefer natural than a barbie doll-face.

Basically the plot is a mermaid fairy tale by Hanz Christian Andersen, let's face it we all want the beauty ended with the prince not the supporting friend but this drama tells a different story, mixing the love triangle with the ex-girlfriend of the supporting friend whom jealousy got her into mischievous way (easy plot to guess even the ending is predictable). I cannot even watching all episodes because its story is just too tiresome.


Season 6 Finally Harvey Is On The Track
I would make a review about season 6 (1-10) since I have finished watching it. Finally! That is the perfect word for this season since everything go back to its original plot (season 1 and 2) where Harvey is as strong as ever not some emotional distraught brainless lawyer like season 5 did (pure disappointment for that season), Mike stays on his track with honesty and still smart ass guy (forgive the language) but really even though he did not get to become a lawyer again "soon" he still a big help for those who needs his help, Louis becomes Louis still some bad temper love hunger weird guy but this season he was not cunning or even did dirty tricks like former seasons which I really prefer, Rachel showing more of her humane/emotional side which is OK but not really likable, finally Donna act like a super secretary unlike a secretary who got angry when her feeling was not reciprocated by her boss then left to work for others (a betrayer I suppose) it's good for the production team to keep Donna-Harvey thing as professional love just gonna ruin the show.

So this season is finally not as boring like season 3, 4, 5 not too dramatic importantly and focusing in solving law cases of course with clever ways instead of dealing with inside law-firm conflict, personal problems of those working in the firm, anger-management and insecurity issues (not only with Harvey but almost everyone in the show). Gladly see this show's improvement "FINALLY".


The Real Life Going
Just like the title of my review this movie's story similar with individuals' issues happening in society today. No one can know that the title "Trainwreck" is really happening on this movie with train wreck of emotions. The plot already telling a modern woman with issue of insecurity due to her childhood's remembrance of what happened to her parents having low-esteem about her life, work, even love life, but then out of emotional roller coaster mistakes of her life she was trying her best to fix her mistakes and not to be ashamed of who she is which I really appreciate a lot since it lacks on most of the modern movies stumble upon her issues, fixed it and made up with her lover.

The idea of modern woman of having too many one-night stand, afraid of being a mom, care for her only sick parent, cold-situation at work (it happens in real life), too insecure to commit to one person (that you thought is the one), etc are not wrong it happened to her and can be happening and may be already happens to most of us (women). The acting of the actors are decent and enjoyable, the happy ending is short but is good. Overall I think this movie is good even though it's not a typical romance-drama movie.

The Legend of Tarzan

I Can Only See Skarsgard
This movie before when it comes on screen I already anticipated it because I am a die hard fan of Alexander Skarsgard, his acting as Eric in True Blood still mesmerized me a lot even though it's already end. Basically this movie takes Tarzan to a new level, clever plot to continue his life as a noble in England better than dwelling with his long recognizing heritage like old Tarzan movies. The flashback although quite confusing since the scenes appeared suddenly, still acceptable and make good explanations of Tarzan's life.

What I cannot accept everyone else except Skarsgard and Samual L. Jackson (his banter with Tarzan really helpful to save this movie) seems unnoticed, even Margot Robbie's acting as Jane is plain and not really wining my favor her expressions and acting are not strong and could not show exact emotions of what was going on.

Anyway I was watching it because Skarsgard's acting is not bad even though I was more focusing on his handsome appearance.

The Huntsman: Winter's War

The Movie Is Good
Wow I wonder why the bad review of this movie could become on the top of the list of the reviewer? For me the plot is good not too complicated and was direct-to-the-point, the casts. are acting good even though Chris's English is a bit difficult to understand, the settings are beautiful, Freya's (Emily Blunt) gowns are stunning and heavy I guess with the embedded crystal on it.

For 1h50m this movie is totally worth to watch.

I like how I became sympathize with Blunt's character, she was portraying her character well not too cruel but kept her icy front to protect her inner heart. While Theron as usual always gives the best to her acting. Hemsworth's acting is so so not to different with his other characters, the rest are fine. I even like the dwarfs here they were really funny and into their characters.

Overall compare to the snow white and the huntsman this movie is much better since the heroine (I'll say the heroine is Blunt's character) can acting, no offense but Kristen Stewart only has pretty face but cannot do acting.

Top Star

Good Acting of Uhm Tae Woong
Wow the story of this movie is indeed good and could really be happening in a real life. The main plot was telling the story about Kim Tae Sik's (Uhm Tae Woong) life on the road through journey from get on success until how he can maintain his success. The movie's ending is vague but nonetheless the movie's script is good and the acting of the actors are great, no nude scenes also which I really appreciate from Korean movies.

This movie seemingly gives morale lessons of the value of life and it really good to see a movie like this instead of just cheap sex scenes or even complicated yet no-morale value. How a success could bring a person on the top to quote from this movie "to be able on the top popularity you have to become a monster" is not wrong and it's all about choices that human's made. The main applause will be for the main actor who success to give audiences un-boring acting and real feelings of his characters Uhm Tae Woong. I shouldn't feel any sympathy to the main character who was falling into the mess after the climax of the movie and becoming villain but I felt sorry for his reasons and his way of living is totally understandable in the hard real-life world. Frankly if not because Uhm Tae Woong the movie will become boring since he is the life of this movie.


Geunyeoneun yeppeodda

The Main Actor Goes To Choi Siwon
From my title review people might think that I am a big fan of Choi Siwon but believe me that I am not a fan nor knowing him a lot as an actor I only recognize him as a member from super junior boy group from south Korea. I seldom watch Siwon's drama mainly because his choice of drama plot sometimes was not interesting.

This drama has interesting beginning but weak plot near the ending until the end and acting of the main actors are just so so. It's easy to guess how the story goes on and the acting of the hero is totally sucks.

Hwang Jeung Eum the heroine acting decent however she still needs a compatible partner to balance her acting but the weak plot and the predictable scenes gave no surprise and the hero just ruined the show by showing his incapability as an actor with his stiff act and weak face expression. Lame scenes of usual Korean drama and weak characters keep showing not giving me enough interest to hang on for this drama. Only Siwon who was acting good throughout the show with his good act and funny facial expressions, not to mention his understanding toward his character which made his character became lovable and there was one actor Park Yoohwan his acting and his facial expression are better compare to the main actor. Predictable plot and ending are such a reason why this drama is boring.

The soundtrack mostly annoyed me with the horrid singing by the singers that the production company chose, not enough feeling to sway me with this drama's idea, background song/ost. is truly important for the audiences to make "it feel" from the drama. Once again Choi Siwon with his acoustic singing and music turned out as a decent background music of his character.

Yong Pal

The Title Should Be Changed To The Heiress
Yong pal is a really good drama mainly because of the actors well except for Joo Won as the main lead and because of the realistic plot of the heiress's leadership and gaining ultimate power from her evil surroundings including her own brother. This drama is more focusing on Han Yoe Jin's survival with Yong pal/Kim Tae Hyun's help throughout eps while the title yong pal means gang doctor doesn't really right for the whole story, also inserting their love story.

I really enjoy this drama because of Kim Tae Hee's incredible acting. I'm not really a big fan of her, her dramas which I watched are "stairway to heaven, love story in harvard, iris, jang OK jung" not really appealing for me and her acting felt so so but in "My princess and yong pal" she really did a good job. Here she was acting great portraying a hurtful, loving, and cruel person at the same time and when she did cruel things instead of hating her I felt sympathy to her since we the audiences could understand her reasons and her pains for doing so. Not just a pretty face but this woman really can act. It's hard to gain audiences' sympathy nowadays since audiences' become smarter each time.

However Joo Woon really disappointing while I was his fan at first but now I have to change that. Watching him first time since "Baker king" followed by "Good doctor and Nodame cantabile" (Korean version) feel that yong pal is his most degrading acting. He really didn't have many expressions either receiving bad and sad news, even felt disappointed he showed nothing very lack of affection towards his wive while he claimed he loves his wive so much nearing the end of the eps.

This drama should have ended at 16 but the producer decided to extend it to 18 eps since they wanted the main couple to have a happy ending which I find unnecessarily. The story is perfect ending at 16 where Han yoe jin and kim tae hyun saying good bye to each other due to the difference thought of life, she is a leader of multi national companies in her hand lies thousands of people life depending on her good and cruel leadership while he is a naive doctor who is not thinking bright of humans' mind and rather stupid of business's world helping her evil brother just like betraying his own wive but he did not realize that. Both characters are too different to each other to live together unless she can let go of her company or he let go of his naive thoughts and what he called a kindness if not he'll be continued being used as a tool to hurt her. The writer of this drama at first making yong pal's character really good and bright he understood how the society works but nearing the end the writer wanted to make a conflict between a lover hence creating the naivety of yong pal who was being raised as a poor child and had already felt the cool and the cruel reality of the world which rather not make sense, I blame the writer and the producer who was trying to change the original concept of this drama to their own mellow dramatized version.

Yes it's a happy and short ending.

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